Top 3 Discoveries at NY Baby Show!

Every year, NYC hosts the NY Baby Show. This show is two days long and it includes a lot of vendors, speakers and entertainment for the kids. The difference with this expo is that is more of a family event. This year MomTrends hosted another Blogger Lounge which was FABULOUS! I went on Sunday and stopped at every table to find what was innovative and new in the baby world.


  1. The GB Pocket Stroller: My first AMAZING find was the GB Pocket Stroller. Last year, it was at this very show that I learned about GB strollers and even reviewed the QBit. Now this year, they presented the Pocket. If you are not familiar with the pocket, this is the Guinness World Record holder for smallest folded stroller! It’s so small that it fits in a tote bag and if you’re on an airplane, it fits underneath the seat. It is that small. The pocket retails for $250 and you can find it at major retailers like Babies R Us and Amazon.


  1. Driver’s Little Helper Car Seat Monitor: We have all read the stories of kids left in a hot car and dying. It was only a matter of time before a car seat monitor was available to remind parents of the child. To me this is incredibly helpful, especially with big families and traveling during the summer. It works with an app on your phone and it’s less than $85 bucks. I know some people might be skeptical, and think “who forgets their child” but the truth is: you never know what will happen, better to be prepared. You can buy it here.


  1. Evenflo breast milk bags: These bags are something else. First off the bags are made with military grade material, so same package that protects MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) will protect breast milk. Think about no more little tiny pin needle wholes. Second the material is thinner. Why does this matter? Thinner material means it will freeze quicker but it will also thaw out quicker. And the last characteristic that is different is that instead of having the wholes on the side to hold it directly to the breast pump, it has a clip method. The bag will clamp to the pump attachment.


Of course, there where other brands and a bunch of cool items. It was hard to pick 3 that really really stood out to me. Because it’s the beginning of summer, travel was definitely on my mind, and I think these 3 items are key for traveling with kids.

Thanks to MomTrends for hosting us on the lounge. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions and pictures are my own. 


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