Ergo Original Baby Carrier vs. Beco Baby Carrier

A lot of parents are discovering the freedom that babywearing brings to their families. Free hands, no stroller, the closeness with the baby. It’s no surprise baby carriers are all the craze these days from wraps to sling rings to soft structure carriers, everyone has heard or has used a Bjorn, which is the most famous name for a baby carrier. Of course babywearing is not new and it has been part of many cultures for centuries but now in the Unites States is taking more of a trend form like breastfeeding and cloth diapering. More parents are discovering the benefits and it has more appeal as attachment parenting has more and more followers.

In recent years the Bjorn has taken a stab because of the way the position of the babies legs fit in the carrier. Making ergonomic carriers favorable, enter the Ergobaby and Beco. These two companies started in 2003 and 2005 respectively and they have taken over the market in the soft structure carrier, because of their ergonomic design, their functionality and the all around philosophy of the companies.

Here is a side by side comparison of the two. I will be using the Ergobaby Original Carrier and the Beco Soleil Carrier.

Ergobaby Original                Beco Soleil

Price                           $115                                 $140

Weight Limit            45lbs                                45lbs

Postions                    3                                        3

Colors                        8                                        9

Fabric                        100% Cotton                100% Cotton

Waistband length    26″ to 55″                     27″ to 59″

Shoulder pad            3″                                   3″

Pockets                      2 pockets                    1 pocket

There are a couple of extra features in the Beco like the tribuckle, which means you need to press 3 things to open it and the DASSS (DOUBLE ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER STRAP SYSTEM), the hood is also removable.

The Ergo has 2 pockets, one of them zippered.

Both have a 1 year manufacturer warranty and are made in China.


Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 2.14.39 AM                               Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 2.14.22 AM


Although the Beco has more features, I am personally partial to the Ergo because it was the first carrier I ever tried and it felt really good. But I do have them both and use them both regularly. I advise everyone to go to the store and try these one. It is really a personal choice when it comes to how they fit. Try to clip it yourself and use a doll at the store to learn how to properly secure the baby. Babywearing is fun, and it can provide a much needed extra hands when you have little ones. I am adding some pictures of side by sides so you have a better idea of what they look like

DSC_0076 DSC_0077 DSC_0078 DSC_0079 DSC_0081 DSC_0082 DSC_0083 DSC_0085 DSC_0086

Brooklyn Baby & Family Expo (a child grows)

This year the Brooklyn Baby & Family Expo by a child grows exceeded expectations of parents. With a big number of sponsors and exhibitions there was all kinds of information for parents. The seminars included The Honest Toddler and Jamie Grayson, the Baby Guy NYC. It was exciting to see the amount of information from local companies but also new products from companies like Joovy and Britax.

A couple of highlights from the Expo include:

This expo is great because every year they have special areas for families. Like the nursing room, the childcare area, and the diaper changing station (with available diapers). They also had music and a cafeteria area with refreshments.

-The Ikea area. This was a great area for kids to hang out and play and for parents to take a break.

-The Babywearing International NYC Discussion Group area. This was great because it help parents try out different wraps and carriers, plus parents got to see real moms just wearing their babies and got to see how easy it can be.

-The bingo table had great prizes!

Some of the companies that stood out:

-Sasha Sunflowa: And Alphabet of Happy. This is a couple who wrote and published their own series of alphabet books. The cutest thing is that each book is a different letter. (

-Super Useful Human is a local company that basically caters to any need anyone can have at any moment! (

-Me Beau Bebe is a nursing cover that is 5 in 1 nursing blanket. They have 2 collections which are adorable. It is made by moms in NYC. (

-The Nurse Purse. This is one of those genius products. It’s a bag that you can put your pump in, but also use as a diaper bag or a hand bag. It is pretty big so it fits even your laptop. (

Of course we can’t forget the swag bag. This is one of the reasons many parents come, because the ticket not only opens the door to all parenting information but you get a bag at the end. This bag has a different value, depending on which ticket you got. The VIP ticket, scored you a Beco Soleil carrier ($140) plus the bag which included full size items. Some of my favorite items are the Organic Apple Park rattle ($, 3oz BabyGanics Eczema cream ($, and a 8.1oz bottle of Root Boost Spray by TIGI (this hairspray is only available at hair salons!)

If you are a parent this expo is a must!!  Even if you feel you don’t need any information is just a great family afternoon (plus guarantee you’ll find out a company, service, or idea you didn’t know existed!!) So add it to your list of must for next year!

IMG_5573 IMG_5577



From 1 to 2 kids!

Are you pregnant with your second baby? Are you trying to figure out how to balance it all?

How are you going to manage going out with 2 kids?

Everything stresses a mom out especially during a pregnancy. The thoughts of how to manage a household, the kids, being a wife, getting back in shape and how to handle 2 kids. There are a couple of things that can help out, and even when you think they are small they can make a HUGE difference.

-ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, accept (and ASK for) help! From family, from friends, even from the stranger mom at Target. You might think that your friends can’t help you, but even when they come to visit to see the baby, you can let them babysit and go take a shower, or have them feed the baby if they are willing. If it’s a family member don’t be afraid to accept whatever they are asking to do, the dishes, sweeping the floor or watching the baby. And if you are feeling overwhelmed, ask them to do the dishes, or make a quick dinner (if they some sort of culinary skills) and let them in.

-Paper PLATES, CUPS & SILVERWARE. Yes, this is BIG! It will eliminate your dish duty (except for pots, of course).

-Drop off laundry is not a luxury everyone can enjoy, but a lot of laundromats, have really cheap rates for wash and fold. Take advantage! Not every day, not all the time, but if it’s one of those weeks drop it off. It could cost you $20 for 20 lbs of laundry but it will be way more valuable than that to be able to rest or spend time with your baby.

-Forget about cleaning the floor! Not to make your house a pig sty, but seriously don’t worry about cleaning! That should be the least of your worries. If you are a super clean/ can’t deal with germs mama, read this article from ( It will make you feel better about skipping a day of moping.

-Give your toddler individual attention. It will be hard, but not impossible. We always think that the newborn/infant needs us 200% of the attention and most of the time we forget, or put aside a bit, the needs of that other child. Carve out special time for just the 2 of you. Even if at bedtime you read a book just for him/her. This will help eliminate jealousy.

-Don’t stress yourself about getting back in shape. It will happen. Give it time.

-Ergo, Beco, Sling Ring, Moby: Make baby wearing your new go to! It will make everything so much easier. From going to the park to the grocery store. You carry your baby in the carrier and put your tot in the shopping cart or walk next to you, or even use just a single stroller. (When you decide to get a carrier go with the known names and try them on! Get used to clipping, wrapping and putting your baby in, before baby comes)

-Don’t have expectations. What I mean is, with a tot and a newborn nothing can be planned! You really don’t know how things are going to flow, so don’t think that you’re going to keep your routine or that your newborn will sleep like your first baby. Follow that saying hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

-Remember to RELAX. It will be hard to transition, as it is a new person in your life. Take it one day at a time. There will be good days and there will be bad days, but when you get a steady rhythm you’ll be able to focus on other things.

Enjoy your new baby. Before you know it your two little babies will be playing and running together! If you think time went fast with your first born, get ready because the second one goes twice as fast! So savor the moments, take lots of pictures and breath. The floor will get cleaned- eventually… 🙂




Who likes a giveaway!!!???

Because everyone needs a little pick me up!!! I want to celebrate a little accomplishment by giving away something. And honestly who doesn’t enjoy coffee or tea, OR WATER! Starbucks has water! So head over to Facebook under the giveaway tab and enter to win!!!

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Baby Expos & Beyond

Attending a baby or child expo and not sure what to expect? Well the most important thing is to go prepared. Most of the expos have tons of information for parents and parents to be.

1. Know the companies: It is important to be aware of the companies that will be there before you head out (Most events have a list of the sponsors on their website). The reason this is important is because there will be companies you might be more interested in than others, so you want to head to those tables first.

2. Pack light: Don’t bring a big bag. Part of the fun in baby expos is getting goodies from companies. Those goodies can get quite heavy, so if you are by yourself and are pregnant and already carrying a big handbag, you’ll limit yourself by not being able to take home more good stuff because it’s too heavy. Let me warn you, a lot of the products are good. You can expect to get anything. From travel size samples, to full products.

3. Bring labels: Your name, number and email. It will cut the time you spend at each table filling out raffle and email list information.

4. Take your time: If you really want to learn about a product this is a great opportunity to take your time and ask TONS of questions. Spend your time, and don’t rush so you can see it all. It’ll be pointless to see it all and get NO information about anything. (You’ll just end up even more confused)

5. Sign up: Sign up for the mailing list of the companies that interest you. 80% of the time, they’ll send coupons to the attendees of these events. (And with everything you’re probably spending on your kid- 10-20% off can come in pretty handy!)

6. Attend seminars: Almost all expos have some sort of seminar or guest speaker. Attend them. Especially if you are expecting. Most of these seminars are packed with useful information. Make sure you know at what time each seminar begins and ends.

6. Enjoy it!!!: Can’t say this enough. When I went to my first expo I was not pregnant not planning to be. I wanted to check it out. And if you take your time you will really have fun. Try the food (if they have), try the baby gear, speak to people. It’s also a good place to meet other mamas who might be going through the same thing you are going. And don’t be afraid to ask, no question is stupid or dumb!


Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra

Key features:

-Incredible adjustability
-Comes with straps (like a regular bra)
-Criss-cross seal on breastshield
-Extra extender with zipper for the front

This is a great bra for any mom who is pumping but it is specially awesome for moms who have had problems with hands free pumping bras because they would fall off. This bra is great because it really stays in place and makes pumping much easier and enjoyable, because it truly lets you be hands free.

Project Baby Bundle (Spanish)

Durante el periodo de las fiestas de Navidad muchas Iglesias y organizaciones regalan comida a las personas mas necesitadas. Pero hay muchas madres que necesitan mas que comida, necesitan productos para sus bebes recién nacidos. Mi mama  decidió hacer algo un poco diferente y donar productos esenciales de bebe a madres que realmente lo necesitan. La meta: crear 25 canastillas con productos de bebe para cada mama. Lo especial de este proyecto es como se han conseguido los productos. No todo el mundo puede comprar cosas caras, por lo tanto, nosotras decidimos que todos los meses utilizaríamos $20 para comprar productos de buena calidad que estén en a la venta.

Hasta ahora hemos conseguido un paquete de dos botellas de cristal, marca Dr. Weil, por $5.99 en Marshall’s (el precio de las botellas es $15.99 en Amazon. También conseguimos unos juegos de pajama de 3 piezas marca Carter’s por $2 (precio de mercado es $10.99). Esperamos que para las navidades tengamos alrededor de 20 canastillos para donar. Pondremos cosas que son verdaderamente esenciales para mama y bebe. Algunas canastas tendrán productos especiales como ropa de tamaño “preemie”. Este tipo de ropa mayormente es mas costoso y difícil de conseguir. Trataremos de incluir bastante ropa.

Trabajaremos con Iglesias y organizaciones para determinar quienes recibirán los canastillos. No hay ningún requisito, excepto una necesidad real. Si tu conoces a alguien que necesita una ayuda y se podia beneficiar de este proyecto me lo pueden comunica, trataremos de ayudar de la mejor forma posible. Claro esta ayudar no solo proviene de lo que se da materialmente, si no del espíritu con que se da. Este projecto sale de nuestro corazón y es algo que queremos tenga éxito. No estamos pidiendo nada cambio de que nos ayuden promoviendo este proyecto. Si quieres ser parte de este proyecto y ayudarnos hay muchas formas, por ejemplo, vistes alguna buena venta en algunos productos? Puedes promover el proyecto en tu pagina de Facebook? Cualquier otra forma de ayuda claro sera bienvenida.

Solo queria compartir con ustedes este proyecto ya que es algo que es bien personal y sale del corazón. Gracias por leer.

Si sigues mi pagina en Instagram y Facebook podrás ver fotos de los productos que ya hemos conseguido.


New Essentials!!!

For years there have been a list of essential baby items you need. And in all reality that list doesn’t really change. But there are a few items that after having 3 kids, I believe are a MUST! These products have been tested and approved by mothers all over.

1. mbaby collection Sleepster by Munchkin: This pajama has covered feet but you can fold them up and make it into a play jumper. This will also make the pajama last much longer. The fabric is high quality organic cotton and it has a double layered front panel to protect the babies belly more.

Nose Frida: “The snot sucker”. This device is AMAZING!!! You can relieve your babies snot by inhaling it (don’t worry there is a filter and the snot doesn’t go in your mouth. The Nose Frida is also great because you don’t really need to insert it in the babies nose. And best of all it’s easy to clean (not like those hospital bulbs that get all moldy inside).

3. Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bra: Of course if you are nursing or pump feeding this is the perfect companion to your breast pump. It will let you do the dishes while pumping or be in the computer. It is soft cotton, it has incredible amount of adjustability and it comes in different colors. It also works with multiple breast pumps.

4. Latch Bottle by Munchkin: This bottle hasn’t come out yet (it will be available May 1st) but there are a million reasons to LOVE this bottle. The first one is the accordion nipple that allows it to be pulled and moved like a real nipple would, this simulate breast feeding. The air vent is easy to clean and it reduces gas. Another nice feature is that you can get an adapter and attach it to different breast pumps, so no need to dirty an extra bottle!

5. Carseat Canopy: A lot of moms don’t think about this, but then when they start going out with their newborn, they realize they need something to cover them up and use a blanket. The blanket falls and it doesn’t really cover. The Carseat Canopy is great because it has velcro to hold on to the car seat handle. Most of them come reversible in nice colors. And 90% of the time you can get it free (just pay S&H) through different sites with codes.

Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 12.19.43 AM Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 1.01.04 PM Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 1.01.57 PM  Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 1.02.28 PM