Essential Summer Items for Kids

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Essential Summer Items for Kids
Summer is here unofficially and there are tons of things we need to be aware off. The sun exposure, the bugs, the weather. There are a couple of items that MUST be with us at all times during the summer. What better way to keep your children protected? The most important is sunscreen. To compliment sunscreen a child should always wear a hat for long outings as well as sunglasses (we want to protect those precious eyes). A good pair of shoes that can be used in water (we love Stride Rite Phibians) and mosquito spray is a necessity, especially because my kids are super sweet and get bitten  A LOT. When at home we make our own with witch hazel and essential oils but when we’re out and about we use the Fairy Tales Bug Bandit (full review here). I forgot to add a backpack. But a backpack is a must all year-long. Kids should have somewhere to carry a water bottle (which is another thing they should have all year)  and snacks and put their sunglasses away. As far a recommended backpacks I like the Skip Hope back packs and for water bottles we use Contigo water bottles because they are easy to clean and last!
Don’t forget to label all of your kids gear. If you need labels Mabel’s Labels are really the best. We’ve been using them for a year and they have lasted to tons of washes! Yeap,we wash them in the laundry (we use the labels on clothes), but also on the water bottles and shoes.
Do you have any other essentials that are a must and are not listed? Join the conversation and let us know!

Let Harambe Rest in Peace and leave the mom ALONE!

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Unless you’ve been away from this planet, you already know about the horrible accident that happened on Saturday at the Cincinnati Zoo. A 4-year-old toddler jumped into a gorilla exhibition. He dropped about 10 feet and when he got there the gorilla, named Harambe proceeded to “protect” the child. As we have been told by the news the gorilla was a danger to the child due to his size, therefore it had to be shot and killed to protect the child.

There is not full evidence of what happened except for a couple of witnesses and the zoo staff. As soon as the news broke the Internet went CRAZY! From memes about shooting the mom and bad parenting post, to animal rights activist blaming the zoo for such a terrible outcome. Bloggers all over are weighing in on whose fault it is. This post is not about blaming anyone.

I think this was a terrible accident and we should LEAVE IT ALONE. We weren’t there. We don’t have the facts. This is a sad situation for all parties involved. The gorilla (and endangered specie) is dead, the zoo lost one of their own, the child is traumatized from falling and being man handled by a gorilla and hearing a gunshot, and the mom for feeling all the guilt and bearing all the responsibility (according to the Internet and the million of perfect parents out there).

It’s crazy to think that it has been 2 days and people are still arguing on whose fault it is. At this point it DOESN’T MATTER. It won’t change what happened. Now let this gorilla rest in peace and this child and mom recuperate from the trauma of being so close to death. And for everyone judging the mom or the zoo or the whole situation YOU WEREN’T THERE! Let this poor animal rest in peace and let this family try to heal. That’s what you would want if you were them.

Español Parenting Reviews

Cantícos: Los Pollitos

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Living in NYC, kids are so exposed to culture. Aside from that, my children like many others are mixed, so culture and languages are part of our daily norm. I’ve been accused of harming my children by not teaching them Spanish. Is not that I don’t want to. It’s just very hard. definitely not as easy as everyone thinks, especially if you feel better speaking English yourself.


But lately the guilt is getting to me and I’ve been putting a bit more effort into trying to make them at least understand Spanish. Needless to say I will take any help I can get, so I loved it when I was asked to review Canticos: Los Pollitos Book. This book is very special. It has the story in English but also has the translation in Spanish. Not only that, there is also an app.


The book is a board book so is perfect for all little kids. I also liked that it was interactive. Grace loved opening the flaps to discover the rest of the story. She also liked the shape of the book. It flips from one side in English to one side in Spanish. I read it to her in a singing voice and she was just so excited. Especially because I did it in one language first and then in the other one.


This book is for sure a regular in our home now. It’s also one of those books that you want to hold on to forever. It’s beautifully illustrated with bright colors and bold letters. But for me the dual language is just what makes it the best. It’s very hard to find books that are engaging to the kids that are bilingual and this books does exactly that. It engages the kids not only with the verses of the story but also with the flaps that open and close.

The book also works for any child who is trying to learn Spanish but also any child who is learning English. The book doesn’t need the app, but I think it’s awesome to have an app since children today are so comfortable with electronics. The app has an egg decorating game where they can practice shapes and colors, but what I like the most about the app is that it plays the chikies song in Spanish and my daughter absolutely loved it. She really liked the song and the best part is that we were reading the lyrics on the book at the same time.

Cantícos: Los Pollitos is just a MUST book for any parent raising bilingual children. If you want to buy the book, is available on Amazon.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions and images are my own.


3 reasons I match my boys outfits even though they’re not twins

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So, I am just tired of hearing

“Are they twins?”


“Oh, because they’re dressed the same”

I get it, twins used to dress the same and I never even understood why, but the point is my kids look like twins because they are dressed the same but really, is this a valid question? The kids look completely different and there’s about a 10″ difference between their heights.


Now, why do I dress them the same? Simple: I love it! I love to match them and they just look cute. But this is not the only reason. Here are another three:

  1. they are easily identifiable at a public place… i.e. birthday party. Random mom: “which are your kids?” Me: the ones that are matching. BOOM!
  2. No fighting over who gets the coolest Star Wars t-shirt. And yes, this does happen when I don’t match them.



So there 1 love them, easy to spot and no fighting. Seems simple enough. I should also add in Puerto Rico where I grew up, matching siblings and even coordinating the whole families outfits was and STILL a thing. I remember when my mom used to match my brothers or me and my sister!

Anyways matching is fun and I will probably continue to match their outfits until I can’t find matching ones because of size or until they tell me they want to stop.


Xfinity just changed the way we see Parental Controls

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Wow, Xfinity has a lot more to offer families than I knew! A big thanks to them for partnering with me to bring you this post. #XfinityMoms

I was super curious to check out what Xfinity offered as opposed to other cable and internet providers. I was sooooo surprised. There are so many cool things about Xfinity like the voice remote, the apps and the home security system, but what really stood out was the way Xfinity changed the way parental control work. The first thing I noticed was that the guide has a feature for only kids. Besides that there are 3 things that really really attracted me to Xfinity and the parental controls. Here they are:

  1. Parental Control by age: the reason I like this is because sometimes parental controls are too general. A 10-year-old doesn’t want to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and maybe Teen Titans is not appropriate for a 2-year-old. So the age category is awesome when you have kids of different ages in the house.


  1. The parental controls can be set remotely from the app. This is awesome because the parental controls are specific to different boxes so if the kids is in another television in the house that doesn’t have any settings yet, you can quickly set it up with your phone, without being obvious.
  2. The ratings description: by far this is my favorite feature. Movies have all kinds of ratings but what do they mean to the parent? For example, if a movie is rated R, and it just says strong language a mild violence, what exactly is the language that is used. Xfinity gives you an indepth description of why the movie was rated that. For example Deadpool (the movie) got a 3 out 5 rating for positive message, a 4 out of 5 in violence and 5 of 5 in language. But the rating description category doesn’t end there, it also gives you an example of the words that are used and the situations the make for the rating. Maybe you don’t let your 10-year-old watch sexy scenes but you don’t mind if he hears the F word 50 times…


Those were my favorite 3 things from a parent perspective of Xfinity. But as a mom I was also excited to learn about their home system. This system is AWESOME and I really wish I could install it in my house like yesterday. Not only is the whole thing wireless and work from your table of phone, you can basically control anything in your house from the thermostat to cameras. You can remote control some of the cameras. The one thing that stood out was the individual pass code to enter. This is great if you are having someone come into the house for a delivery or a construction and want them to come in- you can assign them their own pass code to come inside.

2016-05-16 12.03.16-2

I was definitely surprised by the amount of things that Xfinity has to offer. Not to mention the apps, which are pretty cool since you can handle your account on them and even request service. We were at the Lawrence store and it was beautiful, very sleek and inviting. In the time we were there learning about Xfinity, we saw actual customers come in and out. No lines, no waiting, just easy service.

XFINITY4 2016-05-16 11.44.03

Lucky for you who are reading this, you can win your own thermostat from Xfinity. To enter just follow the instructions below!
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Disney Star Wars Travel

Primera vez en Disneyland

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Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

Como ya les e contado estuvimos en Disneyland en Marzo. Ya les hice la entrada sobre Disney’s California Adventure (la pueden leer aquí), pues ahora les quiero hablar sobre Disneyland. Lo primero primero es que es BELLO! Bueno nuestro día comenzó a las 7am. Caminamos al parque desde el hotel. Cuando llegamos ya había una fila para entrar al parque, pero se movió bastante rápido.

Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

Tan pronto entramos al parque la primera imagen es de la cara de Mickey y el número 60 del aniversario del parque. Tan pronto nos tomamos una foto con el primer personaje que vimos que fué Goofy- el favorito de mi chico. Mis primeras impresiones del parque fueron muchas. Los sentimientos fueron increíbles. Tenía hambre, estaba emocionada, en un sitio desconocido. Aunque estuve toda la noche leyendo el mapa y planeando el día todo eso se me fue de la cabeza.

Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

El parque es mucho mas pequeño de Walt Disney World, pero tiene mas o menos el mismo plano de parque. En el medio vas a ver el castillo de Sleeping Beauty y a la derecha Tomorrowland y así igual las otras áreas. Aunque los parques tienen muchas similitudes son increíblemente diferentes, no solo por el tamaño, pero también por las atracciones. En Disneyland todavía hay un ToonTown. En ToonTown tienen atracciones como Rogger Rabbit y la casa de Mickey y Minnie. Esta area me encantó por que es cerrada. Solo tiene una entrada y la misma salida.

Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

En esta parte del parque fue que vimos a Mickey Mouse. Los nenes estuvieron un rato bien largo jugando en las casas de los diferentes personajes, como Goofy y Donald Duck. Sobre las atracciones les puedo decir que si tienen niños pequeños no deben ir a la atracción de Roger Rabbit. Es bastante oscura y definitivamente a menos que sean fanáticos de la película, no les va a gustar. Bueno, me descarrile un poco y nos conté que lo primero que hicimos cuanto entramos al parque fue entrar a Tomorrowland para apuntar a los nenes en el Jedi Training Academy. Esto es una oportunidad OBLIGATORIA si tienen fanáticos de Star Wars. Los chicos se apuntan (4 años en adelante) y los entrenan para tener una batalla con Darth Vader. La presentación es una aventura y definitivamente el mejor recuerdo de los chicos en el parque. Al final les regalan un botón de participación.

Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

Luego de la aventura de Star Wars nos dirigimos a Fantasy Land. Mi atracción favorita de Disney siempre a sido It’s a Small World. Que emoción vivir esa atracción, es diferente a la de Orlando por muchas razones. La primera es la gran entrada que tiene al aire libre. También tiene personajes de las películas como los personajes de Toy Story, y es un poco más larga. Otra atracción que me encanto en Fantasyland fue Storybook Land Canal Boats. Esta atracción en bien relajante. Paseas por un bote y ves las ciertas historias en miniatura. Me encantó tanto que me quedé con las ganas de mas cuentos y que fuera más larga.

Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

Hay tantas cosas que ver en Disneyland. Todo el parque está lleno de historia y de una arquitectura hermosa y pues la magia única de Disney. Nos dirigimos a Adventureland donde finalmente probé el famoso Dole Whip. Que si estaba bueno?? Pues claro que si! A menos que no te guste la piña. Pero prepárense que la fila para el Dole Whip (hay solo un lugar en todo el parque donde lo puedes comprar) es larguita! Pero definitivamente vale la pena.

2016-03-09 15.54.02

Nos montamos en casi todas las atracciones posibles. De mis favoritas definitivamente casi todas en Fantasyland. También me gustó mucho el área de las princesas. Disney Princess Fantasy Faire. Aunque no lo pudimos disfrutar mucho (uno de los problemas de tener mas niños que niñas) me encantó que las princesas están juntas. En Disney hay tantas cosas para hacer! La aventura no se acaba. La ultima atracción en la que nos montamos fue en el carrusel. Fue un momento súper especial para mi, ya que estaba emocional por que era nuestra ultima noche en California.


No nos podíamos ir del parque sin ver la parada de Paint the Night. La parada está espectacular! Las luces, los personajes TODO me encantó. Aunque soy un poco tradicional y soy mega fan de Electrical Parade en Walt Disney World, la parada de Paint the Night está a otro nivel. Lo único que NO me gustó, es que no ví a Sleeping Beauty en la parada, y este parque tiene su castillo!


Claro que como nos quedamos hasta el final, me fuí a caminar Main Street en la búsqueda de la luz de Walt. Esta luz estaba prendida cuando el llegaba al parque para que todo el mundo supiese que el estaba presente.


Casi casi me quedo sin batería y saliendo del parque me encuentro a Minnie Mouse. Fue el momento más especial, por que siento que ella fue la que nos despidió. Mi celular aguantó el día completo.


Gotitas del saber para Disneyland:

-Aunque el parque es pequeño hay MUCHO MUCHO que ver y hacer. Me hubiese gustado estar ahí por lo menos un día mas.

-No es necesario quedarse en el hotel de Disneyland. Hay muchos hoteles y pueden caminar a la entrada del parque. Esto te ahorra bastante dinero.

-Hay muchas atracciones que cierran temprano para los fuegos artificiales, por lo tanto si quieren ver a las princesas tienen que ir antes de las 6pm para verlas por que el área cierra, también otras atracciones de Fantasyland.

-Los Fastpasses son a la antigua. De papel, y hay que hacer fila para que la distribución. Así que antes de llegar a la atracción, ve a la maquina del FastPass.

-Hay tantos sitios para comer, que nada mas en comida estaría una visita completa.

-Aprovechen el día. Como siempre les digo lleguen temprano y estén hasta el final.

-Mickey’s ToonTown es el mejor sitio para ver a los personajes, especialmente a Mickey y Minnie.

-Lo principal es disfrutar. Les soy honesta, lloré varias veces durante el día. Por razones diferentes, pero me viví casa momentos con la familia.

Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

Tengo que darle gracias a mi fotógrafo personal Rafael A. Babilonia, el estuvo con nosotros todo el viaje y si no fuese por su lente y su ojo critico no tendríamos ni la mitad de las imágenes espectaculares que tenemos de nuestro viaje! Así que gracias a mi hermano por las fotos y por ser nuestro guía turístico en California!




A day of birds! Angry Bird Movie & the Bronx Zoo

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The Angry Birds movie opened this weekend and it was a hit. We got to check it out last Saturday thanks to Kidz Vuz. I have to admit I was a little skeptical because I myself don’t really care for the game, but my kids LOVE the game so I had no choice but to be a good mom and sacrifice my Saturday for them. I was so surprised. The movie was actually pretty funny and perfect for all age groups. There was some questions on how they would adapt the game to a movie, and what story they were going to use. The story they used made sense and it definitely showed the game in a different light.

Angry Birds7

The movie focuses on Red’s life and his anger problems. Through dealing with his anger he meets Bomb (black angry bird) and Chuck (yellow angry bird). I like that the movie talks about the negative aspects of being angry all the time, but also sheds a light on the fact that sometimes, under the right circumstances, it’s ok to be angry. The movie also touches on friendship and how the “villain” became the hero.


After the movie, we were chartered up to the Bronx Zoo to have lunch with a special bird friend and then experience Birds in Flight. This exhibition at the zoo will be every weekend until mid June and it’s super cool. Kids get to see birds fly freely and even land on some visitors. Some of the birds we got to see where red tail hawk, vulture, owl and parrots. My favorite had to be the hawk and the vulture. Seeing them fly outside of a cage and so close was spectacular. The kids loved the parrots, they were colorful and very vocal.

Angry Birds4

I think the Angry Birds movie is perfect for the whole family. I know this will probably be a regular in our house once it comes out on DVD. And we’re already planning a follow-up tree to see the birds one more time at the zoo before the exhibition closes.

2016-05-14 14.41.40

Thanks to Kidz Vuz for inviting us to participate in such a fun day. All opinions and picture are my own. 

Baby Gear-Strollers-Car Seats-Carriers Events

Top 3 Discoveries at NY Baby Show!

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Every year, NYC hosts the NY Baby Show. This show is two days long and it includes a lot of vendors, speakers and entertainment for the kids. The difference with this expo is that is more of a family event. This year MomTrends hosted another Blogger Lounge which was FABULOUS! I went on Sunday and stopped at every table to find what was innovative and new in the baby world.


  1. The GB Pocket Stroller: My first AMAZING find was the GB Pocket Stroller. Last year, it was at this very show that I learned about GB strollers and even reviewed the QBit. Now this year, they presented the Pocket. If you are not familiar with the pocket, this is the Guinness World Record holder for smallest folded stroller! It’s so small that it fits in a tote bag and if you’re on an airplane, it fits underneath the seat. It is that small. The pocket retails for $250 and you can find it at major retailers like Babies R Us and Amazon.


  1. Driver’s Little Helper Car Seat Monitor: We have all read the stories of kids left in a hot car and dying. It was only a matter of time before a car seat monitor was available to remind parents of the child. To me this is incredibly helpful, especially with big families and traveling during the summer. It works with an app on your phone and it’s less than $85 bucks. I know some people might be skeptical, and think “who forgets their child” but the truth is: you never know what will happen, better to be prepared. You can buy it here.


  1. Evenflo breast milk bags: These bags are something else. First off the bags are made with military grade material, so same package that protects MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) will protect breast milk. Think about no more little tiny pin needle wholes. Second the material is thinner. Why does this matter? Thinner material means it will freeze quicker but it will also thaw out quicker. And the last characteristic that is different is that instead of having the wholes on the side to hold it directly to the breast pump, it has a clip method. The bag will clamp to the pump attachment.


Of course, there where other brands and a bunch of cool items. It was hard to pick 3 that really really stood out to me. Because it’s the beginning of summer, travel was definitely on my mind, and I think these 3 items are key for traveling with kids.

Thanks to MomTrends for hosting us on the lounge. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions and pictures are my own. 


Baby Gear-Strollers-Car Seats-Carriers Events

Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower!!

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If you are an expectant mom, or having a third of 8th baby, the place to be is Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower. The event held in different cities around the country puts together the best brands of baby gear and new gadgets to make parenting easier. This year was no exception and I saw a lot of cool things. I have to say my biggest take away was the amount of companies focused on prenatal nutrition. More companies are trying to make pre natal vitamins less irritant to the pregnant belly.


Speaking of nutrition some of the awesome things I discovered were Erzo Prenatal Vitamin Biscuit. This pack has to biscuit type cookies that have all the prenatal vitamins that moms need. For some women taking prenatal vitamins is such a struggle, so this is a great way to help moms digest the vitamins. Another company I found with very interesting products it’s Nutricia. This company provides prenatal and postnatal care to moms. Not only does it provide food items but it also provides nutritional advice online. Moms can sign up and have their own nutritionist. What I really liked about them was that the postnatal care goes beyond 6 months of the baby being born. And now for the summer, what better way to cool off than a frozen bar. EatPops takes all the benefits of a juice diet, but freezes it, brilliant!


Another trend in the nutrition area was all the companies making prenatal vitamins. Some of the ones that stood out to me was Happy Mama Prenatal, they already make yummy toddler snacks so it was very exciting to see their new products for mom. The other brand was Smarty Pants, these gummies taste SOOOOO GOOOD! There are tons of other vitamins in the market. They are definitely leaning more towards the gummy texture, which I enjoy. It’s like my little treat but with the added bonus of being a vitamin.

Some of the other cool items I saw were the Deepy Deepy. And if you have a kid that uses a pacifier this will be your new best friend. It’s a carrier- protector for the pacifier that you wear on your wrist or attached to the stroller or car seat. It’s pretty smart considering how often pacifiers get lost and dirty. The Owlet Baby Care sensor, is a sensor that goes on the babies foot. It monitors movement and breathing of the child. The monitor is attached to the softest organic cotton I have ever felt (I do wish they would make some monitors for bigger kids). I also finally saw the Doona stroller-car seat. This thing is pretty cool. The car seat can be used as an infant car seat and then you pull it out of the base and it has wheels and becomes a stroller. It’s is light and easy to turn from car seat to stroller. I think this is definitely going to be a hit in the next couple of months, especially because it’s perfect for summer travel and city living. I was also very excited to check out the new sports edition Baby BJorn carrier, the fabric is easy to clean and the straps are very comfortable.



I did also saw some of my favorites. Babyganics has some of the best products in my opinion, including their sunScreen and now they have it in the same packaging with the bug spray. Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics, who has amazing teas for pregnancy and even breastfeeding, and their lotion is heavenly. I also checked out the new Click-tight car seats from Britax, which makes installation BEYOND easy. And I also visited Nuna, BabyNess, Babies R Us, Huggies and Thule.


This event is without a doubt the place to be if you are having babies. Not only you can check out all the necessities you need for the baby, you can also hear amazing information from the educational panels. The panels not only include doctors and writers but also parents who are educated in different topics. This year some of the panel speakers included Adam Cohen, founder of DadaRocks who spoke on the Benefits of Baby Wearing and Must Have Registry Items Panel. And one of my favorite people in the whole world Alicia Ybarbo, who not only is a Today Show producer, a writer (her book Sh*tty Moms is THE BEST PARENTING BOOK EVER!), she’s also a mom!


And the BEST BEST BEST part of the Biggest Baby Shower, is the SWAG! The gift bag is serious business. Think about this over 20lbs in a gift bag! There are also other things like Bingo, with cool prices, treats for moms and food. This event is educational, fun and everything you would expect from Big City Moms.



Thanks to Big City Moms for inviting me to the event and for the gift bag. 

Events Travel

Getting ready for our summer trips with MOMTRENDS!

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Every year I am lucky enough to attend certain events, one of them I love because it totally relates to us and our life and that’s the MomTrends travel event. The event focuses on things that we might need, places we might want to go and just making traveling more enjoyable not only for the kids but also for the parents.


This year there was a focus on comfort and keeping it simple. One of the products that I am most excited to try is the Guardian deet free repellent. Especially because most of our trips are to outdoor places and with Zika around and my kids being super sweet to mosquito bites. Guardian beat Deet in a number of test in efficiency, so it’s definitely coming with us wherever we go.


One of the places we are planning to check out this summer was also at the event. Hershey’s Park in Pennsylvania is a great road trip from NYC and from the looks of it tons of fun for the whole family. We have never been and every summer we go to different places so I think this is a good one to check out this summer. The park has a hotel and hello chocolate everywhere- who doesn’t like chocolate?



One of the things we are planning to do this summer is another camping trip, so I was super excited to check out the new Igloo coolers. The best one? This baby has LED lights, casters, and it has different compartments inside. It also has a see through lid so no need to open it to see what’s inside! This will be perfect not only for camping but also for parties at home. Another MUST for that party at home of for travel snacks are gopicnic. These are perfectly portioned eat anywhere snacks. They don’t need refrigeration so it’s easy to carry them.


As far as suitcases go, I need to invest in this ebags classic packing cubes. These cubes fit perfect in the suitcase, but also protect your clothes at the hotel room or wherever you go. The bags are easy to clean and store, the fit in the front pocket of your suitcase when you’re not using them. Of course like with every MomTrends event we always talk fashion. This time it was traveling styles for girls thanks to Ivivva. The best tips were layers and multipurpose items, like scarfs that can be blankets.

Here’s a bit of my Snapchat story from the event!


Thanks to MomTrends and all the sponsors for a super fun event.