Project Baby Bundle (Spanish)

Durante el periodo de las fiestas de Navidad muchas Iglesias y organizaciones regalan comida a las personas mas necesitadas. Pero hay muchas madres que necesitan mas que comida, necesitan productos para sus bebes recién nacidos. Mi mama  decidió hacer algo un poco diferente y donar productos esenciales de bebe a madres que realmente lo necesitan. La meta: crear 25 canastillas con productos de bebe para cada mama. Lo especial de este proyecto es como se han conseguido los productos. No todo el mundo puede comprar cosas caras, por lo tanto, nosotras decidimos que todos los meses utilizaríamos $20 para comprar productos de buena calidad que estén en a la venta.

Hasta ahora hemos conseguido un paquete de dos botellas de cristal, marca Dr. Weil, por $5.99 en Marshall’s (el precio de las botellas es $15.99 en Amazon. También conseguimos unos juegos de pajama de 3 piezas marca Carter’s por $2 (precio de mercado es $10.99). Esperamos que para las navidades tengamos alrededor de 20 canastillos para donar. Pondremos cosas que son verdaderamente esenciales para mama y bebe. Algunas canastas tendrán productos especiales como ropa de tamaño “preemie”. Este tipo de ropa mayormente es mas costoso y difícil de conseguir. Trataremos de incluir bastante ropa.

Trabajaremos con Iglesias y organizaciones para determinar quienes recibirán los canastillos. No hay ningún requisito, excepto una necesidad real. Si tu conoces a alguien que necesita una ayuda y se podia beneficiar de este proyecto me lo pueden comunica, trataremos de ayudar de la mejor forma posible. Claro esta ayudar no solo proviene de lo que se da materialmente, si no del espíritu con que se da. Este projecto sale de nuestro corazón y es algo que queremos tenga éxito. No estamos pidiendo nada cambio de que nos ayuden promoviendo este proyecto. Si quieres ser parte de este proyecto y ayudarnos hay muchas formas, por ejemplo, vistes alguna buena venta en algunos productos? Puedes promover el proyecto en tu pagina de Facebook? Cualquier otra forma de ayuda claro sera bienvenida.

Solo queria compartir con ustedes este proyecto ya que es algo que es bien personal y sale del corazón. Gracias por leer.

Si sigues mi pagina en Instagram y Facebook podrás ver fotos de los productos que ya hemos conseguido.


New Essentials!!!

For years there have been a list of essential baby items you need. And in all reality that list doesn’t really change. But there are a few items that after having 3 kids, I believe are a MUST! These products have been tested and approved by mothers all over.

1. mbaby collection Sleepster by Munchkin: This pajama has covered feet but you can fold them up and make it into a play jumper. This will also make the pajama last much longer. The fabric is high quality organic cotton and it has a double layered front panel to protect the babies belly more.

Nose Frida: “The snot sucker”. This device is AMAZING!!! You can relieve your babies snot by inhaling it (don’t worry there is a filter and the snot doesn’t go in your mouth. The Nose Frida is also great because you don’t really need to insert it in the babies nose. And best of all it’s easy to clean (not like those hospital bulbs that get all moldy inside).

3. Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bra: Of course if you are nursing or pump feeding this is the perfect companion to your breast pump. It will let you do the dishes while pumping or be in the computer. It is soft cotton, it has incredible amount of adjustability and it comes in different colors. It also works with multiple breast pumps.

4. Latch Bottle by Munchkin: This bottle hasn’t come out yet (it will be available May 1st) but there are a million reasons to LOVE this bottle. The first one is the accordion nipple that allows it to be pulled and moved like a real nipple would, this simulate breast feeding. The air vent is easy to clean and it reduces gas. Another nice feature is that you can get an adapter and attach it to different breast pumps, so no need to dirty an extra bottle!

5. Carseat Canopy: A lot of moms don’t think about this, but then when they start going out with their newborn, they realize they need something to cover them up and use a blanket. The blanket falls and it doesn’t really cover. The Carseat Canopy is great because it has velcro to hold on to the car seat handle. Most of them come reversible in nice colors. And 90% of the time you can get it free (just pay S&H) through different sites with codes.

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Cartoons/TV Shows

Yes I know, we shouldn’t let children watch TV until age 2 according to the AAP, BUT, the reality in our day and age for most of us (especially if you have more than one kid) is that TV and/or social media will be present in our toddlers life before that age. So I wanted to make a list of my top 5 educational shows/cartoons for toddlers.

Must watch: These shows not only provide entertainment for tots, but they also have a lot of educational elements.

1. Sesame Street: Sesame Street is a classic, must watch for any kid at any age. I have yet to meet a kid who doesn’t like Elmo!! The show is not only educational, by teaching numbers and colors, and the alphabet but it is also fun and sweet. (PBS)

2. Mickey Mouse Club House: Classic Disney with a twist. It has all the favorite Disney characters and it teaches kids numbers, colors, shapes. The vibrant digital show retains kids attention and who doesn’t like the theme song… M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!!! (Disney Junior)

3. Dora the Explorer: Trying to make your tot learn some Spanish? This is THE BEST WAY. Even adults have used Dora for years now to practice some Spanish and be able to learn about other cultures. Dora not only teaches a different language in a fun and easy way, she also teaches colors, numbers and shapes. (Nick Jr.)

4. Team Umizoomi: Best show to teach toddlers math. It’s fun, colorful and the focus in math makes it different than other shows. Of course, it doesn’t really limit to math. It teaches colors, measurements, shapes and social skills. (Nick Jr.)

5. The Goodnight Show: This show is the equivalent of a variety show for kids.  Nina and Star will make your tot learn, play and relax before going to bed. The show also teaches children Spanish and sign language. In between they run shows like Bernstein Bears, Caillou, Sarah & Duck, Thomas & Friends, Angelina Ballerina, and my favorite Stella & Sam. What I also like the show is that they do a Sprout Stretch! My kiddos love to their stretch. And best of all the show is broadcast twice at 6pm and 9pm EST!!! (Sprout)

On the other hand there are some shows that I could do without:

1. Caillou: His life lessons seem a bit more of those for a 10 year old than a 4 year old. I know I’m not the only parent in the country and the World who has a problem with the show and the character itself. Don’t get me wrong, I still let them watch it because they already like it, but if I could go back I would not had let them spend time with Caillou. (Sprout)

2. Bubble guppies: Bubble guppies lack interesting topics. They are underneath water but they have cars?? It gives me Sponge Bob Square Pants vibe (and if there is one cartoon I absolutely despise is Sponge Bob)!!! It’s appealing to the kids, and I do like that it has some musical numbers, but sometimes those musical numbers are just strange, like the hairstyle episode!! Yikes! (Nick Jr.)

3. Jake and the Neverland Pirates: I LOVE Jake. I could watch Jake everyday. I just feel it really has nothing to give the kids except for the “life lessons”. I don’t like Hooks character and the whole Hook versus them I don’t understand! Where is Peter Pan?? Is this gang part of the Lost Boys? Too many questions to answer to my kid… By the way I am obsessed with Sharky and Bone and want their soundtrack REALLY, REALLY BAD!!! (Disney Jr.)

4. Thomas & Friends: Ok, I know Thomas & Friends is HUGE. It’s been around for a very LONG time, but that’s just it, it feels old. My kids love it but only for 10 minutes, after that they fall asleep or just go bananas (I guess is good to make kids fall asleep!). Seriously, can they update the colors or something? I do have to admit I like the song! (Sprout)

5. Yo Gabba Gabba: Do I really need to explain? I can’t go over 5 minutes of YGG, without getting a stomach ache! It’s just too much! Avoid at all cost, because once you’re hooked it’s over!!! (Nick Jr.)

I know some of you love or hate some of my favorite and every kid will have it’s favorite show as they learn what is their personality and their interests at the time. I also made the list with my own personal likes, since I- as a parent, have to sit there and watch these shows with them!!! Let me know which are your tots favorite shows!!

Also most of these shows are available on your smartphone, via the channels app and webpages. Check out Disney Jr. Nick Jr. Sprout Channel and PBS for more information.


Dentist Visit!

Dentist visit coming up?

Today I went for my semi anual dentist visit. I asked her to share some tips when bringing young kids to the dentist. Here are her tips:

-Bring them in as SOON as they get their first tooth. They don’t have to get a checkup, but they will get used to the environment, meet the dentist, and see mom & daddy get their teeth clean.

-BRUSH, BRUSH, BRUSH. Use a tiny bit of fluoride. If the kid won’t let you brush their teeth, try letting them do it themselves. Let them play with the toothbrush and tothtpaste.

-Don’t wait until you see something to take them in. Take them to the dentist every 6 months after teeth come out.

-Remember kids feed of what they see. If you act scared and say you don’t like the dentist, they will most likely imitate and repeat. So try to make the visit fun and enjoyable for everyone!

Here is the site for my dentist. If you are in Queens check her out! She’s awesome…

Munchkin mbaby collection Review

Baby apparel has never been softer. Munchkin has just launched a new collection for babies called mbaby. The collection features soft fabrics in pastel colors but most importantly they have super practical design.


This is the new apparel line for Munchkin. It is a layette collection with a lot of special characteristics. I hope you enjoy the review and please any advice, comments, opinions, will be appreciate it as it is my first video! Thanks for supporting my project with reading and sharing!

Traveling Toddler Pt 2 (Road Trip!)


Tips to travel by car with babies and/or toddlers:

1. Comfort: not only do you have to make your kids comfortable. YOU have to be comfortable. This means no flip flops (you should never wear those when driving anyways-they can get tangled in the car pedals), no heels. Comfort, comfort, comfort. I hate to say it but think yoga pants, sweater and tennis shoes! With the kids the same. If you are traveling during the day, keep it simple with sweat pants a t-shirts and tennis shoes. If you are traveling during the night definitely do pajamas. Keep a blanket next to the car seat in case they get cold.

2. POTTY!!!!!: The Kalecom Potette is GREAT!!! And even though it seems small my almost 4-year-old uses it with no problem. Keep it underneath the seat with a bag ready to go. Next to it, keep a box of baby wipes. It makes for much better “toilet paper” for kids. This is important because if you have to take a kid to the potty and it’s raining, or you don’t have a rest stop to use, the potty will be your go-to so you don’t have to leave the car. It would be good if you make your child familiar with the potty before the trip (Of course this is only if your child is potty trained-if not- pack LOTS of diapers).

3. Entertainment: Do bring a DVD player or road games to play. This helps to keep things moving along and it will keep your kids from asking “are we there yet?” a hundred million times! Entertainment can also be toys. Books, magnetic board games, play cards, a doll, crayons. I love busy bags for trips, they have everything you need and there are different activities you can include in them. Oh and yeah, make a musical playlist that lasts one hour longer than the estimated time of your trip.

4. Snacks/Food: Lots and lots of snacks. Keep them dry to prevent messes. Also bring snacks that are not high risk choking snacks (popcorn, nuts). Lots of bottle water. The way I do it, is I have a cooler, with EVERYTHING! Bagels, granola bars, waters, juice, Cheerios, veggie chips, dried fruit. And, ok, if you don’t like fast food, I get it, BUT, sometimes road trips are the best time to let it go and indulge. If you are making good time, and your kids are content, the worst thing you could do is stop and make everyone get out, eat and get back on the road. Just go do the drive through, or have an adult go by the food and everyone eats in the car.

5. Packing: Try (I say try, because it’s almost impossible) to keep everything in the trunk of the car. Only the food, the extra blanket and the entertainment should be in the front. The more space in the front of the car, the more comfortable the trip will be and the safest. There will be less debris in case of a car crash.

I will tell you right now. just traveled by myself with 3 kids (3.5yrs old, 2yrs old & 2mths), these tips saved my LIFE! Especially the potty because if my oldest kid had to go potty I had no idea how I would have taken all 3 of them into the bathroom. The most important tip is to have fun. Take breaks as much as you need them and stay of your phone!!!

Good luck and happy travels!

The Secret Life of Yoga Pants!

There have been many blogs talking about having 1 kid and 2 and 3, and they all have some, well maybe a lot of truth to it, BUT they leave out the real REAL truth! The things we don’t tell anyone trying to have a third kid because we secretly want them to have a third kid so we can complain together! So here is my list of the REAL REAL Truths of having 3 kids:

1. You want all your friends to have a third kid, so that they can feel your pain. Of course, this is after you are a veteran at having 3 kids, so you can feel really really good about how you handled the situation.

2. You don’t shower everyday. I know this sounds really gross. It’s not intentional. Honestly by the time 10pm creeps up you are so beat that you decide to take a break and pass out in your yoga pants.

3. You have slept in peed bed sheets. Because you totally forgot to change them before you passed out in your yoga pants.

4. You have slept on top of clean, folded laundry. AGAIN, because you passed out in your yoga pants.

5. You love those damn YOGA pants. You wish you did some yoga to explain why you have so many of them.

6. You definitely have a favorite kid. It’s the one that sleeps, or the one that doesn’t throw a tantrum.

7. You spend too much time playing Candy Crush and reading your Facebook news feed to feel like you are part of a separate world that is not passing out in yoga pants.

8. You don’t have intimacy. Not because you don’t want too, just because there is always someone in your bed and of course you passed out in yoga pants.

9. You are terrified of going out by yourself with the kids. Just the planning process and logistics becomes to exhausting to go through with it! At the same time, you feel odd when you get to go out without them, because you are missing them like crazy and miss the stroller to hang the bags from!

10. You love them equally. You couldn’t imagine your life without any one of them and they make you the happiest, smelliest, yoga pant wearing mama in the World.

Traveling Toddler

You have a traveling toddler? Wondering what to pack in your carry on to keep said toddler entertained? In my trips with 2 and then 3 toddlers I have found out some things are essential while other are really not.


I try to have everything in a big bag so that it is easier to go through security. Here is a list of tips to make traveling easier.

1. Dress kids in layers. Airplane temperature changes as well as departure vs arrival city, so it’s best to just be ready for any temperature.

2. Instead of carrying a purse plus a diaper bag, try to carry just one weekender or some other big bag that accommodates everything you might need.

3. The first thing in the bag should be diapers and a change of clothes (the change of clothes is a must, maybe even 2 changes, in case you are stuck at the airport for a very long time).

4. Keep all your essentials in the bag, like first aid kit, a hat, toiletries.

5. Snack bag: in the snack bag keep all your snacks dry. Crackers, Cheerios, granola bars, cookies. Whatever their favorite snacks are, those are the ones you have to bring (in my case, because I was traveling alone with 2 toddlers I threw out the window the whole healthy stuff and brought what I know they loved and would work as a negotiating tool-gummy bears, chocolate chip cookies!!!). I never bring liquids since you can get that of your airplane service.

6. For entertaining: Ipad, Iphone, any electronic. Make sure you have full battery and a charger and also make sure you download new apps. If you try to make them use the same apps, they won’t be so excited. Another thing I did and it worked soooo great was go to the Dollar Store and spent like $10 bucks on little toys. So whenever they got antsy during the flight I could give them a new toy. Because they’re only a dollar I wasn’t worried about breaking or loosing it.

7. Bring a small pillow and a blankie. (Especially if your toddler is used to sleeping with one)

8. I know this might be a bit controversial but if you’re not going to have your toddler in a stroller, I suggest having a child harness with a leash. Airports are huge and very crowded, with a toddler, plus bags, plus security you can loose a kid in the blink of an eye.

9. Invest in a CARES harness especially if you plan on traveling a lot with the toddler. It works as a harness for the airplane seat. Of course if it’s feasible always bring a car seat, if you’re investing in an airplane seat. I travel with 3 and it would be impossible to bring 3 car seats all by myself through an airport! But if you have only one kid, car seat is always best.


10. A nice thing to do if you have a rowdy toddler is bring little bags of M&Ms or some other treat like disposable ear plugs for your seat neighbors. They will really appreciate it!

If you have any tips of your own please share!