First time skiing at Camelback Mountain Resort

We were invited and hosted by Momtrends and Camelback Mountain Resort. 


Our kids love the snow and I can’t believe it took us this long to take them skiing, and when Momtrends invites you for a special ski day, YOU GO! There are a lot of things that went through my mind before the day trip. The first thing was getting ready. I hadn’t been skiing in over 10 years so this felt like the first time and the kids had never been. immediately I set off to get us ready clothing wise. After our gear was ready and I packed away our stuff we headed of to Camelback Mountain Resort. It took about an hour and 45 minutes to get there from Queens, NY (which is awesome because is really all highway).

When we arrived we received our packed with the schedule of things and passes an all. First thing, was get our boots and skis. NOT going to lie, getting boots for 3 kids and 2 adults and skis for all was EXHAUSTING. If it’s your first time, please pack lightly and don’t have a lot of things with you because you will probably end up carrying about 3 pairs of skis. Something else to keep in mind is, if this is your first time, is that the equipment is heavy. Boots are very heavy, so be ready for some slight pain when you first walk with them. Don’t worry you get use to them and won’t bother you. Once we got our equipment we headed to the kids lesson.

The ski lessons are awesome, I watched the kids for about an hour. The teachers they have are so caring and really take care of the kids. It was excited to see that the kids were paying attention and really enjoying the class. During the class, they teach them different things like how to set up the skis, going down and turning around. The class was an hour and a half and they were so tired by the time they got out it was totally worth it, it was perfect for a first timer. While they were in class, I took a chance and went up the hill myself. OMG, so much fun but physically demanding. Never thought skiing would be so physically challenging. Keep in mind, If you have a child 3 and younger they will need private lessons. After our ski adventure, we headed up to have lunch.




After lunch, we returned our equipment and headed to the snow tubes. OMG I think this was the most fun-filled part of the day. Not because snow tubbing is fun, but because we were able to do it all together. There are 2 snow tube mountains and the sessions are 3 hours long. We were able to tie 3 tubes together so the boys were together and Grace and I on the other side. At first, I thought she would be terrified, but she absolutely had a blast. She wanted to keep going up and down over and over again. My favorite was to hear the kids laughing. Such a joyful moment for them. What I also loved, was at night they have a light show, which is super cool and also have some fire pits! The spot is perfect to have some waffles and hot apple cider.




The last stop for the day was at Aquatopia Indoor Water Park. And, how excited where the kids? They couldn’t even believe that they were going to a water park after all the skiing and snow tubbing fun. This was our first time at this water park and the kids were pretty impressed. Their favorite part? The wave pool for sure! We didn’t get a chance to stay at the resort but the lobby is beautiful.



Overall, we had an amazing time and will for sure return. It was very convenient that everything was in the same mountain and they even have a shuttle to take your through all the activities. I loved having this new experience with the family. It is very special when you get out of your comfort zone and go on a new adventure together. I didn’t really think the kids would love skiing but they absolutely did. I am excited to take them back and embrace this new side of them.

I want to thank Momtrends for the invite and for hosting us and thank you Camelback Mountain Resort for an amazing time. 


10 thoughts on “First time skiing at Camelback Mountain Resort

  1. You gotta love dedicated instructors who really take their time and give their all to their students! And I love that you guys ended your day with some water fun!

  2. Yadira

    This is definitely in my bucket list. I have never seen snow. I know, don’t judge!!!!

  3. Love it. I never seen snow before but I hope one day I will. The place looks amazing, and a swimming pool? Nice!

  4. Great memories… I need this vacation in my life!

  5. Wao Gemarla qué brutal esa experiencia tanto para ti como para los nenes. Se ve todo súper divertido y más leyendo tu experiencia.

  6. Sounds like you all had a blast! My kids have never gone skiing and this looks like the ideal place. Really like that there are other options like tubing and the indoor waterpark so it’s not all about skiing. This is going on my family vacation must dos for sure!

  7. Que rico la pasaron, nos encanta ir a los resorts a esquiar es muy divertido, muchas gracias por la recomendación, el lugar se ve excelente. Saludos!

  8. Qué cool! Me encantaría aprender a esquiar. He jugado con nieve, pero se ve tan divertido. Qué bueno que pudiste ofrecerle a tus niños esa experiencia. Estas son las grandes oportunidades que ofrece el blogging!

  9. Que nítido, nosotros queremos intentarlo en este año. Disfrutar de la nieve nenes familia. :0)

  10. Creations By Titi

    Se ve divertido.

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