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Regresa el NY Baby Show y hay entradas gratis!

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El NY Baby Show regresa este Mayo 20 y 21. Este siempre a sido el evento más grande para madres embarazadas y para padres de niños pequeños. Durante los dos días las familias, si familias, es un evento para todos, tienen la oportunidad de conocer nuevas marcas de equipo para niños. Pero no solo eso, también pueden experimentar con diferentes coches en la pista de diferentes terrenos que construyen para el evento, y también aprender sobre diferentes clases para niños.

También durante el show hay diferentes conferenciantes hablando sobre diferentes temas como la lactancia, tipos de crianza y planificación futura. Suerte para ti que me estás leyendo, tengo entradas gratis! Pero tienen que actuar rápido por que solo hay 10… Pero no se preocupen por que también tengo un código para un 50% de la entrada.

Si quieren saber más, aquí está mi entrada de el año pasado. Top 3 Discoveries at NY Baby Show! Y si quieren saber más también tengo la reseña del 2014 y 2015… Me encantan los eventos de niños y más cuando es divertido para toda la familia, creo que eso es lo mas que me gusta del NY Baby Show.

Suerte a todas y espero verlas allá.

Para entradas gratis haz click AQUÍ.

Para el descuento haz click AQUÍ.


Checking in

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So, I know I’ve been active on Facebook Live, focusing on my Spanish show Time for Cafecito (Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9am on Facebook), but I wanted to check in with you, who reads me in English. I am slowly trying to separate the pages into Spanish and English but for now is a blend just my family.

Not a lot has gone down. I miss writing, I really do, but live is so much fun. The interaction with the audience is so awesome. Sometimes the broadcasts are crazy and they suck- but for the most part, we have fun. If there is anything that makes me proud about the show is that I have been able to hold on to my authentic self (sorry if this sounds to hipster for you). Is hard when you work in social media to stay true to yourself. Slowly videos start becoming productions, posts turn into short novels and pictures a work of art, comparable to those of professional photographers. It’s hard ya’ll. And is competitive AF. Which is honestly, the main reason I decided to just focus on broadcasting and doing it in my language. It’s been a real evolution to find my happy place in social media. And although it’s been a very very very slow growth I love turtles and don’t mind slow. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Anyways just wanted to check in. Say what’s up? I’m still here. I still read messages on all the platforms, but really focusing about 90% of my energy to Facebook. To be completely honest, I have absolutely NO ENERGY to focus on 7 platforms at the same time. I truly admire those who do. I am working on a lot of small projects that take insane amount of work, including my health journey. These are also the last couple of months I will have alone with G3 so I’m trying to soak it all in. Is really about priorities. So yes, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat will have to wait (hopefully they’ll still be around when I get back to them).

It’s almost Spring people! I can smell the spring even through the snow and ice. And I can’t wait for what the rest of the year has in store. This year has been off to a great start so of course excitement awaits.

Please fell free to reach out if you want me to write about something or translate. Also I am still working with expecting and new parents as a concierge. So if you know anyone expecting, send then this way! There’s a lot of baby shows coming up that they might be interested in.

Anyways, hope you are all having a great year and are holding up in these crazy times.




Concurso Happy Planner y otros goodies!

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Ya empezó el 2017 y que rápido se está moviendo el año. Una de mis metas es mantenerme más organizada y pues que mejor que las agendas para mantenerse al día. Pero para mi, la agenda es más que un libro para escribir mis tareas del día. Para mí, mi agenda es un escape creativo donde diseño mis días con temas diferentes y de acuerdo a días festivos.

Desde hace varios años estoy decorando mi agenda Erin Condren, pero este año estoy usando la agenda Happy Planner. Esta agenda me encanta por que tienes la opción de ponerle y quiarle las páginas. Como era de esperarse estos planners/agendas se han convertido en la moda con cientos de grupos en Facebook donde se comparten ideas y stickers y los “layouts”.

En mi serie de Facebook de Time for Cafecito, comenzé a hacer los planea conmigo en vivo. Es como una terapia. Pues lo prometido es deuda, y aunque ya estamos en Marzo, todavía puedes comenzar a planear con nosotros.


Con tal motivo me inspiré a crear este concurso. Habrán dos ganadores. Uno de ellos se llevara un Happy Planner del 2017 en un kit que incluye estampas y otras cositas. Para participar tienen que ver el video del miércoles y contestar varias preguntas. Para una entrada gratis al concurso y para que no te pierdas los concursos que vienen por ahí, subcribete a nuestra página!

Ganate un Happy Planner

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Hello 2017!

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Well 2016 is done and I am pretty sad. Unlike the hundred of people who wanted 2016 to be done because the amount of bad things that happened, I actually didn’t want 2016 to end because I’m not ready for the bad things that could happen in 2017. Anyways… I usually do our year in review and I think 2016 was pretty freaking awesome. I debated whether to write this in English or Spanish, but figured more people will read in English.

Anyways here’s a short recap of our year.

January was amazing because we celebrate Glenn’s and my moms birthday and we finally booked our first trip to the west coast. I have never been to there so planning it was pretty fun.

February was a bore.

March: OMG March was AMAZING. Like AMAZIIIIIIING. We traveled to LA. I had the chance to go to We All Grow and see my brother (who is an awesome tour guide BTW). During our time in California, we did soooo many things. We visited Long Beach, Los Angeles, I got to see the Hollywood sign, Santa Monica Pier, we drove to San Diego. During our time in San Diego, we visited Old Town, Julien and my favorite the Imperial San Dunes. Seeing a dessert was beyond an incredible experience and being there during a sand storm was beyond cool (although dangerous).  Of course, we couldn’t go to California and not visit Disneyland Resort. I have so many mixed feelings about our visit. I have yet to expressed them in written form.

April was just great because is always great to celebrate another year married to an incredible man. 2016 marked our 15th year together and our 8th year married. I can’t believe I love this man so much.

May: May brought news. Some sad news and some good news. Sad news: my sister was moving away mid-summer, not close by but to Texas. This is my best friend, and the mom to the only 2 nieces and 2 nephews I have. But on the other hand, my brother, was trying to come back to the East Coast.

June was CRAZY! My little sister, my baby was graduated high school and my birthday and my first-born graduated kindergarten. Like, when did this happen? Duh, June. It happened in June. Oh and yes for the first time I participated in the Puerto Rican Day Parade. Not participate as in go, but actually be part of a float, thanks to George Torres, the Urban Jibaro from Sofrito for your Soul and Capicú.

July: I said by to my sister and her kids. And in the process, died a little. I am extremely attached to my family, not having them close has been devastating for me. Oh and for the first time I took the kids to the beach in NYC. And it was amazing to see their love for the ocean. It filled my heart so much that they loved the water and the sand.

August: Holy SMOKES, my parents have been married for 35 freaking years! Like that is amazing. And not only that, my first-born turned 6… and I am starting to change. It was in August, that my awareness became heightened. Having a black husband and the political chaos of the elections is starting to mess with my mind. We also enjoyed our annual trip to the lake. Going to the lake is always so much fun and it gives us a little time to breathe. It’s always so relaxing to be by the water and in the clean air of the mountains.

September: WHAAAAAT? I officially have 2 kids in school- FULL TIME. First grade and my second born started pre-K. And I was so worried for him, but no, the dude LOVES school. Even has groupies. September also took me back to my beloved Island. And uff, the feelings were beyond what I’ve felt in a loooooong time. The last time I was there was 2013. I was pregnant with my baby girl. I was there for a funeral. So, this trip was MAJOR. I was going by myself, for the first time. I went to check out PR BloggerCon, and I was pleasantly surprised.

October: DISNEYYYYYYYY, by myself. Ok, well not Disney but LATISM, which was at Walt Disney World Resort. To say the conference was amazing is an understatement. The conference was full of great information on how to use social media for SOCIAL purpose. Focusing on the elections and the importance of the Latino vote. It was also a great moment to connect with new influencers and to spend some quality amazing time with some lovely people. FYI, Disney was AMAZING! Got to meet Elena of Avalor and cried! Seriously cried. I couldn’t even hold my composure. It was such an epic moment. I was moved to my core. I felt the connection. It was, dare I say, magical!

November: Can we not talk about November.

December: this December was the definition of an emotional roller coaster. I had no idea I would be so affected by the election results and would be so political about the state of our country says the political science major! In happier news Grace turned freaking 3 years old. Like, how did this happen. I have no idea. I still see a baby. I just birthed her!

As everyone was ready to quit 2016, I wasn’t ready. I’m still not settled on this 2017. It took forever to write this post, even though I started it over 2 months ago. I figured, better late than never. These posts serve to remind me of our year. And see it with different eyes and compare it. Each year, does keep getting better. So even as I struggle to see the positive to come in the political and social area, I can see how our family is living each  moment to the max. At the end of the day that is my main purpose. We could be gone tomorrow so I want to enjoy today.

There is so much left to do. So many goals not accomplished last year. But it is with the most confidence I can say, we did everything we possibly could. Every day was lived and enjoyed. Everyday included smiles and hugs and love. And is my wish to continue to live this way into 2017.


Happy New Year from our family to yours!


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Be Ready with AccuWeather

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Thank you to AccuWeather for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

The holiday season is upon us and so is the winter months. With it comes the higher increase in-house fires. Things like stoves and space heaters are the main cause of fires during the winter. AccuWeather teamed up with the FDNY to educate families in safety specially during this time of the year. They created the AccuWeather  Be Ready program which is meant to educate and help people be ready all year-long. If you read the blog you know safety is pretty important to us and being ready so I was super excited to attend this press conference were AccuWeather talked about the partnership.



We also had the chance to see and experience how they educated first graders in their simulation room at the FDNY Fire Zone in NYC. One of the things that they talked about and I thought was great was using the app to stay informed. I didn’t even know they had an app, which is really convenient for families who are always in the go. I downloaded the app right away, since I’m always on the phone so is perfect for me.

During this press conference the FDNY also talked to us about the causes of fires and how to prevent them. One of the biggest causes of fires during this time are space heaters. People turn them on and put them to close to clothes or even sofas. To prevent the fires while using a space heater, make sure that there is absolutely nothing around it. Also is important to turn it off as soon as you are done using it. Never, ever go to sleep with the space heater on. Another important thing to do is make sure that the smoke detectors are working properly. Make sure the batteries are good and that is not expired.



If you are in an emergency, always have a plan. Teach kids their address in case they are the ones that have to call 9-1-1. Also make sure they know the families meeting place if you need to evacuate the house. I took time to ask the fire chief, James E. Leonard about some tips or things we should pay closer attention to. The one thing he mentioned was people who sit in their cars or leave their cars on inside the garage. This is dangerous because dangerous emissions are getting trapped underneath the car and could cause an explosion. I also asked him what’s the best age to start training your children and educating them about fire safety, his response: is never to early. Start teaching them as soon as they can understand you.

I think is great that there are so many resources educating and advocating safety and preparedness. This is something I’m so passionate about, because it’s important and it could save your families lives. I’m glad AccuWeather started this program for people to be ready, because weather is super important when it comes to safety, so they go hand in hand. If you want more information on the program please visit AccuWeather but you can also check out more information on their network as well as the app.

Thanks to The Moms for inviting me. 

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¡Más Puertorriqueña que el COQUÍ!

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Llegó Noviembre y para los Puertorriqueños es el mes de los meses! Celebramos el mes de la herencia Puertorriqueña y el descubrimiento de Puerto Rico. Como ya ustedes saben yo nací y me crié en Puerto Rico pero desde los 18 años me mudé a los ‘Nuyores’, dejando atrás a mi familia y a mi Isla. En todos mis años en Puerto Rico siempre tuve un amor diferente a la Isla. Aunque era pro-estadidad (querer que Puerto Rico sea parte de los EEUU como estado), siempre el amor a mi Isla estaba ahí. Tanto y tanto que mi sueño era ser la primera gobernadora mujer de la Isla. En el 2000, Sila María Calderón me “robó” el título, pero no los sueños de algún día convertirme en servidora pública de mi país.


Mientras pasaba el tiempo me dediqué a estudiar la historia de Puerto Rico, hasta que gané varios premios. Me llevé la medalla de Historia de mi clase graduanda y hasta el día de hoy, mi profesor de historia sigue siendo mi maestro favorito (de toda mi carrera escolar- incluyendo la universidad- Gracias Adolfo!). Al graduarme de escuela superior me encontré con la decisión mas difícil en mi vida de joven, ¿donde voy a continuar mis estudios? Puerto Rico tiene muy buenas instituciones educativas, pero en ese momento la isla estaba pasando por momentos de transición. En las universidades habían muchas protestas y la verdad yo quería estudiar. Como chiste del destino, me fuí a entrevistar con los reclutas del Army, Navy, Air Force y Coast Guard. Todos me dijeron lo mismo, si te enlistas vas para un barco o una base y no vas a poder estudiar. Eso me desilusionó, ya que no había aplicado a ninguna universidad a pesar de haber sacado una puntuación excelente en el College Board (exámen de admisión universitaria en la Isla).


Para hacer el cuento largo- corto, a comienzos de Abril del 2000, Manhattan College estaba reclutando estudiantes. Como son las cosas del destino, terminó siendo la única universidad que apliqué y la que me aceptó la misma semana que tenía mi cita para enlistarme en el Coast Guard. Cuando decidí irme me dolió en el alma. Aunque era un sueño hecho realidad, vivir en Nueva York, me dolía dejar a mi familia y mi isla. Solo mi familia sabe mi amor por la playa, por la isla, por su historia, por su música, por su comida, por sus montañas. Bueno fue un proceso difīcil. Tenía miedo. Cuando llegue a NYC, desconocía muchas cosas. Tuve un choque de cultura increíble. Pero lo logré. Terminé mi bachillerato en 4 años y al graduarme nuevamente regresó la incertidumbre. Regresé a Puerto Rico con otra perspectiva. Había conocido otras culturas, vivido en otro ambiente y ahí fue que caí en cuenta que Puerto Rico para mi era MAS que un pedazo de tierra. Decidí enlistarme en el Coast Guard después de la universidad para regresar a NY.

Regresé a NYC y me dí cuenta que no importa lo que hiciera PR nunca iba a dejar de ser importante para mi. No soy la patriota típica que cree en la independencia, no cree en irse de la isla, celebra el Grito de Lares y es fanática de Martí. Soy patriota por que trato de representar a mi isla de la mejor manera posible, trato de educar a los que no conocen, apoyo lo que viene de la isla y su talento. Estando en la diáspora, mucha gente piensa que no se le quiere a la tierra. ¡Y eso no es así! Yo amo a Puerto Rico, pero para amar a Puerto Rico no tengo que escuchar salsa, no tengo que tener banderas por toda mi casa, no tengo que comer arroz con gandules todos los días. Solo tengo que amar quien soy. Amar de donde vengo y representarla lo mejor posible.

Mi banda favorita: Cultura Profética

Mi comida favorita: Pastelón, arroz con gandules, pérnil

Mi lugar favorito: Caracoles

Mi libro favorito: La casa de la Laguna (Rosario Ferré)

Soy Ponceña al 1,000%

Soy Ponceña al 1,000%

Siempre jugo con la idea de regresar. De estar ahí día a día. Pero por ahora trabajo desde acá para crear conciencia, educar y celebrar Puerto Rico.

Ahora cuénteme, ¿cuales son sus favoritos?



Messy fun with Bounty

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There are so many things we need to think about when we have little ones. One of them, is the constant clean up. I know, especially having 3 in a row that messes are the rule of the day. And in all honesty there is only one thing I can count on to clean those messes and it’s Bounty. Last week, we had a chance to enjoy some messy fun with Bounty and mother and author, Kristin Cavallari. Our kids had the chance to get messy with finger paint, and even cake frosting. It was really awesome to see that you can have fun but handle the mess, because most of the time, the reason I don’t do certain activities with the kids is because of clean up.


During the event they had different stations. One of them was Mommy & Me handprints, drip art and cake decorating. Grace liked the drip art station the most. They made Bounty paper towels into flower shapes and the kids squeezed paint onto them to give it color. This was really cute and easy, and I was so surprised at how entertained the kids were doing it. The handprint area was special because we got to do it together. I was so scared of getting paint all over, surprisingly the Bounty team was ready to tackle the mess. The same in the cake decorating station. When I walked in there and saw all the icing and the kids making a mess on the cakes I almost had a heart attack. But it was really cute and it did open my eyes to try to do different “messy” things with my kids more often.



There was also a space where kids were able to “smash” the cake they decorated. My daughter didn’t even want to touch the cake with her hands. She sat there all puzzled! After that though, she went for it and ate soooo much cake it was scary. This was such a fun event. The treats were yummy, the mess was fun and the clean up was easy thanks to Bounty paper towels.


Thanks to Bounty and Big City Moms for sponsoring this post. 

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Salud, Familia y Marc Anthony en NYC

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Gracias a AARP!

Hace unas semanas tuve el placer de ver a Marc Anthony en concierto. Fué mi primera vez viendo a Marc en concierto. Gracias a AARP por la invitación.

Ustedes han escuchado sobre AARP. Si no han visto los anuncios o alguién les a contado de los beneficios que ofrece la compañía a personas mayores de 50 años. ¿Que beneficios les ofrece? Plan médico, descuentos, seguros de automóvil y hogar y hasta planes de teléfono. Y lo mejor de AARP es que solo son $16 dólares anuales que cubren la membresía. Mis abuelos llevan utilizando AARP mucho tiempo y siempre me cuentan de lo mucho que les gusta por que pueden usar los beneficios hasta para viajar. No les miento, quisiera que la edad minima fuera menos para poder sacar mi propia membresía.

Ahora, como entra Marc Anthony en este conjunto. Una de las carácteristicas de AARP es que siempre piensan en como ayudar a las familias. Una de las cosas que ellos hacen son varios concursos para sus miembros. Uno de los concursos recientes fue asistir al concierto de Marc Anthony. Esta serie de conciertos de Marc era bien especial ya que eran en el Radio City Music Hall, por lo tanto los boletos eran mas limitados. Pero ¿que creen? Los ganadores también tuvieron la oportunidad de conocer al mismo Marc Anthony.


Photo Courtesy: AARP

Foto cortesía de AARP

Photo Cortesía de AARP

Foto Cortesía de AARP

De una forma u otra la misión de AARP es mantener a la familia saludable y junta. Beneficios, seguros, concursos, descuentos. Todo en un mismo sitio para que las familias ahorren tiempo buscando los servicios en diferentes compañías. Todavía no e escuchado a nadie quejarse de los servicios de AARP ya que ellos trabajan para la felicidad y comodidad de sus miembros.

La noche del concierto de Marc fue bien especial para estas familias ya que Marc no solo es un icono de la música latina si no que también apoya la unidad familiar. Para mi también fue especial, ya que Marc cantó sus canciones más clásicas, junto a dos o tres recientes. Fue una noche de mucha emoción y diversión. Y ¿se imaginan conocer a MARC ANTHONY?? Creo que me da un infarto!!


Gracias a AARP por una noche tan bonita y al equipo de Marc Anthony por apoyar la labor de AARP y sus familias.



Reflection of a year with St. Jude

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I don’t get paid by St. Jude, so you might wonder why I am so committed to spreading their message. It is because my heart gets paid everyday with the opportunity to work with such wonderful organization. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that St. Jude really changed my life.

Cancer, St. Jude, Neuroblastoma,

I know I may sound like a broken record, but I do believe that unless you go through it, it would be hard to understand. Being a mom of a child with cancer, the experience is  probably one of the worst things in the world (aside from maybe suffering cancer yourself). The disease is strong, it spreads, it’s unpredictable and there is no cure. So imagine seeing all this hurt in your child and not being able to afford care, provide comfort, or know what to do. Now, imagine there is a place where you literally don’t have to worry about anything other than spending time with your child? That place is called St. Jude.

Cancer, St. Jude, Neuroblastoma

Now, to be fair, my child never received treatment at St. Jude. He was fortunate to have surgery and receive treatment at an amazing local hospital, but even with top insurance coverage his treatment cost more than $20,000 in deductibles and the amount will continue to rise, as he will always need a special type of doctor visit or imaging scan. To many, that may be too much, even impossible, to endure. That’s where the blessing of St. Jude families comes in.

When a child enters the care of St. Jude, the cost of treatment is a non-factor. The hospital provides housing, meals, and in some cases schooling for the children that are receiving treatment. The families at St. Jude worry about nothing other than their family. This is a great relief to some of the burdens that cancer brings.

Cancer, St. Jude, Neuroblastoma

So you wonder, how can a child receive such treatment at St. Jude and who is paying for it. The children at St. Jude are often referred by doctors. Cases and types of cancer vary. Funding is by donation only. It is important to note that even if a child can’t receive treatment at St. Jude, St. Jude does share their research with hundreds of hospitals around the world. That’s why more than ever funding is important. When you donate to St. Jude, you are in part donating and helping children not just in the United States but all over the world. And this is all possible thanks to donations of people like you and me. Awareness IS HUGE. People don’t understand the rise of childhood cancer, which is why they are so focused on finding a cure for all types of cancer.

St. Jude CCAM Assets13

Last year when I had the blessing to visit St. Jude I almost didn’t take it. I didn’t think I could handle it emotionally, but I have to say, St. Jude is one of the most beautiful, calm, peaceful, and dare I say fun places I’ve visited. The care that the hospital has put into their children is beyond exceptional. I remember on one of the tours they told us a story about a child who didn’t want to eat anything at the cafeteria. The kitchen team reached out to this child’s home town and found the recipe to his favorite dish. They set out the mission to make this child feel at home. And that is sometimes the best feeling for these kids. Feeling like you are at home during such a hard time is no easy task, yet St. Jude provides that with such ease and impeccable class. They spare no detail in taking care of their children.

Cancer, St. Jude, Neuroblastoma, The Mommy Elf

Cancer, St. jude, Neuroblastoma, The Mommy Elf

During our visit, we prepared bags for children to be entertained.

As this year passes I reflect on that trip and how amazing it was. I hadn’t been so inspired and blessed to be in such a place. I want to thank St. Jude for really treating not only their patients but also me, like family. I will never forget and I will continue to support them in their fight against cancer.

If you want to be part of the solution and create more awareness for childhood cancer, please join us this Saturday at the St. Jude NYC walk. If you are not in NYC you can still help by donating to the cause. Any dollar counts. Thank you!



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¡Regreso a clase de ULTIMA HORA!

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Si eres como yo, así como media despistada (gracias al estrés de los niños), lo más probable es que ya tus niños empezaron en la escuela o comenzaran bien prontito y todavía te faltan cosas que comprar! Soy bien honesta, mi hijo todavía no tiene uniforme ni el muy necesario Bento Box y su primer día es mañana. Por lo tanto decidí contarles cuales son mis productos favoritos con calma para las mamas olvidadizas como yo. La realidad es que este verano estuvo tan bueno que ni siquiera nos percatamos de lo rápido que se fue. Pero vamos al grano!


Regreso a clases/ Back 2 School


Equipo escolar

Mochilla: Hay muchas mochilas en el mercado. Mi favorita es de Embark. Es una marca accesible, con diferentes precios y lo mejor es que la puedes conseguir por Amazon o hasta en Target.

Lunchera: La lunchera es sumamente importante. Queremos que quepa todo. Para mi la lonchera siempre tiene que ser igual que el bulto. Es más fácil para los chicos identificar.

Bento Box: Les cuento que todavía no la e comprado, pero creo que nos vamos con la LunchBots de 4 compartimientos. La voy a pedir hoy so por lo menos, gracias a Amazon Prime estará aquí mañana.

Botella de agua: Me gustan mucho las botellas Nalgene. Son fáciles de usar y no tienen sorbeto. No me gustan las botellas con sorbetos por que pienso que guardan hongos y bacterias.


Ropa: Lo mejor es French Toast. Esta marca de ropa se dedica a uniformes y tienen de todo. Pantalones con doble refuerzo en las rodillas, faldas para niñas con pantalones abajo, hasta abrigos. La calidad es super buena y los precios son bastante económicos. Pueden leer mis reseña de la marca aquí.

Zapatos: STRIDE RITE. Siempre y únicamente será mi sitio preferido de comprar todos los zapatos de mis niños, especialmente como ahora que tienen el compra uno y el otro te sale con 40%. Lo que más me gusta de Stride Rite es que tienen variedad de marcas y hasta personajes. Este año nos vamos con los Hush Puppies de uniforme para G1 y con los Made 2 Play para G2. Aquí una reseña mas detallada de los zapatos de Stride Rite.

Ropa Interior: Muchas veces nos olvidamos de la comodidad debajo de la ropa. Siempre al comienzo del año escolar compro toda la ropa interior del año y las medias. los paquetes que venden durante el comienzo a clases tienen más cantidad que los del resto del año por el mismo precio! Nos gustan los paquetes especialmente los de Fruit of the Loom.

Materiales Escolares

Para los materiales escolares siempre confío en Crayola y Yoobi. Yoobi es una compañía que tiene unos diseños bien llamativos para los niños y se basa en diversión. Los productos Yoobi los pueden conseguir en Target o online.

Mabel’s Labels! Ok, estamos tarde, pero nunca es verdaderamente tarde para ordenar estos “labels”. La calidad de estos pergaminos de identificación son increíbles. El año pasado lo usamos en todo desde los uniformes hasta la botella de agua y pueden creer que duraron TODO el año. Sobrevivieron el lavaplatos y hasta la lavadora y secadora. Tienen diferentes paquetes y créanme es una de las mejores inversiones que pueden hacer. Los labels también funcionan para equipo de deportes y juguetes. Gracias a Mabel’s Labels por ayudarme a preparar a G2 para su primer año escolar. Les comparto mi entrada del año pasado sobre Mabel’s Labels.


MeriendasEscolares The Mommy Elf

Slammers de Go Gourmet: Estas meriendas están llenas de ingredientes buenos para esos niños con poco apetito y contienen 1g de proteína. Con solo 60 calorías es perfecto para todos los niños. La compañía nos envió varias cajas para probarlos y ¿que creen? No queda ninguno. Con banano, manzana, fresas, acaì todos orgánicos me siento cómoda añadiendolos a la lunchera de mis chicos.

Jugos: Juicy Juice es jugo 100%. Los nuevos Splashers me encantan por que están diluidos en agua. Así disminuyendo la cantidad de azúcar. Por lo general tratamos de no enviar jugos a la escuela, pero aveces si quiero que coman en un buen acompañante para los almuerzos más fuertes. Gracias a Juicy Juice por enviarnos unos Splashers para acabar el verano con buen sabor.

Probioticos: Los probioticos son excelentes para ayudar en la digestión de los niños. Bio-K tiene probioticos para niños que ya vienen en un empaque perfecto para ellos. Con sabores como fresas y vainilla son más atractivos a los niños a la hora de consumir. Bio-K nos envió el de fresa para probarlo. A mi niño grande le encantó a la chiquita no tanto. Pero voy a tratar otros sabores.

Yogurts: Chobani es nuestro yogurt preferido para las meriendas. Tienen diferentes estilos de empaque y ahora vienen con los super héroes. Mis hijos les encantan y lo mejor es que los puedes congelar la noche antes y ponerlos en la lonchera, a la hora del almuerzo estarán listos para comer. Los yogurt son excelentes por que tienen proteína y vitaminas. Mis hijos son un poco especiales en cuanto a la comida, por lo tanto siempre estoy buscando alimentos que le den  lo que les falta de su dieta diaria.

Ahora las dejo que me tengo que ir a comprar uniformes!!! Cuénteme ustedes ¿que es lo ultimo que compran para el regreso a clase?