Social Media Detox and what I learned

So for Lent every year I really try to challenge myself. Each year pushing to do something harder. This year I quit social media and decided to almost quit this blog. So what happened? I realized soooo many many things. Full disclosure, I did skip 5 days while I was in California and 2 other events, so technically I did about 30 days if we’re being honest. I am planning to make up the rest of the ten days this following week. But I ramble. Lets get down to business. I realized there are people who I’ve NEVER MET who really really care about our family and are listening. I got some private messages asking if everything was ok, that they missed us or that they couldn’t wait for Lent to finish so I would be back. I also realized that, as there are people who really really cared, there are people who just didn’t care at all. I also learned that I don’t need to post everyday to keep my audience happy. 30 days, and I gained 10 followers, so that was a pleasant surprise.

I do have to say, at the beginning it was hard. You all know I love talking to you. Not so much through this webpage but on InstaStories or lives or through DM. I missed the interaction really bad. But on the other hand, I was enjoying every minute of everything I did. I wasn’t thinking about the pictures for Instagram or posting on Facebook or hashtags, I literally lived in the moment. My phone was away more, my battery lasted longer and I saved tons of data!

This experiment, sacrifice, was part of this process I am going through. I basically got sick of social media. I pride myself in being an honest person and social media is definitely NOT ABOUT THAT. There is so much lack of authenticity. I see it from fellow bloggers, I see how they are at events and then I see what they post. It’s pretty sad and I feel as influencers, be it small or big, we have a responsibility to our audience to be real. But this world has turned. Is really all about the white filters, perfect cookie cutter profiles. Finding out how influencers I really looked up to buy followers on the regular was pretty devastating. Not only that but fighting to keep this blog authentic and making it try to grow organically while competing with people doing the dirty work got tiring.

I have said many times, I didn’t start this blog to make money. It was never been or never will be my intention. I write about products I love and just my life. But blogging as a market itself has turned into a business, where the blogger with the most followers is getting paid for opportunities, and listen, I don’t hate on those big bloggers because their blog is their business, but it is very disappointing to see that their audience is not all real. It’s also very disheartening when there is a lack of support from your own community. Because it has gotten so competitive is ugly. Even in our own community, people are not even thankful. I spent many hours helping fellow bloggers and not even a thank you. Not even a damn comment on my posts.

Blogging to me was/is an outlet. Do I wish it was bigger? Yes, but not because I would make money. If you look on my page I don’t have ads, I don’t have affiliate links, is just not my thing. I want to be bigger because I want to help the most people I can. I know there are moms out there like me who just want to find a space to vent.

While I was disconnected from social I paid attention to the world around me. After everything that has happened in the last 5 years in my life- heck in the last year, I just want to have a meaningful life. That means that social media, a rather, not meaningful thing, had to go. While I am going to continue participating because I do have a responsibility to the people who do follow me and I take that very seriously, I am going to take a step back and cut down. And I want to be very clear that I am 200% thankful to this space. This blog, has been nothing short of an experience. And I am so grateful and blessed for the opportunities that it has given me and my family. And besides the fact that a lot of you asked me not to quit, those experiences are another reason I am not quitting.

So as I finish this reflection on these days disconnected I want to say thank you to those who stuck around. I am eternally grateful to you. And even if you see me less, know I’m here and you can reach me.

So Happy Easter ya’ll. I share with you one of my favorite pictures (UNEDITED) from my disconnected days!


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  1. Welcome back, Gemarla!
    We need more real people and less “perfect” IG profiles…
    I’m glad you decided to stay.

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