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The Secret Life of Yoga Pants!

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There have been many blogs talking about having 1 kid and 2 and 3, and they all have some, well maybe a lot of truth to it, BUT they leave out the real REAL truth! The things we don’t tell anyone trying to have a third kid because we secretly want them to have a third kid so we can complain together! So here is my list of the REAL REAL Truths of having 3 kids:

1. You want all your friends to have a third kid, so that they can feel your pain. Of course, this is after you are a veteran at having 3 kids, so you can feel really really good about how you handled the situation.

2. You don’t shower everyday. I know this sounds really gross. It’s not intentional. Honestly by the time 10pm creeps up you are so beat that you decide to take a break and pass out in your yoga pants.

3. You have slept in peed bed sheets. Because you totally forgot to change them before you passed out in your yoga pants.

4. You have slept on top of clean, folded laundry. AGAIN, because you passed out in your yoga pants.

5. You love those damn YOGA pants. You wish you did some yoga to explain why you have so many of them.

6. You definitely have a favorite kid. It’s the one that sleeps, or the one that doesn’t throw a tantrum.

7. You spend too much time playing Candy Crush and reading your Facebook news feed to feel like you are part of a separate world that is not passing out in yoga pants.

8. You don’t have intimacy. Not because you don’t want too, just because there is always someone in your bed and of course you passed out in yoga pants.

9. You are terrified of going out by yourself with the kids. Just the planning process and logistics becomes to exhausting to go through with it! At the same time, you feel odd when you get to go out without them, because you are missing them like crazy and miss the stroller to hang the bags from!

10. You love them equally. You couldn’t imagine your life without any one of them and they make you the happiest, smelliest, yoga pant wearing mama in the World.


Traveling Toddler

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You have a traveling toddler? Wondering what to pack in your carry on to keep said toddler entertained? In my trips with 2 and then 3 toddlers I have found out some things are essential while other are really not.


I try to have everything in a big bag so that it is easier to go through security. Here is a list of tips to make traveling easier.

1. Dress kids in layers. Airplane temperature changes as well as departure vs arrival city, so it’s best to just be ready for any temperature.

2. Instead of carrying a purse plus a diaper bag, try to carry just one weekender or some other big bag that accommodates everything you might need.

3. The first thing in the bag should be diapers and a change of clothes (the change of clothes is a must, maybe even 2 changes, in case you are stuck at the airport for a very long time).

4. Keep all your essentials in the bag, like first aid kit, a hat, toiletries.

5. Snack bag: in the snack bag keep all your snacks dry. Crackers, Cheerios, granola bars, cookies. Whatever their favorite snacks are, those are the ones you have to bring (in my case, because I was traveling alone with 2 toddlers I threw out the window the whole healthy stuff and brought what I know they loved and would work as a negotiating tool-gummy bears, chocolate chip cookies!!!). I never bring liquids since you can get that of your airplane service.

6. For entertaining: Ipad, Iphone, any electronic. Make sure you have full battery and a charger and also make sure you download new apps. If you try to make them use the same apps, they won’t be so excited. Another thing I did and it worked soooo great was go to the Dollar Store and spent like $10 bucks on little toys. So whenever they got antsy during the flight I could give them a new toy. Because they’re only a dollar I wasn’t worried about breaking or loosing it.

7. Bring a small pillow and a blankie. (Especially if your toddler is used to sleeping with one)

8. I know this might be a bit controversial but if you’re not going to have your toddler in a stroller, I suggest having a child harness with a leash. Airports are huge and very crowded, with a toddler, plus bags, plus security you can loose a kid in the blink of an eye.

9. Invest in a CARES harness especially if you plan on traveling a lot with the toddler. It works as a harness for the airplane seat. Of course if it’s feasible always bring a car seat, if you’re investing in an airplane seat. I travel with 3 and it would be impossible to bring 3 car seats all by myself through an airport! But if you have only one kid, car seat is always best.


10. A nice thing to do if you have a rowdy toddler is bring little bags of M&Ms or some other treat like disposable ear plugs for your seat neighbors. They will really appreciate it!

If you have any tips of your own please share!



Project Baby Bundle

Project Baby Bundle

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There are many things a mother needs when a baby is born, for her baby and for herself. During the holidays, usually, organizations are looking for food/cloth donations or money. This holiday season my mom came up with a different idea. Project Baby Bundle, making baby gear bundles and donating them to new mothers in need of essentials. These baskets have quality things that moms actually want to use and really need.

The special thing about the project is how we get the baby stuff. Because no one can really afford to just buy expensive things for babies just like that, we came up with a strategy. Every month my mom, my sister, and I combine our love for baby gear and shopping, and search for good quality deals. For example, I was able to get a two pack of Dr. Weis glass baby bottles at Marshall’s for $5.99, this retails on Amazon for $15.99. My mom was able to get 3 piece Carter’s Christmas pajama set for $2.oo (retail is $10.99). At the end of the year we will take everything we have bought, put together a Baby Bundle Basket and donate it. We will put anything to the basket that we find “essential” to a new mommy’s life with child. Some basket include special items, like premature baby clothes. They usually are hard to find, and because parents aren’t usually prepared for them to come so early. We’ll try to get them more clothes than anything else.

We work with different churches and organizations to determine who are in need the most. There are no  requirements. Of course if you know of anyone who could use a hand and can benefit from the program, please communicate with me and we can see what can be done for them; just remember, help comes in many forms and you can join in the spirit of this project. This is coming from our hearts and my love for baby stuff, and the amount of things I have accumulated from baby expos, as well as the amazing sales my mom finds. We will try to help as many in need mothers as we can. And if you want to get involved there are different ways to help so don’t be afraid to send a message!

Anyway, I just wanted to put it out there. Again if you want to get involved in any way, even just sending us deal alerts, or know of someone who needs it, let me know.

Thanks for reading. Just wanted to share what I’m up too!

P.S. I will also be posting pictures of the good deals we get and posting them on The Mommy Elf Facebook page.