Star Wars Movie order including Rogue One

Star Wars movie viewing order… from a certain point of view.

As many Star Wars fans are anxiously awaiting, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray today. A great first effort into the tales not involving a Skywalker and friends, it gives us a look into the bigger Star Wars universe, a universe many of us have played out in our minds with our beloved Kenner action figures.

However, being the first “standalone” film, the question is where it fits in the logical story order, and would it be a good film to introduce someone to Star Wars. For me and many or my friends, the Machete Order (link) is the new gold standard for watching the movies. For those unfamiliar, Machete starts with episode IV (Star Wars: A New Hope), followed by episode V (The Empire Strikes Back), II (Attack of the Clones), III (Revenge of the Sith), VI (Return of the Jedi), VII (The Force Awakens), etc. with episode I (The Phantom Menace) being able to be viewed at any point, or not at all. This viewing order makes the best sense, preserving the famous twist from episode V, while giving the plot points of the prequels a little more weight.

To fans, it’s simple: Rogue One belongs just before episode IV. The movie leads right into the opening scene of the 1977 classic and they tie together beautifully. It is also good enough to bring in new fans to what many of us loved when we first saw a Star Wars movie. But how about the non-Star Wars fan, or someone who has never seen the films before? I asked my buddy, Robert, that very question as he just introduce his friend, Lyra (name changed to protect the innocent), to the saga in the last couple weeks. This is what he found out.

First movie: Rogue One – A Star Wars Story

“First 30 minutes I found to be very confusing” says Lyra, echoing a critique even Star Wars heavies like Rob and myself have. “[But] the next hour and a half were very entertaining, and I knew what they were trying to do. It was very good and deeper than I imagined.” Mission accomplished, Rogue…Rogue one. But dat last scene, tho! “Then the last 2 minutes happened and I was as confused, or more confused than at the beginning.” Lyra had witnessed something Star Wars fans had been clamoring for since the announcement of the prequels, SPOILER ALERT, Vader goes Vader. Now to a non-fan whose first run is this movie, it seems to come out of nowhere. But after discussing it with Rob, that’s a good thing. “The confusion had her intrigued. She didn’t know who this guy was, why he was going crazy, and what the deal was with the ‘light sword’. From that point on she wanted to see more.” And there is no better feeling than hooking in someone new. Onto the classics:

Second movie: Episode IV – Star Wars: A New Hope

“WOW, this is much more layered than I thought it would be. Good characters too. I liked it. You were right, it’s more fantasy than sci-fi.” Yes Lyra, the original brought people in with amazing characters and lore that you can easily lose yourself in.

Third movie: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

“No. I am your father!” Lyra slowly turned her head with eyes wide open and mouth falling ajar. “WHAT!?” That was the general reaction when many people saw it for the first time, in the most critically acclaimed film in the series. “This is so much deeper and layered than I ever thought it could be. And ‘I Love you, I know’ was hilarious!”

Fourth movie: Episode II – Attack of the Clones

“I like this. I hope they get together.” Interesting. As the first “flashback” episode in the Machete Order, it gives insight into who Anakin Skywalker is and who he becomes. Trust me, it works this way. “What’s with all the hands and arms being chopped off?” Don’t worry, it’s a Star Wars thing.

Fifth movie: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

“More Hands being cut off!! I think that was my favorite so far! I really knew what was going on and could follow it very easily. But it is DARK! And Luke and Leia are twins!? WOW! I LOVE Yoda!” Yes, this is considered the best of the prequels and a favorite amongst many of the more recent fans. This is also where many of the older fans expected to see the badass Vader that we ending up seeing in Rogue One. Better late than never I guess.

Sixth movie: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi

“This is by far my least favorite of ALL!! Jabba is disgusting. This whole thing is horrible!” Usually intergalactic gangsters get more respect. But once the first act was done Lyra liked that the movie got back on the Skywalker track. “Ok so I am liking this MUCH better since they left Jabba.” The struggle with Luke and his father, temptation from the Emperor, and the ultimate redemption won Lyra over. “WOW, so I started off hating it but I think now it’s the best one!”

Seventh movie: Episode VII – The Force Awakens

“I’m a little confused with the new characters but I really want to know who Rey is!” Lyra enjoyed it but has many questions, and like the rest of us is anxiously awaiting the future episodes.

The Floater: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

Rob hasn’t shown Lyra this one yet. Mainly because in the grand scheme the movie has little impact on the overall story. It’s a nice intro to some of the characters, but the timeline difference between this and episode II makes anything that happened inconsequential. If anything, The Phantom Menace could be the first real Star Wars standalone movie.

So, there you have it. A new fan’s point of view on seeing the greatest saga of all time. Lyra did mention to Rob that she would like to marathon watch the movies, and Rob is considering trying a different order. Experiment with chronological order, release date, or even watching the trilogies separately. Find what works for you. And if you haven’t seen it on digital download yet, get the DVD or Blu-Ray as Rogue One may very well be your favorite Star Wars movie yet.

Haven’t seen Rogue One yet? Lucky you it comes out on DVD today and here’s one of the trailers.

Primera vez en Disneyland

Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia
Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

Como ya les e contado estuvimos en Disneyland en Marzo. Ya les hice la entrada sobre Disney’s California Adventure (la pueden leer aquí), pues ahora les quiero hablar sobre Disneyland. Lo primero primero es que es BELLO! Bueno nuestro día comenzó a las 7am. Caminamos al parque desde el hotel. Cuando llegamos ya había una fila para entrar al parque, pero se movió bastante rápido.

Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia
Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

Tan pronto entramos al parque la primera imagen es de la cara de Mickey y el número 60 del aniversario del parque. Tan pronto nos tomamos una foto con el primer personaje que vimos que fué Goofy- el favorito de mi chico. Mis primeras impresiones del parque fueron muchas. Los sentimientos fueron increíbles. Tenía hambre, estaba emocionada, en un sitio desconocido. Aunque estuve toda la noche leyendo el mapa y planeando el día todo eso se me fue de la cabeza.

Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia
Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

El parque es mucho mas pequeño de Walt Disney World, pero tiene mas o menos el mismo plano de parque. En el medio vas a ver el castillo de Sleeping Beauty y a la derecha Tomorrowland y así igual las otras áreas. Aunque los parques tienen muchas similitudes son increíblemente diferentes, no solo por el tamaño, pero también por las atracciones. En Disneyland todavía hay un ToonTown. En ToonTown tienen atracciones como Rogger Rabbit y la casa de Mickey y Minnie. Esta area me encantó por que es cerrada. Solo tiene una entrada y la misma salida.

Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia
Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

En esta parte del parque fue que vimos a Mickey Mouse. Los nenes estuvieron un rato bien largo jugando en las casas de los diferentes personajes, como Goofy y Donald Duck. Sobre las atracciones les puedo decir que si tienen niños pequeños no deben ir a la atracción de Roger Rabbit. Es bastante oscura y definitivamente a menos que sean fanáticos de la película, no les va a gustar. Bueno, me descarrile un poco y nos conté que lo primero que hicimos cuanto entramos al parque fue entrar a Tomorrowland para apuntar a los nenes en el Jedi Training Academy. Esto es una oportunidad OBLIGATORIA si tienen fanáticos de Star Wars. Los chicos se apuntan (4 años en adelante) y los entrenan para tener una batalla con Darth Vader. La presentación es una aventura y definitivamente el mejor recuerdo de los chicos en el parque. Al final les regalan un botón de participación.

Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia
Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

Luego de la aventura de Star Wars nos dirigimos a Fantasy Land. Mi atracción favorita de Disney siempre a sido It’s a Small World. Que emoción vivir esa atracción, es diferente a la de Orlando por muchas razones. La primera es la gran entrada que tiene al aire libre. También tiene personajes de las películas como los personajes de Toy Story, y es un poco más larga. Otra atracción que me encanto en Fantasyland fue Storybook Land Canal Boats. Esta atracción en bien relajante. Paseas por un bote y ves las ciertas historias en miniatura. Me encantó tanto que me quedé con las ganas de mas cuentos y que fuera más larga.

Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia
Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

Hay tantas cosas que ver en Disneyland. Todo el parque está lleno de historia y de una arquitectura hermosa y pues la magia única de Disney. Nos dirigimos a Adventureland donde finalmente probé el famoso Dole Whip. Que si estaba bueno?? Pues claro que si! A menos que no te guste la piña. Pero prepárense que la fila para el Dole Whip (hay solo un lugar en todo el parque donde lo puedes comprar) es larguita! Pero definitivamente vale la pena.

2016-03-09 15.54.02

Nos montamos en casi todas las atracciones posibles. De mis favoritas definitivamente casi todas en Fantasyland. También me gustó mucho el área de las princesas. Disney Princess Fantasy Faire. Aunque no lo pudimos disfrutar mucho (uno de los problemas de tener mas niños que niñas) me encantó que las princesas están juntas. En Disney hay tantas cosas para hacer! La aventura no se acaba. La ultima atracción en la que nos montamos fue en el carrusel. Fue un momento súper especial para mi, ya que estaba emocional por que era nuestra ultima noche en California.


No nos podíamos ir del parque sin ver la parada de Paint the Night. La parada está espectacular! Las luces, los personajes TODO me encantó. Aunque soy un poco tradicional y soy mega fan de Electrical Parade en Walt Disney World, la parada de Paint the Night está a otro nivel. Lo único que NO me gustó, es que no ví a Sleeping Beauty en la parada, y este parque tiene su castillo!


Claro que como nos quedamos hasta el final, me fuí a caminar Main Street en la búsqueda de la luz de Walt. Esta luz estaba prendida cuando el llegaba al parque para que todo el mundo supiese que el estaba presente.


Casi casi me quedo sin batería y saliendo del parque me encuentro a Minnie Mouse. Fue el momento más especial, por que siento que ella fue la que nos despidió. Mi celular aguantó el día completo.


Gotitas del saber para Disneyland:

-Aunque el parque es pequeño hay MUCHO MUCHO que ver y hacer. Me hubiese gustado estar ahí por lo menos un día mas.

-No es necesario quedarse en el hotel de Disneyland. Hay muchos hoteles y pueden caminar a la entrada del parque. Esto te ahorra bastante dinero.

-Hay muchas atracciones que cierran temprano para los fuegos artificiales, por lo tanto si quieren ver a las princesas tienen que ir antes de las 6pm para verlas por que el área cierra, también otras atracciones de Fantasyland.

-Los Fastpasses son a la antigua. De papel, y hay que hacer fila para que la distribución. Así que antes de llegar a la atracción, ve a la maquina del FastPass.

-Hay tantos sitios para comer, que nada mas en comida estaría una visita completa.

-Aprovechen el día. Como siempre les digo lleguen temprano y estén hasta el final.

-Mickey’s ToonTown es el mejor sitio para ver a los personajes, especialmente a Mickey y Minnie.

-Lo principal es disfrutar. Les soy honesta, lloré varias veces durante el día. Por razones diferentes, pero me viví casa momentos con la familia.

Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia
Photo Credit: Rafael A. Babilonia

Tengo que darle gracias a mi fotógrafo personal Rafael A. Babilonia, el estuvo con nosotros todo el viaje y si no fuese por su lente y su ojo critico no tendríamos ni la mitad de las imágenes espectaculares que tenemos de nuestro viaje! Así que gracias a mi hermano por las fotos y por ser nuestro guía turístico en California!



Stride Rite Sneaker Boot= The SNOOT!

Stride Rite Sneaker BootThe Snoot! Comfort, style & protection! (3)

Kids like to be comfortable and as you know I am a huge fan of Stride Rite shoes for my kids. I was so happy when they introduced the “Snoot”. It’s a boot but it’s also a sneaker. And let’s face it, even though the groundhog predicted an early spring, we just got 3 inches of snow this weekend. So these are definitely needed in your kids wardrobe. At first glance, I really didn’t think we would get much used out of these, because I didn’t think they would provide enough protection against the snow. To my surprised my son LOVED them. Not only because they are Star Wars themed, but he said he was comfortable and he could run. He can’t really run in his big snow boots, so this was very important for him.

Stride Rite The Snoot Star Wars

The boot is soft on the shaft, and it’s fleeced lined, making it super soft. It also has an apex attachment so that you can adjust tightness for your child. To make it easier for the kids to put them on by themselves it also has pull tabs on both sides of the shaft. The bottom part of the shoe is just like the Made 2 Play line of shoes. It’s a tennis shoe so it’s not bulky or flat. And it has elastic, so no laces or zippers involved. It does have an extra apex strap in the bottom to adjust as well. I also like that like all Made 2 Play shoes these are machine washable! You can’t beat that! The kids can also wear them as a boot, or fold the top.


When it comes to performance, we haven’t had any issues yet. My kids feet were dry, he was in the snow for a long time, and we also used them for the walk to school and didn’t really slip. So as far as an overall snow boot, these are pretty good. I tested them myself with my hand, although they don’t have a temperature they definitely kept his feet warm, while he played in the snow. I think the best thing about these sneaker boot is that he can wear them to school and they won’t bother him. A lot of kids wear their snow boots and when they get to school they have to change into their regular shoes. This is not only a pain for the kids and the teachers, but also for us parents who have to make sure to pack their extra shoes. With the sneaker boot, you don’t have to worry about any of that. They wear the same show all the way without compromising comfort or protection from the elements. We will definitely be using these in the spring as rain boots. There are the perfect all in one shoe for winter for any kids. If there is one thing that I hope they change is the amount of colors available. I wish they came up with more color combos and more characters. And they are a bit on the pricey side at $60 (for the bigger kids). Of course with Stride Rite you can always use coupons or wait until they have their awesome sales like buy one get one 40% and right now some of the snoots are on sale for half off, this is an awesome deal!

Stride Rite Star Wars Snoot

What’s your go to winter shoe for kids?

Thanks to Stride Rite for sponsoring this post. All opinions and pictures are my own. 

Star Wars: New Year- New Theories!!

Happy New Year Star Wars fans!!!!

As we say goodbye to 2015 and continue to enjoy the beauty of the Force Awakens, we look forward to future of Star Wars, namely Rogue One and Episode 8. Ooooo, I can’t wait!



Alright, for those of you that don’t know, Rogue One is the first of Disney’s Star Wars “Anthology” films, stories in the Star Wars universe that don’t surround the main characters. This takes place between episode 3 and 4. The Rebellion, looking for its first major victory against an overwhelming Empire, sends soldiers on this desperate mission to steal the plans of the Empire’s new ultimate weapon, the Death Star. Directed by Gareth Edwards, it is said this film will have a grittier tone (think Black Hawk Down), with an emphasis on more realistic combat and heavier personalities. In this film, I hope to see Darth Vader show why he was the galaxy’s biggest badass. It will be cool to see Bail Organa, young Mon Mothma, and some of the other Rebellion leadership. I would also like to see how the Rebellion went from a group of insurgents to a formidable fighting force. It will be different from usual Star Wars tone, but that will make the Star Wars universe that much more fantastic. Any it comes out around Christmas of next year, so plan your gifts for your favorite Star Wars fan now!

Next, coming in summer of 2017, is Star Wars: Episode 8. Directed by Rian Johnson, produced by JJ Abrams, and penned by and contributed to by many top-notch writers, making it a very promising endeavor. This movie will answer a lot of questions created in episode 7 and maybe give us a bigger picture of the state of the galaxy. Here are my theories, based on what I have seen from the movies, read in the books, and know from the TV series:

  • Rey is Luke’s daughter. This idea has gotten some legs and isn’t really a stretch, but it seems like Rey’s force talent is way too high to be random. Plus the vision when touching Luke’s lightsaber, Kylo Ren seemingly knowing of “the girl”, and the subtle hints that Han may have known who she is. Remember, when Maz Kanata asked Han “Who’s the girl?” before they cut away to Finn trying to leave? Why add that if you’re not trying to imply Han at least has an idea? And the fact that Han isn’t more excited to see her shows me that Rey isn’t his daughter but someone he knew of (being Han and Leia’s daughter is another theory flying out there). Luke had a daughter, hopefully with a new canon “Mara Jade” (Star Wars EU fans know who I’m talking about) and was sent away by Luke when he foresaw some shit going down with Ben Solo. This was before Rey could remember anything, maybe around 1-2 years old, and task Lor San Tekka, a friend to the Jedi Order, to keep an eye out on Rey. He, or Leia, Han, Mara Jade, or whoever hired Unkar Plutt to keep her busy, had the Irving boys buy/steal the Millennium Falcon from Gannis Ducain, and paid Plutt with it. Why else would Plutt be so hard on her? Why else would Rey know the ship was garbage or how to fly it? There’s more to it, but then we’d be getting into really deep details.
  • Finn and Poe are going to be the next Han/Chewie duo. What do I mean, you say? Han and Chewbacca, like the droids, were there to spearhead a specific aspect of the movies. The droids were for the most part comic relief, while Han and Chewie were the action stars. While Rey, Luke, and Ren deal with their family affairs and the Force, Finn and Poe will be out fighting the more conventional battles against the First Order: blowing up TIE fighters and whoopin’ on Stormtroopers, all the while getting even more out of their energetic personalities.
  • Because a majority of the New Republic fleet has been destroyed, we are now back to a situation similar to the original trilogy. The Resistance is no longer a secret military arm of the Republic, but now the outnumbered and outgunned main force against the First Order. And with no Starkiller Base or other main weapon, we should see more force on force combat, which will be awesome. More Phasma leading troops, new leaders (General Wedge Antilles maybe?), or even an appearance of Rogue Squadron and the newer T-85 X-Wings. We’ll see more ship to ship and man to man fighting, putting us in the shit, something Star Wars fans live for.
  • Lando will be coming back for revenge. I’d like to think Lando and Han stayed friends but being the “respectable one”, Lando went on to bigger things, ie. running a planet. According to the books, the New Republic created more of a collection of sovereign systems, UN style, rather than one central government. They did not want to seem like another “empire”. Lando is now president/chancellor/governor/etc. of a planet or system, and using the threat of the First Order against his people, has his own resources to satisfy his personal vendetta against those who killed his friend. This will also explain the logistical issue of Resistance having the assets to fight the First Order. I see a new Alliance, World War 2 style, coming together introducing even more of the interesting people of the Star Wars universe.
  • Leia will break out the force powers. Don’t know when, where, or how, but we will see her use her family talents to help the win some battles against the First Order.
  • Since it has been confirmed that everyone in the Force Awakens is coming back for episode 8, it seems much of the information will be told in flashbacks. I hope to see the breakdown of relationships, the rise of the New Republic, the tensions that created the Resistance, and what makes the First Order feel justified in their actions. Rian Johnson already said episode 8 is going to be “weird” and that can be a good thing.

Don’t forget we have episode 9 coming up, a new Han Solo/Boba Fett anthology movie, and new episodes of Star Wars Rebels.

We can be here all day talking theories and ideas and what we would like to see. That’s one of the great things about Star Wars, you can get lost in the universe and the characters inhabiting it. And if you are like me, you like backstory and there are a number of new canon materials out that will tie up loose ends the movies may not address. So get out there, dive into the deep end and immerse yourself in Star Wars. If you have your own ideas, share them in the comments.

May the force be with You!!!!


Merry Christmas Star Wars FANS!

Merry Christmas, Star Wars fans!!!!

It’s been one week since Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been out. I’ve already seen it twice, with plans to see it multiple times in the future, bringing anyone who wants to come along. I don’t want to give a review per se, because there are enough of those out there from people more qualified than me, but I will tell you that this is some of the most fun I’ve had at the movies in a while.

Star Wars


As a huge Star Wars fan, I am glad that the franchise now has a well made film with interesting characters and wonderful action sequences reminiscent of the original trilogy. Even the first spoken line of the movie is “This will begin to make things right”, seemingly proclaiming erase the stain of the Prequels. This has something for everyone, and even the Mommy Elf had a great time. It’s not flawless, and the best way to describe it is a great premiere episode to a new TV series, with new episodes coming out every year. You will leave with a lot of questions, obviously to be answered in ensuing movies, but the transition from old to new is satisfying.

Not complaing, just sayin’!

Don’t get me wrong, I loved this movie. JJ Abrams really did a great job bringing Star Wars back to its roots. But this is where I throw in my two cents on what could have been better, what didn’t seem right, and what could be coming up. Once again these are my own ideas so take it for what it’s worth (hint: nothing).

– I would have loved to see the band get back together one last time. Han, Leia, Luke, the droids, and even Lando could’ve have made one last appearance together as a sort of farewell to one generation of Star Wars lore. When asked about Luke, Han Solo said with the most depressing voice he could conjure “Yeah, I knew Luke”, my heart broke just a little bit. Never has past tense felt so hurtful. With Luke’s guilt about Han’s son, Kylo Ren, you understand why things fell apart, but man, they seemed close enough that they would try to fix it together. I don’t know how it could have fit in this narrative, but it would have been nice for them to see each other again, one last time for some closure. With Han now dead, this can only be possible is a flashback, which I doubt will happen.

-The big battles were excellent (albeit a bit derivative) but one thing that was missing. The individual pilots checking in was always a cool build up to the upcoming battle and hearing “Red Five standing by…, lock S-Foils into attack position” put you right in the action. It made it feel big and connected you visually to the pilots fighting ferociously against impossible odds. Abrams signature fast pacing of the movie probably would have been disrupted by doing this, but it is something I missed.

-A lot of times in the movie things go from point A to Z without noticing the things in between. Most of the time it is not discernible because the story, characters, and editing are so effective. But there could more explained rather than brushing it off and hoping we may find out later.

-R2D2 woke up out of nowhere. Started the movie in low power, came back at the most convenient time. How? Who knows, maybe explained in episode 8 but he had nothing to activate him in this movie. This could have been fixed if the map piece that BB-8 had was introduced to him somehow, either bringing it next to him or connected to him, something where you could now say “Alright, that is what he was waiting for!”. Now it seems like nothing more than a convenient plot device. Maybe it will get fixed in The Force Awakens: Special Editions. HAHA, just kidding (maybe?).


I have heard other things from people that they didn’t like about the movie but most of them are questions that can be answered with a little bit of research, things they take way too literally, can’t understand unless explained explicitly, or just supernerds overanalyzing each detail with their own “expertise”. All of which I gave a big STFU and say just enjoy the movie. It’s awesome and you won’t feel like you wasted the two and a quarter hours of your life. I know I’ll be spending many more hours and coin to relive this return to greatness for Star Wars.

Be sure to check my next post for my ideas on Episode 8 and other Star Wars movies.

And May the Force be With You!



The Star Wars hype train has produced a lot of Star Wars products that cover the entire purchasing spectrum. If you want it, there is probably a Star Wars version of it, and it is a dream come true for an unabashed fan like myself. But any Star Wars fan who remember the old Kenner toys definitely had their collectors itch scratched by the incredible line of toys that have come out for the new movie. These are the Star Wars gifts that will make you kids (or kid like adult) Christmas, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, or last day of Hanukkah extra awesome. I should know, I have all of them. But not only are we talking toys, this year there’s literally something for all taste including moms who love Star Wars (we’ll leave the mom’s list for The Mommy Elf).

Star Wars

From toys to cooking books your options for pleasing the Star Wars fan this Holiday season are limitless.

1.     Sphero BB-8 Droid

This little droid is one of the most fun app-controlled toys out there today. Using a similar technology as the movie version, this little droid runs all over your floor either by itself or under your control. At the push of a button, BB-8 will “say” phrases, go on patrols, and project secret messages on your favorite device! You can get BB-8 for $150 from the Disney Store.

A photo posted by Gemarla (@themommyelfllc) on

2.     Air Hogs Millennium Falcon Quad

This remote controlled quadcopter is a great gift for any young one that wants fly fast as the Millennium Falcon. A simple to fly quad with lights and sounds, it will allow you to practice your First Order or Empire busting maneuvers from up to 200 feet away. The Air Hogs Millennium Falcon can be purchased at Target and it’s around $115. 


3.     Revell Snaptite Star Wars models

When I was younger I had a TIE Interceptor, X-Wing, and Snowspeeder model kits from AMT. Fantastic models, but definitely required some work. Revell, however, releases 4 Snaptite models that even the smaller builders can put together. They have the Millenium Falcon, Poe’s black X-Wing, a Resistance X-Wing, and a First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter. No glue or paint needed and batteries are included! At Target they are $19.99. 

Star Wars

4.     Star Wars LEGO

It’s LEGO. It’s Star Wars. Need I say more? Prices range from $4.99 for tiny kit models to $300+ for the big sets. You can buy them at any Lego Store nationwide or toy store. 

Legoland Discovery Center Westchester Star Wars Night

5.     Hasbro The Black Series 6” figures

These are the next collector favorites. Inside those black and red boxes are characters from The Force Awakens released in waves to different retailers. Looks out for store specific exclusives as they sell out quickly and a hard to find in certain characters. More are to come after the release of the movie. You can find the Hasbro Black Series at various retailers including Target and Toys R Us for $19.99. 

Star Wars Black Series Hasbro The Mommy Elf

6.     Funko POP! Star Wars bobbleheads and vinyls

Funko and pop culture go hand in hand, and the Star Wars POP! are no exception. You can find your favorite character and display them in or out of the box. And even after I’ve collected 85 Star Wars boobleheads and vinyls, I keep the collection going with the Smuggler’s Bounty subscription box. I received my exclusive TIE Fighter pilot and chrome Captain Phasma, as well as other cool gear. Feed your Funko addiction! Funkos varied in price between $8 and $15 at different retailers including Target, Hot Topic and Barnes & Noble. 

A photo posted by Gary (@thetokenelf) on

7.     Disney Store Elite Series Star Wars Die-Cast figures

Every two weeks I make the trip to the Disney Store to get some the finest Star Wars figures that are a must for any collector. These figures are $24.95 exclusively at Disney Store.

Boba Fett Elite Series Disney

8.     Hasbro Star Wars Bladebuilder Lightsabers

The Bladebuilder kit by Hasbro gives kids and grown kids alike an opportunity to be creative while enjoying a classic. Lightsabers are classic but with the Bladebuilders come in different kits and you can make massive triple lightsabers. Kits start at $15 and you can buy them at various retailers.

9.     Disney Store R2-D2

This droid is sure to please the kids and keep them entertained for quite some time. It responds to sound, has cool lights and moves by itself. His head spins and best of all runs on 6 AA batteries so no need for extra charging cables. You can get it at the Disney Store for $29.99 which is a great value for his performance.

10.  Special Edition Darth Vader Playstation 4

One of the hottest releases this year, not only for Star Wars fans but for any gamer out there. The PS4 is sure to score crazy brownie points with your husband- I mean your kids. From Amazon $349.99 and includes Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition and a code for 4 Star Wars games: Super Star Wars, Bounty Hunter, Jedi Star Fighter and Revenge Racer. And of course the awesome Darth Vader paint job on the console. 

Play Station

11. Stride Rite Shoes

Not only do they make great shoes for kids, they also have a decent variety of Star Wars shoes for kids. Even the new Sneaker Boot. This shoe is part boot part sneaker and perfect for the winter time and snow play. But Stride Rite didn’t stop there, they also released a special edition mens shoe to match the kid. The dad version has Darth Vader and the kid version has Luke Skywalker. This is an excellent gift for the Star Wars fan who wants something practical but fun. The adult shoe retails for $100 and the kid version is $45. The Snoot is priced at $60 which is a great price for a snow boot. All can be found at the Stride Rite website and right now they have a double rewards promotion when you buy any boot! Hurry. 

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12. Apparel

There is no shortage or Star Wars clothing options. Hats, underwear, hoodies, t-shirts, scarfs, even festive “ugly sweaters”. Almost every brand has jumped in and created a limited edition or Star Wars collection just for this movie. There’s also something for everyone in the family. They boys have shoes from Stride Rite and Adidas, t-shirts from Disney Store and JcPenny, and I have gotten tons of stuff from Target for myself, including boxers, some slip on shoes and a Chewbacca sweatshirt. If you want to see more options of t-shirts you can check my Instagram (TheTokenElf) for the Star Wars t-shirt of the week. Right now the kids are loving the winter hats and many t-shirts. Even Mr. Met has gotten in the Star Wars spirit.

Star Wars

13. Star Wars Voice Changer Boombox

We reviewed this boombox some time ago and they kids LOVE it. They seriously spend so much time singing the Imperial March through the microphone and just repeating the quotes using Darth Vader voice. You can also plug it into an MP3 Player. You can read the full review here. The boombox is $29.99 and you can find it at various retailers.

14. Times Square Discovery Center Star Wars Exhibition

This exhibition is a Star Wars fan dream look at the clothes and costumes behind the magic of the Star Wars galaxy. The exhibition is open for a limited time in NYC. You can see all the costumes from Darth Vader to all the dresses Padme wore as Queen Amidala. Tickets start at $27.50 for adults. If you want a discount code click here!

Discovery Center Times Square

As you can see there are TONS of options when it comes to gifts for Star Wars fans. I think you’ll find that there is something for every price point and every taste. But because it’s the Holiday Season and we love Star Wars fan we want to give one of you an opportunity to win a Star Wars package (valued over $50!!!) and it will include a surprise Elite Series Die Cast Figure! You can enter below.
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This contest is NOT SPONSORED and it’s open to everyone.


Why I support my Husbands Star Wars addiction

Yes, it’s an addiction. Well right now it is. He’s been a fan of Star Wars since he was a kid. When I met him I made fun of him for being a geek. Over the years there are things that just rub off on each other. His passion for Star Wars not only rubbed off on me but also on our kids. He’s been collecting Star Wars paraphernalia for ever. Even my parents and siblings would buy him Star Wars stuff for the Holidays and for his birthday. There is nothing that he doesn’t have when it comes to the masterpiece from George Lucas. He has boxers, pajamas, over 100 t-shirts, shoes, coffee mugs, cake mold, picture frames, books, action figures, video games, coke cans, sweatshirts, hats, you get the idea, even a Boba Fett alarm clock!


With Chewie at the Intrepid Museum Kids Week Science Day
With Chewie at the Intrepid Museum Kids Week Science Day

He has 90% of the items sold during the regular Zulilly Star Wars days. So when the new money was announced this man became a 5 yr old and I loved it. I still love it. The joy in his eyes when he sees anything Star Wars even just like the pictures released from D23 of the new movie is parallel to no other except the joy when he looks at our kids. See my husband is a simple man. He loves his family, baseball and Star Wars. I wasn’t to keen on embracing his geek at first but seeing him happy makes me so happy that I just go with it. Even partaking in his Star Wars shirt of the week and even sporting around a Charmed Memories Special Edition charm.

I've gotten some things for myself too! Specially love the crotchet book!
I’ve gotten some things for myself too! Specially love the crotchet book!

Here’s the funny thing, marriage is about commitment. You have to give some to get some. Find the balance. My pick for a perfect Sunday is not necessarily spent at Citi Field with all the Star Wars characters (I rather be at Toscas Cafe filling my tummy with their yummy brunch), but for my husband I can do anything. Because his happy is my happy. And that’s what makes us work. If Star Wars makes him happy, I will be the biggest fan there is. It’s a small way to show him another aspect of love. The one that is not spoken. A simple act like today, going to the Disney Store raffle for an Elite Series is just one of the ways I can show him love. Simple acts. Compromise. It really makes a marriage stronger. The force is strong with us! Needless to say I not only support it- I encourage it!

Star Wars

Star Wars

I’m happy that our kids are picking up the craze and the love for Star Wars. Albeit, a bit out of control in the house with the amount of Star Wars stuff, is just nice to have something we can ALL enjoy together and passionately love. The kids crack up when we have Lightsaber battles. We are already fans of Disney so it even makes it 20 times more special that The Force Awakens is a Disney movie! We’ll be sure to embrace the geek and live with the force!

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If you are wondering I’m on the Dark Side all the way!

P.S. Sorry for blasting my Husbands “geekness” all over the Interwebs!