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El RACISMO de hoy !Es el mismo de ayer!

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– Volvemos a la segregación

Honestamente nunca había pensado en lo que es la raza y el color de una persona. No quiero sonar ignorante pero es la verdad. No era algo que me afectaba en lo absoluto cuando vivía en Puerto Rico. Al mudarme a Estados Unidos me di cuenta poco a poco que habían ciertamente diferencias raciales y culturales que no entendía. Pasó el tiempo y me enamoré.

Cuando me enamoré del hombre que ahora es mi esposo y padre de mis hijos, nunca me imaginé las reacciones que las personas al conocerlo.

Recuerdo como si fuese hoy un amigo que me preguntó: ¿y que tu vas a hacer si tus hijos nacen de colores diferentes? Por que la pregunta, por que mi esposo es negro. Al momento no entendí la pregunta y al pasar del tiempo hasta se me olvidó. Pero todo cambió en el 2009, cuando descubrí que estaba embarazada. Ahí comenzaron un sin numero de inseguridades por mi hijo que todavía no había nacido. Mi hijo nació saludable y tan pronto lo vi, no vi color, solo vi a mi hijo.

Le damos para adelante a la historia. Seguía mi vida normal. Hasta que visité el National Civil Rights Museum. Este museo se encuentra en el Lorraine Motel, lugar donde asesinaron a Martin Luther King. Esa visita me cambió de una forma que no puedo explicar. Pensar que hace solo unos años, mi esposo y yo no podíamos estar juntos solo por el color de nuestra piel.

Fue una visita bien conmovedora, regresé una persona diferente.

Mi temor ya no es tener hijos de diferentes colores, mi temor es que mis hijos puedan sobrevivir en este mundo al que yo los traje. El racismo es real. El racismo existe y mata gente todos los días. 

Y ahora estamos en el 2016. Y veo las noticias y no lo creo. Siento que estoy en el museo de historia reviviendo los años del movimiento de derechos civiles en 1960. Volvemos para atrás.

Michael Brown en Ferguson, Missouri

Tamir Rice en Cleveland, Ohio

Trayvon Martin en Miami Gardens, Florida

Eric Garner en New York, New York

Alton Sterling en Baton Rouge, Lousiana

Estos son solo algunos de los que han muerto por solamente su color. Es triste pensar que cualquiera de ellos podría ser mi esposo o mi hijo.

El dolor ya no es ajeno. El dolor es propio. Solo pensar en las familias que no tienen paz, en todos los niños que tienen que preocuparse de como se visten o donde están por que los pueden matar por solo su color. Eso no es forma de vivir.

Lo más triste de el problema que estamos viviendo es que estamos luchando por la igualdad. La igualdad con la comunidad Gay, la igualdad con las religiones y a la misma vez nos dividimos solo por el color de la piel.

¿Hasta cuando vamos a permitir que la sociedad, ósea nosotros mismos, nos dividamos en colores?

Lorraine Motel

Lugar donde murió Martin Luther King Jr.



Fashion Just for Mom-Beauty

Summer Style: Maxi dress 2 ways

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My favorite item of clothing for the summer, besides my jeans, is a maxi dress. Maxi dresses can be super versatile and comfortable. Wear them with flats for a zoo outing with the kids or add some wedges for a date night. All you need is to change accessories around and you have a completely different look. Here I give you some ideas on how I like to style the dress.
For the day look I like to keep it simple with a big bag, that can also double as a super chic diaper or beach bag, a chunky necklace and bracelets but in the nude-brown color and leather sandals. I love these sandals in the summer because they look good with EVERYTHING.
For the night look I choose a small clutch bag (that is also cross body- perfect for dancing), the same chunky necklace and bracelet, except this time in black as well as the wedges for a more sultry vibe.
There are definitely a bunch of ways that you could style the dress. However, a good rule of thumb is to keep neutrals for the day and dark colors for night. As far a makeup and hair, I like the same rule- very neutral during the day. Think: BB cream, mascara, some bronzer and gloss with messy hair or a braid. For night-time, foundation, a smokey eye and rosy cheeks would work best. As for the hair, take the braid from day to-night by putting it up in a messy bun or letting it down into messy seductive waves and voila!
Have fun and remember just because we’re moms doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice comfort for style- maxi dresses let us have it ALL!
Maxi Dress 2 ways


Tell me what’s your favorite summer style?
Want to get the look, here’s my top choices to recreate the look for less than $100! 
(There are affiliate links below)
Maxi Dress This blue one I loved and the price is pretty awesome $35.90. Best of all? It has pockets.
Day Look: Tote bag, necklace, cuff bracelet, sandals (I really do love these Billabong ones!)

Thanks to The Moms for giving me some much needed MOM TIME

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I love The Moms. They are a network of amazing moms and bloggers led by 2 super women. They host events and if it wasn’t for their events I have no idea if my blogging would have gone this far. They have hosted a couple of events that I have fallen behind on writing but still wanted to mention them because the movies we screened were awesome and just as a plain thank you for the nice mom alone time I’ve gotten to enjoy.

The first event was The Meddler. It was the screening of the Susan Sarandon movie. In the movie she is a mom, who’s a little bit too involved. Through the movie she learns to let go a little bit and start living her life instead of her daughter’s life. We also had a time to chat with Susan who was a delight. She was funny and made it to the event even though she had a bad foot.

This event was sponsored by Kmart and Peter Pan Peanut Butter. We got to check out the new clothes from Kmart and I was super impressed, the colors and styles look very trendy and the prices are beyond affordable. We also got to check out the new value box, where you get different items for $20. The first box I received had a pair of jeans, flats and earrings. Peter Pan Peanut Butter had delicious treats including peanut butter balls. This is the type of movie I will be enjoying for a while and I could probably watch it a bunch of times because I can see me being that mom in the future!


2016-04-18 10.37.26

The second movie was Mother’s Day. This was a funny movie, it was perfect for Mother’s Day. The movie is about how different moms celebrate Mother’s Day. We had a laugh and a special chat with Garry Marshall and Kate Hudson. I loved when I asked her about her mom and which was her favorite movie from her moms work and she said Overboard, because it’s how her parents met. The sponsor for this event was Serta and they had a whole bed setup, that I NEED STAT in my house. Those mattresses were so soft but firm. I don’t even know how to explain it, except I WANT IT.

2016-04-28 10.36.50

The third movie was Love and Friendship. This movie starting Kate Beckinsale is beyond funny. I have never read Jane Austin so I wasn’t familiar with her work, which the movie is based on. The movie, a period piece (my favorite) is hilarious. It’s the story about a woman who just basically gets away with everything in order to get what she wants. She’s kind of evil but kind of justified. I don’t know how to explain it but yeah it was really really funny. I loved that the humor wasn’t lost in the costumes. We also had the opportunity to interview Kate Beckinsale who is a real stunning beauty. Like this woman is really gorgeous and she was talking about everything from being a mom to her work and how to balance it all out. She was very down to earth and just funny.

The event was also sponsored by Peter Pan Peanut Butter, who was promoting their new line of creamy but crunchy peanut butter. My favorite is the honey. It’s so delicious and you can pair it with anything.

2016-05-12 12.22.50

The last movie was Flower Shop Mystery:  Mum’s the Word. This movie was a bit different from the other two, not only is a Hallmark movie is also a different story. I was looking forward to his movie a lot but in all honesty it was a bit overreacted, which is expected from a tv movie and although the story was good (I love a good mystery murder case), it didn’t grab my attention. Brook Shields is the lead and to me she was too much for this movie. I did love her chemistry with her partner in the movie. It is clear there was a connection there.

This event was sponsored by KidBox. This is a new subscription box geared towards kids in mind. They pick the outfits and when they arrive home, they only keep the ones they like. All the clothes are brand name. The box is styled for each individual kid. With subscriptions boxes being all the rage these days this is sure to be a hit. After the movie Brook Shields came in for a Q&A. She is also a delight. She was just one of those happy people who makes you instantly happy out of just seeing her.

2016-06-22 10.37.39

So thank you Denise, Melissa and the rest of The Moms team. I definitely appreciate these mom mornings all to myself and can’t wait for the next event.


Puerto Rican Day Parade Re-Cap

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So the Puerto Rican Day Parade passed and I was super honored to have been a part of the occasion.

2016-06-12 13.09.05

Let me refresh your memory. I hated the Puerto Rican Day Parade and wrote about it on my page, you can read all about it here. I pitched my essay to ¡Capicú Culture! who picked me to be part of their social media team during the parade. Let me start of by saving that the anxiety for what would happen the day of the parade was beyond crazy.

I arrived early and was amazed at the amount of people already there, at 8am the streets were covered with families! I saw so many families and people dressed up.

I check in at our float, that had the honor of hosting the beautiful Rosario Dawson aboard, and then I proceeded to check out the other floats. In all of my years in NYC, I had never seen this amount of decorated floats and closed streets, it was pretty cool. The amounts of color and music and just joy was very exciting.

I kept getting anxiety about the start of the parade and then Rosario Dawson came over. She was beyond lovely. Taking pictures with fans and so excited about being at the parade where she was Queen. When she arrived I noticed she came with her mom. My focus as part of the social media team was families and it was great that Rosario brought her mom with her. Growing up the Parade was part of their lives and they celebrated together, so it was a commemoration for their family tradition. But not only was her mom there, her grandmother also came. Three generations of women celebrating that day, to me is the definition of tradition. And I LOVE TRADITION. It’s really one of the reason we celebrate a lot of things like this Parade and even things like Thanksgiving.

2016-06-12 12.21.51

The Parade started and I have to be honest, I had never seen such sight. The avenue lined up with my flag. I don’t think one can really get an idea of the feeling of pride that burns inside when you see that many flags. When I see it on TV is so different than being there, present in the moment. The spirit of celebration, the atmosphere was definitely a happy and proud one.

I started seeing the families. I didn’t think the parade would be such a family event. I know, as a mom I’m always weary of where I take my kids because of crowds and such. The kids were waving flags and dressed up in the red, white and blue. Stars were everywhere. Kids, even babies are experiencing one of the most monumental events in the city of New York. I mean if this is not huge, I don’t know what is. I finally understood my friends who have celebrated the parade since children. It is pretty cool to be there and see that many flags and the Vejigantes, listen to the music, see the things that make us who we are. Even the batuteras (majorettes) de Guaynabo (the city I lived in for most of my life) were at the parade.

2016-06-12 12.43.24

On a personal level, I have to admit that I was beyond belief. I was at the Puerto Rican Day Parade for the first time- MARCHING IN THE PARADE. Going down 5th Ave, it was INSANE-in the good way. It was really special and I can’t believe I walked 30 blocks that were covered in Puerto Rican flag. I saw a different New York, for a day I only felt I was back in my Island with my people.

I was scared to ask kids about the parade out of respect to the their parents. But one kid, around 6 years old, was having the time of his life until I pointed the camera at him! I asked him what he was feeling being at the parade, he just smiled and waved the flag at me. I understood him.

2016-06-12 12.17.41

I noticed that there were kids of all ages and I was happy because it gave me a sense of security about bringing my kids in the future. When the parade was over I spoke to a woman named Olga Rodriguez and she told me that the reason she brought the kids to the parade. She said she wants her kids and grandkids to learn about Puerto Rican culture and history, and the parade was part of that culture and history.

I have to say walking the parade as part of the Parade and walking back through the crowds was very different. The view is different and the environment is different. I am not going to sugar-coated and say it was amazing. I was scared and had major anxiety, mostly because I have a lot of anxiety when there are large crowds gathered and I had to do it multiple times as a lot of the cross walks were closed. There were people selling food, like pasteles and icees. There was music and dancing and good times. Just too much for me. I am not a party girl a lot and rather be around small groups of people. So if you want to go to the parade and have more space to move around, park yourself around 70th street, which is almost the end.

So I am going to say that my view of the parade definitely changed.

2016-06-12 14.38.48

I really do have a whole new set of feelings towards the parade. I am proud to have been part of the parade, I love that the Puerto Rican community has this outlet to bring a message not only to NYC but to the whole country. It is a day where we are seen and heard and we celebrate our pride.

My non scripted life

Why this anti-Puerto Rican Day Parade Puerto Rican wants to go to the Parade

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A lot of people who know me in a personal level, knows I am a proud Puerto Rican. And they also know what I have been feeling about the Puerto Rican Day Parade since well EVER. But this year I am happy to be a family ambassador at the parade thanks to ¡Capicú! So what made me change my mind? I want to share with you my pitch to participate in the parade.


I am Puerto Rican. I love my Island. I love my history and my heritage. I love that we come in all colors and shape. I love our language and our music. There is one thing I DON’T love and it is the way we are represented.

A bit of history: I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. When I was growing up I fell in love with our history (even got the history medal at graduation). As I grew up the only image I had of the Puerto Rican day parade was of people dressed head to toe in a flag. Some of these people hadn’t even been to the island, some of them didn’t know Spanish- but I didn’t care about that. It hurt me that they didn’t know our history. They didn’t know about the Jones Act or didn’t know about el Grito de Lares, or didn’t know about the Taínos. That’s what hurt me. It offended me that they thought they were more proud to be Puerto Rican than me just because they covered themselves in a flag.

I soon discovered I was not the only one who felt this way. To this day, a lot of the people in the Island dislike the Puerto Rican Day Parade. When I moved to New York, I vowed to never partake in the festivities because I felt it didn’t represent my people or me. This also became a bigger concern in 2000 when there were reports of attacks and robbery during the parade.

And then I had kids and I want them to know where they come from. I want them to know my Puerto Rico.

Almost 16 years living in New York and now I want to be part of the celebration. Why? Recently, Puerto Rico has been in the news in the wake of the worst economic crisis the Island has ever experienced. Still, I didn’t think it was important for me to be part of the Parade, until I attended the Diaspora Summit at Centro PR. The summit took place a couple of weeks ago and I attended out of curiosity, since I didn’t think it had anything to do with me. YET, IT HAD EVERYTHING TO DO WITH ME! It opened my eyes to the state of the Island. It shook me to the core. It touched my roots and made me question my purpose.

If there is one thing that stood out the most during the whole summit, was the importance of unity of Puerto Ricans in order to achieve ANYTHING. Even more important during these times of crisis. So, I was presented with the opportunity to participate in the parade. I did my research and the changes to the parade have been so great. The organizers are really working hard to change the old image of the parade and actually create consciousness of the issues in the Island.

I want to be part of the Parade because I have a different perspective. The Puerto Rican Day Parade is part of the Islands history and therefor is part of me. I hope I do get the chance to spend time at the parade for the first time in my life. I think it will have great impact on my life.


Como pasar menos tiempo en la cocina y más tiempo con tú familia

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Cocinar, atender a los chicos, cocinar, limpiar, atender al esposo, lavar ropa, bañar a los chicos. La labor de madre no termina. Por eso dicen que es un trabajo de 24 horas 7 días a la semana. Entonces como podemos cortar el tiempo que pasamos haciendo los trabajos del día a día sin sacrificar eficiencia pero disfrutando más el tiempo con nuestra familia. Aquí algunos consejos que te pueden ayudar!

  1. Prepara las comidas antes de comenzar la semana o tan pronto llegues del supermercado. Yo no preparo comidas para todos los días, pero si limpio y corto los vegetales y las frutas. También los separa por porciones para las diferentes comidas. Por ejemplo, los martes siempre hacemos tacos y fajitas, pues domingo cuando llego del supermercado corto todos los pepinos y cebollas. Ya te ahorras varios minutos de preparación.

2016-06-03 12.50.25

  1. Planea las comidas con anticipación. Ya yo se lo que le gusta comer a mis hijos. Por lo tanto, para maximizar el tiempo y evitar peleas repito el mundo todas las semanas. Los lunes son pollitos con arroz, los martes son quesadillas, los miércoles macarrones con queso, los jueves es día libre y los viernes ordenamos pizza. Claro, aveces cambiamos y si mi esposo está aveces me pide un marisco o algo así, por lo tanto siempre tengo flexibilidad, pero por lo general es un menú fijo.
  2. Los desayunos son los mismo de lunes a viernes. Cereal o waffles con frutas. Los sábados hacemos panqueques y los domingos huevos. La mayoría de las veces yo estoy sola con los 3 chicos y la verdad que esto a sido salvavidas para mí. Ya no peleamos por el desayuno y no estamos tarde al colegio!
  3. Platos sanitarios. Yo se que los platos sanitarios son dañinos al ambiente, pero recuerden también la salud mental. No digo que solo usen platos de cartón todo el tiempo, pero por ejemplo para el almuerzo se pueden usar platos de cartón (y los puedes reciclar). Así te ahorras un poco de fregado de platos. Y también ahorras agua!
  4. Usa el mismo vaso para el agua todo el día. Los chicos piden agua miles de veces. Siempre tratan de usar vasos diferentes creando más cosas para fregar. Empezamos un sistema donde usamos el mismo vaso todo el día. Obviamente solo para agua.
  5. Ten meriendas que ellos mismos puedan coger de la nevera. Siempre tengo queso o frutas o yogurts accesibles para que ellos mismos los puedan coger cuando tienen un poco de hambre. Solo tengo que velar a mi chica que es media traviesa y siempre coge más de dos!
  6. No tengas miedo de usar comidas o vegetales congelados. Aveces pensamos en las comidas congeladas como lo peor del planeta, pero ahora hay mucha variedad que tienen vitaminas, nada de GMO y son orgánicas. A mis nenes les gustan mucho los “chicken nuggets”, trato de darles solo una vez a la semana. La realidad es que no tengo el tiempo de hacerlos yo misma compro los Kidfresh. Esta marca me gusta mucho por que tienen vegetales escondidos. Si quieres saber más sobre ella, tengo una entrada aquí.

2016-06-07 11.21.52

Espero que los consejos te ayudan a aprovechar más el día y pasar menos tiempo en la cocina! Tienes algún truquito? Compártelo con nosotros!

Fashion Just for Mom-Beauty


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Summertime!Kids are not the only ones who have fun during the summer months. I previously posted the essentials to keep kids safe during summertime, but what about mom. Let’s start with sunscreen is ALWAYS A MUST. But for moms is not all about safety, we also want to look stylish and be comfortable to run around with the kids. Here’s my favorite styles for the summer. The maxi dress and sandals work for every event in the summer, from running errands to friends bbq. The sandals have straps so easier to run around than with flip-flops. For the beach a classic black swimsuit will last and go with everything you pair it with.
As far as beauty, KISS, keep it simple silly! A cute lip crayon color- I really like these Neutrogena ones, a BB or CC cream  (make sure it has SPF), and mascara. Because mascara is a must and you want to make an impact without looking overdone, I would do the Younique 3D Fiber Lashes.
Keep accessories simple and one color so you can mix and match them with more prints and styles!
Hope you have an awesome summer! Show you me your style ladies!


Swim cover up

Swimsuit swimwear

Billabong brown shoes

Roxy shoes
$22 –

Straw Studios man bag

Fossil watch

Long necklace

Floppy hat

Lipsy aviator sunglasses
$26 –

Hypoallergenic makeup

Sun care

Opi nail lacquer
$44 –

Bangle bracelet

Cancer/Neuroblastoma St. Jude

St. Jude & National Cancer Survivors Day

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St. Jude

You think St. Jude is just another hospital for children? YOU ARE WRONG. There are many things that make St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital one of a kind. For starters this is no ordinary hospital. This is the top pediatric cancer facility in the World. Not only do they treat children with pediatric cancer, they also conduct research, including research for ALS, and they share this research with other hospitals. This has helped increased the survivor rate to more than 80%.*

St. Jude2

Today is National Cancer Survivors Day and it made me think of all the children who got a second chance of life thanks to St. Jude. So how does St. Jude do it? First and foremost, St. Jude treats patients free of cost. This means that even families who can’t afford cancer treatment can receive treatment at St. Jude, this alone increases that child’s rate of survival. St. Jude takes pride in being able to provide top care, because children matter. As a mom who has paid for cancer treatment I can tell you St. Jude is doing something AMAZING, for the families. The monetary burden of cancer can be detrimental to treatment, by alleviating this burden families and patients can focus on the positive and strive while under treatment.

But aside from the research and free treatment St. Jude also stands out because of their facilities. I was blown away during out visit last year. From their long-term housing to the cafeteria, with incredible dining, to the classrooms, St. Jude doesn’t cut corners when it comes to being on top. They really pay attention to every details to make the children’s stay the most comfortable stay possible under the circumstances. A quick example is the little wagons used for transportation. This makes kids more comfortable than a wheel chair or a hospital bed. Catering meals under special circumstances in another way that they aim to please the children under their care.

One of the waiting rooms

One of the waiting rooms

Today made me remember our tour guide Taide. She was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 7 years old, She fought cancer at St. Jude until she was 13. Now she says she works for St. Jude to repay what they gave her. She lives thanks to the hospital, and she’s not the only one. Like her there are many children, all over the world, who benefit from the research findings at the hospital.

St. Jude3

St. Jude is a special place. There is no other place where children are so well taken care of for nothing. All St. Jude wants to do is give these children and all children battling pediatric cancer a chance to be a survivor. I encourage you to donate to St. Jude. Your donation can mean another day to a child. Donate here.

Today I want to celebrate all survivors but of course, I celebrate my special survivor, Glenn. May you continue to live every day to the fullest!


*Statement from St. Jude webpage. I am proud to be a St. Jude Blogger Ambassador. All opinions are my own. 

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La eterna espera del parto. Consejitos para relajarte y disfrutar el momento

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Estás en la recta final. Cansada, con la barriga enorme, pies hinchados, ansiedad interminable, patadas de bebe, innumerables citas médicas, y la pregunta mayor, cuando nacerá el bebé. No hay momento más frustrante durante un embarazo, que esas últimas semanas de incertidumbre. Pero no todo tiene que ser negativo. Aquí te presento varios consejitos para relajarte y disfrutar esos pocos momentos de silencio que quedan antes de la llegada de un bebé.

  1. Asegúrate que todo está medicamente bien. Hay veces que el cansancio se debe a faltas de vitaminas o la hinchazón a la falta del agua. Chequear con el médico que todo está viento en popa y que bebé no a llegado por que simplemente no es tiempo.
  2. Aceptar la voluntad de bebé. Esto es algo que es sumamente difícil para mamá, especialmente mamás primerizas. Pero bebé va a nacer a su tiempo cuando el decida, nuevamente si todo está medicamente bien es cuestión de esperar.
4 días antes de la llegada de mi tercer bebé- me fuí para Macy's a ver las luces de Navidad!

4 días antes de la llegada de mi tercer bebé- me fuí para Macy’s a ver las luces de Navidad!

Ahora bien, con buen chequeo médico y aceptada la voluntad de bebe podemos hablar de las cositas que podemos hacer para “matar” el tiempo de espera al parto.

  1. Comparte con tu pareja. Por ejemplo vayan al cine, a un restaurante bonito, coman juntos, conversen, paseen. Por que a la hora de la verdad es DIFĪCIL encontrar esos momentos de uno a uno cuando hay un bebé en la mezcla (no es imposible- pero si difícil).
  2. Dedicarte tiempo. Ve al salón y disfruta una pedicura y manicura, las cejas, el pelo. Lo que te haga felíz y te relaje más. Después busca una cafetería o un restaurante y almuerza sola. Solo contigo misma. Está comprobado que lo más que cansa a las mamás es la cantidad de pensamientos que tenemos al día, pues hay que aprovechar antes de que el cerebro se inunde más de lo que ya está.
  3. Un baño no vendría nada mal. Llena la bañera (con agua tibia- no caliente por que sube la temperatura del bebé) y descansa. Remoja los hombros y los pies. Piensa que ese momento es único y para ti.
  4. Pasa tiempo en el cuarto de bebé o arreglando sus cosas. Por lo menos en mi caso, no me dió ni tiempo de terminar todo lo que quería antes que llegara bebe! Y recuerda no poner la ropa de cama hasta que bebé llegue a casa (para evitar el polvo). Yo me acostaba en el piso del cuarto de mi bebé y pasaba rato pensando en como sería la vida de mamá.
  5. Mucho té y aromatizador de camomila y lavanda. Los dos son relajantes naturales que definitivamente ayudan a despejar la mente. También le puedes pedir a tu pareja que te dé un masaje con una crema o aceite de lavanda en los pies (ponte medias después del masaje para atrapar la humectación.
  6. Irte de compras. Y no COMPRAR NADA PARA BEBÉ. Comprate algo para tí. Un bolso que te guste, un labial o alguna blusa. créeme que cuando nazca bebé van a ser raras las veces que te compres algo- así que aprovecha.
  7. Escribir o leer son muy terapéuticos para disminuir el estrés.

Como ayudar a entusiasmar a bebé a llegar?

  1. Caminar
  2. Limitar el estrés. (Mientras más relajada estés- mejor- recuerda todo lo que siente mamá, lo siente bebé)
  3. Relaciones con pareja

Algunas supersticiones de las abuelas son comer comida picante, puntos de precisión, comer piñas, aceite de castor, guiar sobre una calle con muchos altos y bajos, y usar una lampara en la vágina para atraer al bebé.

Cuéntame, tienes algún consejo para la preparación de la llegada de bebé?


Fairy Tales Hair Care is the answer this summer

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Thank you to Momtrends and Fairy Tales for sponsoring this post. 

Every summer we have the same problems. Too much time in the sun, to many mosquitos, to many long days, fights for baths and endless splashing around. As a semi over protective mom, I always try to keep what I put on my kids as natural as possible, especially since dealing with cancer, so I get extremely excited when I get to review and try products that are safe for kids and also effective, enter Fairy Tales Hair Care. I have to admit I wasn’t familiar and up to know we’ve been using another brand for shampoo and conditioner so I figured it’d be awesome to try something new.


Fairy Tales

I was sent a box with the shampoo, conditioner, and the after-sun spray, bug spray and a lice repellent spray. Why did I get excited when I saw the products? Well for starters the packaging is so cute, I saw a castle and it took me back to my happy place, and second the shampoo and conditioner and after swim spray were from the Sun & Swim collection. How perfect!? I read the packaging and there are no parabens or sulfates or harsh chemicals, this made me even more excited to try them. It had never crossed my mind that I had to protect their hair during the summer but it’s so true, we definitely do. We protect our skin and our eyes so hair should also be taken care off. Especially after days at the pool and those chemicals, the salty beach water, or just playing outside.

What we do all summer!

What we do all summer!

So on Memorial Day, I decided to try the shampoo since we had been out all day at the park. I was very surprised. It didn’t create a ton of lather, but it smelled so good and I felt the difference in my kid’s hair and their curls were as bouncy as ever. The conditioner also smelled amazing and so did the spray. Even their names put me in a good mood, hello Coco Cabana, makes me think of a white sandy beach and a piña colada (moms can dream while giving kids a bath). I didn’t looove the After-Sun Spray, it felt a little dry, almost like a texturizing spray. We’re going to try it again this weekend, and see how it goes.

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Moving on to the bug spray, Bug Bandit, I have to say it was pretty effective, which was incredibly surprising, because it’s deet free, which is a chemical I try to stay away from without any success. My kids are so sweet for mosquitos that we have to use deep woods deet to not get bitten as much, because they still get bitten anyways. The scent is amazing, at least for me because I LOVE essential oils and this smells like eucalyptus, which is one of my favorite oils EVER. I sprayed it all over and felt safe putting it on their face. Usually I use my own mix of essential oils, but I have to say this is a really good alternative and easier to take with us wherever we go. I also liked that it didn’t feel sticky, and this is important considering the amount of things we have to put on our kids skin during the summer (lotion, sunscreen, bug spray).


The last product is the lice spray. Ok, so a lot of people don’t know that last summer we had lice. It’s a long story and I promise I will give you all the details on that, so after that experience, anything that helps keep those darn bugs off our heads I’m a fan off. What I like about the spray is that you can just spray it on their clothes and their hair and its extra protection. My kids don’t go to summer camp, but this is definitely a must for campers (think about sharing pillows and sweatshirts!). Again, this is another product that just makes life easier without cutting effectiveness. We have a bottle with water and tea tree oil that I spray on my son every morning before school, but the truth is that it smells gross, so he hates it. With this, he doesn’t mind the scent and it makes me more comfortable sending him to school.

I enjoyed these products and will probably be regulars in our home. Just the smells make me happy and the effectiveness really impressed me. Price wise, they are pretty comparable to the other chemical, toxin free products in the market with prices ranging from $10.95 for the shampoo to $12.95 for the lice repellent. Oh and also if you are dealing with lice, they have an awesome kit to get rid of them, with a comb that has the best grip of any lice comb out there. You can check out their whole line of products on their website. If you want a list of all the things that are essential for summers with kids, check out post, of course Bug Bandit is on the list!