Disney & Star Wars LOVE

Here you can find all of my Disney posts. I am obsessed with Disney! I’ve been going since I was 5 yrs old and I still cry every single time I see the firework show at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The last time we visited Walt Disney World was in September of 2014 and this year we headed to Disneyland for the first time! Our next Disney adventure is taking place next July and I can’t wait.

I post Disney movie reviews, as well as product, and park visiting tips. Also media announcements like “CoolestSummerEver”. Some of the posts will be in Spanish and some in English. Let me know if there is anything in specific you want to find out or anything you want to post.

I live for Disney. We live a Disney Life. We love the magic, the stories and the happy. It is truly magical to be a Disney Mom and finally enjoy my inner child with our kids.

Little Disney Store tip: You can go open the Disney Store! Yes, you can be there first thing at open and depending on the store, turn the key- or light up the magic story book. Kids love it and they always get a token of appreciation for participating. Always make sure with your store to check for special events!

Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to share your #DisneySide!

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