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Hasbro #PlayLikeHasbro Event

By: guest blogger Valerie Pierre-Cadet from Mommy R+R


A couple of weeks ago Hasbro held an event that celebrated 80th birthday of Monopoly. The event took place in Times Square and it was totally fun and fantastic! It featured some the coolest and most popular toys that will be launching over the next few months.


Usually when you think toys you think kids, and while that may be true that is not entirely the case here. There was something from everyone spanning all age ranges. Walking in the door is complete sensory overload. You want to immediately dive in and immerse yourself in everything Hasbro has to offer.


Hasbro4While all of the toys on display were awesome, I have to say the stand outs were there hand held Scrabble Twist for adult and family fun. Star Lily the unicorn from FurReal Friends. It must be noted that is the closest thing to having a real unicorns you’re going to get. It responds to your touch and can practically hold a conversation with you. Playskool also had some amazing toys that are fun babe and compact for parents. No more clunky toys taking up space in the diaper bag. This is all about time and space saving storage. There were also Transformers and Star Wars, the latter of which has a movie due out later this year. There were toys for the kids and figurines for the adult collector. And lastly, Mr. Monopoly himself was on hand to show off both a special 80th edition board as well as a limited edition board designed by Coach that is valued at $1500!


As a whole the event was fantastic and great way to start off the new year. I look forward to attending next year.



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