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Curious George en el Liberty Science Center

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Si ustedes nos siguen, saben que nos encantan los museos. Especialmente los museos de ciencia. Uno de los sitios que mas nos gusta visitar es el Liberty Science Center. Este museo de ciencia se encuentra dentro del Liberty State Park en NJ. El museo es un mundo. Tiene muchas exhibiciones para todas las edades, desde área para chiquitines menores de 5 añ0s hasta presentaciones en IMAX. Una de las cosas que me gusta del museo es que cada cierto tiempo cambian una exhibición so siempre hay algo nuevo para ver. Este fin de semana comenzó la exhibición de Curious George: Let’s Explore.

Curious George, The Mommy Elf, Liberty Science Center

Lo primero que les voy a contar es que esta exhibición es completamente bilingüe en Inglés y en Español. Esto me pareció excelente ya que los niños pueden practicar en su idioma y aquellas familias que no saben Inglés también pueden divertirse en la exhibición. Mi chicos de 6, 4 y 2 todos le gustaron secciones diferentes. Mi chico de 6 estaba fascinado con la parte del el puesto de verduras. tenían dinero y una caja registradora para pretender tener una tienda.

The Mommy Elf, Curious George, Liberty Science Center

The Mommy Elf, Curious George, Liberty Science Center

Mi chico de 4 lo único que quería era jugar el mini golf. Tuvimos que peliarle para que dejara a otros niños participar por que no quería prestar su palito de golf. Cada hoyo de golf tenía una actividad diferente con su propia explicación y ejercicio. A mi niña le gustó todo, pero lo mas que le gustó fue la chorrera. Pero también hay algo para los padres. En la parte de atrás hay como una oficina con diferentes diseños originales del programa de niño. Lo encontré bien interesante, pues también tienen replicas de productos de colección.

La verdad que está súper buena la exhibición y el museo en general es una experiencia única. Estuvimos un sábado y no estaba super lleno de gente por que fuimos temprano y nos quedamos hasta la hora del cierre. Por lo tanto lo pudimos ver todo, incluyendo los diferentes “shows” como el de Tesla. Para los horarios del museo e información de visita, pueden pasar por el enlace al museo aquí.

Curious George- The Mommy Elf- Liberty Science Center

Pero eso no es todo, ahora tienes la oportunidad de ganar 4 pases para que puedas visitar el museo con tu familia. Que mejor que poder visitar este museo tan chevére de gratis??

The Mommy Elf, Curious George, Liberty Science Center

4 Boletos para visitar Liberty Science Center

Giveaways Star Wars Toys


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The Star Wars hype train has produced a lot of Star Wars products that cover the entire purchasing spectrum. If you want it, there is probably a Star Wars version of it, and it is a dream come true for an unabashed fan like myself. But any Star Wars fan who remember the old Kenner toys definitely had their collectors itch scratched by the incredible line of toys that have come out for the new movie. These are the Star Wars gifts that will make you kids (or kid like adult) Christmas, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, or last day of Hanukkah extra awesome. I should know, I have all of them. But not only are we talking toys, this year there’s literally something for all taste including moms who love Star Wars (we’ll leave the mom’s list for The Mommy Elf).

Star Wars

From toys to cooking books your options for pleasing the Star Wars fan this Holiday season are limitless.

1.     Sphero BB-8 Droid

This little droid is one of the most fun app-controlled toys out there today. Using a similar technology as the movie version, this little droid runs all over your floor either by itself or under your control. At the push of a button, BB-8 will “say” phrases, go on patrols, and project secret messages on your favorite device! You can get BB-8 for $150 from the Disney Store.

A photo posted by Gemarla (@themommyelfllc) on

2.     Air Hogs Millennium Falcon Quad

This remote controlled quadcopter is a great gift for any young one that wants fly fast as the Millennium Falcon. A simple to fly quad with lights and sounds, it will allow you to practice your First Order or Empire busting maneuvers from up to 200 feet away. The Air Hogs Millennium Falcon can be purchased at Target and it’s around $115. 


3.     Revell Snaptite Star Wars models

When I was younger I had a TIE Interceptor, X-Wing, and Snowspeeder model kits from AMT. Fantastic models, but definitely required some work. Revell, however, releases 4 Snaptite models that even the smaller builders can put together. They have the Millenium Falcon, Poe’s black X-Wing, a Resistance X-Wing, and a First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter. No glue or paint needed and batteries are included! At Target they are $19.99. 

Star Wars

4.     Star Wars LEGO

It’s LEGO. It’s Star Wars. Need I say more? Prices range from $4.99 for tiny kit models to $300+ for the big sets. You can buy them at any Lego Store nationwide or toy store. 

Legoland Discovery Center Westchester Star Wars Night

5.     Hasbro The Black Series 6” figures

These are the next collector favorites. Inside those black and red boxes are characters from The Force Awakens released in waves to different retailers. Looks out for store specific exclusives as they sell out quickly and a hard to find in certain characters. More are to come after the release of the movie. You can find the Hasbro Black Series at various retailers including Target and Toys R Us for $19.99. 

Star Wars Black Series Hasbro The Mommy Elf

6.     Funko POP! Star Wars bobbleheads and vinyls

Funko and pop culture go hand in hand, and the Star Wars POP! are no exception. You can find your favorite character and display them in or out of the box. And even after I’ve collected 85 Star Wars boobleheads and vinyls, I keep the collection going with the Smuggler’s Bounty subscription box. I received my exclusive TIE Fighter pilot and chrome Captain Phasma, as well as other cool gear. Feed your Funko addiction! Funkos varied in price between $8 and $15 at different retailers including Target, Hot Topic and Barnes & Noble. 

A photo posted by Gary (@thetokenelf) on

7.     Disney Store Elite Series Star Wars Die-Cast figures

Every two weeks I make the trip to the Disney Store to get some the finest Star Wars figures that are a must for any collector. These figures are $24.95 exclusively at Disney Store.

Boba Fett Elite Series Disney

8.     Hasbro Star Wars Bladebuilder Lightsabers

The Bladebuilder kit by Hasbro gives kids and grown kids alike an opportunity to be creative while enjoying a classic. Lightsabers are classic but with the Bladebuilders come in different kits and you can make massive triple lightsabers. Kits start at $15 and you can buy them at various retailers.

9.     Disney Store R2-D2

This droid is sure to please the kids and keep them entertained for quite some time. It responds to sound, has cool lights and moves by itself. His head spins and best of all runs on 6 AA batteries so no need for extra charging cables. You can get it at the Disney Store for $29.99 which is a great value for his performance.

10.  Special Edition Darth Vader Playstation 4

One of the hottest releases this year, not only for Star Wars fans but for any gamer out there. The PS4 is sure to score crazy brownie points with your husband- I mean your kids. From Amazon $349.99 and includes Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition and a code for 4 Star Wars games: Super Star Wars, Bounty Hunter, Jedi Star Fighter and Revenge Racer. And of course the awesome Darth Vader paint job on the console. 

Play Station

11. Stride Rite Shoes

Not only do they make great shoes for kids, they also have a decent variety of Star Wars shoes for kids. Even the new Sneaker Boot. This shoe is part boot part sneaker and perfect for the winter time and snow play. But Stride Rite didn’t stop there, they also released a special edition mens shoe to match the kid. The dad version has Darth Vader and the kid version has Luke Skywalker. This is an excellent gift for the Star Wars fan who wants something practical but fun. The adult shoe retails for $100 and the kid version is $45. The Snoot is priced at $60 which is a great price for a snow boot. All can be found at the Stride Rite website and right now they have a double rewards promotion when you buy any boot! Hurry. 

A photo posted by Gemarla (@themommyelfllc) on

12. Apparel

There is no shortage or Star Wars clothing options. Hats, underwear, hoodies, t-shirts, scarfs, even festive “ugly sweaters”. Almost every brand has jumped in and created a limited edition or Star Wars collection just for this movie. There’s also something for everyone in the family. They boys have shoes from Stride Rite and Adidas, t-shirts from Disney Store and JcPenny, and I have gotten tons of stuff from Target for myself, including boxers, some slip on shoes and a Chewbacca sweatshirt. If you want to see more options of t-shirts you can check my Instagram (TheTokenElf) for the Star Wars t-shirt of the week. Right now the kids are loving the winter hats and many t-shirts. Even Mr. Met has gotten in the Star Wars spirit.

Star Wars

13. Star Wars Voice Changer Boombox

We reviewed this boombox some time ago and they kids LOVE it. They seriously spend so much time singing the Imperial March through the microphone and just repeating the quotes using Darth Vader voice. You can also plug it into an MP3 Player. You can read the full review here. The boombox is $29.99 and you can find it at various retailers.

14. Times Square Discovery Center Star Wars Exhibition

This exhibition is a Star Wars fan dream look at the clothes and costumes behind the magic of the Star Wars galaxy. The exhibition is open for a limited time in NYC. You can see all the costumes from Darth Vader to all the dresses Padme wore as Queen Amidala. Tickets start at $27.50 for adults. If you want a discount code click here!

Discovery Center Times Square

As you can see there are TONS of options when it comes to gifts for Star Wars fans. I think you’ll find that there is something for every price point and every taste. But because it’s the Holiday Season and we love Star Wars fan we want to give one of you an opportunity to win a Star Wars package (valued over $50!!!) and it will include a surprise Elite Series Die Cast Figure! You can enter below.
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This contest is NOT SPONSORED and it’s open to everyone.



Blue Man Group! GIVEAWAY!

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Raise your hand if you’ve heard of the Blue Man Group? I was first introduced to the show via Arrested Development. Quickly my husband became a fan of their music, but we never had the time to check out one of their amazing shows. Everyone I know who has attended a BMG show only rave about how much fun the show is. Well, fast forward year later I was able to see the show not once but twice this year! YES! THIS SHOW IS AWESOME! It’s seriously so much fun. I don’t even know how to explain it. It’s like modern art, comedians, a great party and a cool band got together and had a baby.

The first time I went, I took my husband on a date. I had no idea what to expect or what it would be like. I did think they would do more of their paint drumming (what the are known for the most). The show takes you on a ride of discovering your senses and opening your eyes to everything around in a fun and engaging way. What I like about the show is that the audience is really participating and engaged. My favorite part is the paper part. Seriously tons of fun, paper flying around and lights and music.

After seeing it the first time I was scared that it would be predictable the second time but it was NOT! The second time was more fun because the audience that went on stage for the different skits was beyond hilarious!

I am dying to take my kids, but I do think it would be too much for my kids. There are some moments in the show where it goes dark and there are strobe lights involved. If you have kids with a sensitivity to light or loud music is best to leave them home. That said, it is really a family show. There’s no profanity, the music is nice, the skits are very kid friendly. No one gets hurt and it’s really a great time.

Now you have a chance to win 4 tickets to check out the show for yourself. The awesome part is that you don’t need to be in NYC! You can check out any of their shows in Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando and the North American Tour (check the site for tour dates). YES! How cool is that? To enter is easy as following the steps in the bottom and sharing with your friends. Also, you have until June to redeem your tickets so there’s plenty of time to check it out. (P.S. think holiday gifts!)
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Thanks to Blue Man Group for sponsoring this giveaway. Please be advice that dates for show can change. 

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Día de los Padres (Concurso)

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Día de los Padres
Ya nos estamos preparando para celebrar el día de los Padres y yo no sé ustedes pero mi papá y mi esposo son las personas más difíciles para complacer con regalos. Ambos tienen lo que ellos mismos quieren y nunca sé que regalarles. Pues para que ustedes tengan una mejor idea, este año me fui con algo bien simple. A ambos les decoré un marco de foto y adentro le puse una postal con la foto de los nenes.

Ahora ustedes no tienen que preocuparse de que regalarle a papá. ¿Qué mejor que un dinerito para que ellos compren lo que quieran? Sigue las instrucciones con el enlace abajo para la oportunidad de ganar $100 para papá.

Cuéntame, ¿como celebran el Día de los Padres en su hogar?


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Chugginton Live Giveaway!!!

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Photo Credit: Chuggington Live!

Photo Credit: Chuggington Live!

Chuggington, your favorite train is coming to NYC in a LIVE SHOW. The show is called Chuggington Live! The Great Rescue Adventure, so you know they’re be action, there will also be music and we get to find out if Chuggington can rescue Koko and succeed utilizing the skills he’s learned. My kids LOVE Chuggington so we’re excited to go check it out. The show will be playing on May 16th and 17th at the Beacon Theater in NYC. They have multiple shows for those days so make sure to check out the times on their site.

But you have an opportunity to win 4 tickets to enjoy the show right now! Enter below for your chance to win. And don’t worry you can still use our code for discount on tickets! Make sure to use FamChugg

Good luck and thanks for reading



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  ****Tickets will be for Saturday May 16th show at 5:ooPM.

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Little Me at Lord & Taylor + GIVEAWAY!!

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Last week we celebrated the opening of the Little Me shop inside Lord & Taylor in Manhattan. You all know I am a big fan of Little Me and their fashion for small children so I was super excited about this. The shop is pretty big and you can find Layette as well as toddler sizes for your kids. Not only can you purchase awesome clothes you can also get accessories and necessities like blankets.


LittleMe8 The event was super fun. Although it was a rainy Saturday in the City, they definitely made it worth it to come check it out. The Easter bunny was taking pictures with the kiddos. It was our first Easter bunny of the season, and surprisingly the kids weren’t scared! There were also cake pops by Fabi-Pops, raffles and a table with goodies like the Little Me stuffed bear.


The kids also enjoyed story time with I See Me books. And the BEST part, all of the purchases were discounted AND for every purchase the brand would donate the same outfit to Baby Buggy. It was great to be able to buy great items yet give some back to those who need it.


We were also able to engrave my little girl’s blanket, which is perfect because she doesn’t have any personalized item, so now she has a super soft Little Me blanket with her name and cute ballerina slippers.


This event was tons of fun and it was not just for the kids, moms were treated to make-overs by Bobbi Brown make-up artists and super healthy juices by Liquiteria.


I can’t wait to visit again. The variety of fashions is incredible and seriously if you haven’t felt how soft their clothes are, here’s your chance! You have a chance to win an outfit! Here is the official entry! So comment and tell me which is your favorite outfit from their Spring collection?


DISCLAIMER: I was invited to the event as part of the media. All opinions and pictures are my own.


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Food Giveaways Reviews

AquaBall Drink- Water full of fun!

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Do you fight with your kids because they want to drink more juice than water? Or they don’t like the water bottles? What if, they had the best of both worlds? They can drink water, but it can taste a little like juice. Enter- AquaBall. This is one of the most exciting products ever. It’s water, with flavors, but NO SUGAR added! My kids were head over heels for these little bottles. Not only is the water tasty, but the shape and characters in the bottle add an excitement element for the kids.


Perfect for parties

If you fight with your kids because he or she loves to drink juice and not enough water this is definitely a nice solution and the price is perfect around $1 a piece. You can find it at major retailers like Wal-Mart. They have the most Disney characters sure to please every kids. From Dusty from Planes Fire and Rescue to the most famous Princesses. Of course, they also have the Frozen characters and the Marvel superheroes.


This one is definitely the favorite in this house.


They love these bottles. They hold them like treasures!

I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome these are. Not only is it water, it has flavor, no sugar, cool characters and on top of all that it has vitamins like Vitamin C and vitamin B6, so to add the element of nutrition is great. Even more when you have picky eaters like I do, we need all the nutritional value we can get! If it comes from water even better. There is nothing bad to say about these water bottles. These are perfect for travel, everyday, and even for a birthday party. If there is one thing I would change maybe make the bottle a bit smaller so it fits in a diaper bag bottle pocket. Other than that these are a great treat and solution for picky eaters. Even adults that don’t like water can enjoy flavors like berry frost, orange splash, fruit punch, grape, and orange.


Flavor without sacrificing quality

Did you know you can also use the bottles for a tons of craft and DIY projects? Here is and awesome Pinterest board with a lot of ideas to use the bottles. Even though Christmas passed, it’s a good time to save all the bottles you drink all year and fill your tree with homemade ornaments come December! I know that’s what we’re doing!

Definitely worth trying these and to make it easier we will be giving away a 6 pack of each flavor! 24 bottles total!!! Shipped to you from AquaBall themselves!

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DISCLAIMER: I was not financially compensated for this post. I was sent 4 samples for the purpose of the review. All opinions and pictures as always are my own.

Baby Gear-Strollers-Car Seats-Carriers Diaper Bags Giveaways Reviews

The Bunky Bag- Solutions for baby food!!

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Do you make your own baby food, but still find yourself buying pouches for when you go out? What if there a solution for that? If you could make your baby food and bring it with you where ever you went? The Bunky Bag is that product. I saw this product for the first time at the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower and I was very intrigued. There are many products like it in the market, but this one has 2 characteristics that put it above the rest. The first one is the oval-shaped cap-hello it’s not a choking hazard. This is very important especially since the kids eating these foods put everything in their mouth. This leads to the next awesome thing this product has which is a ring to carry it. This ring also serves as a teething toy! Hello can you say genius??

Oval shaped and carry ring

Oval shaped and carry ring

These are not the only attributes of this product created by a mom, who also happens to be a dental hygenist. In her search for something that was safe, easy, convenient and a way to feed babies better foods made at home she created the Bunky Bag. Like I mentioned there are other features like being dishwasher safe! YES! You can put this in the dishwasher and not worry about it. You can also roll it up into the ring and it won’t be bulky.


Love the measurement on the side.

The measurement on the side is key for me because you know exactly how much you’re feeding your child. You can also add that it has a writable panel in the front so you can write the date. Also the closure is at the bottom, instead of the side, so it makes it easier for little hands to hold.

Easy to hold

Easy to hold

I could write pages on why I like this bag so much. It really is in a whole different category on its own. I even like that they are freezable and cute. They are about $5 a piece, which is nothing compared to the amounts you would spend on individual baby food pouches and because it’s reusable you are also helping the environment, so double/triple duty.

They come in 2 colors, green and purple and they are sold through their website. Also on their website you can buy labels for the bag (by the way, these labels are dissolvable!), in case you want neater looking information and they also sell extra caps in case you lose them. In general I have nothing to recommend maybe add more colors!? But other than that this is pretty genius and efficient at its job and my daughter loves it. It’s mom and baby approved.

Grace loves it

Grace loves it

DISCLAIMER: I was not financially compensated for this post. I got the Bunky Bag as a goodie during the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower. I was also sent a bag for the review. All opinions and pictures are my own.



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Happy New YEAR!!!! Giveaway!

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Happy New Year guys! As a thank you for reading and a celebration of our first birthday and the New Years, I figured it’d be good to do a giveaway. I debated with what to give away and decided that my favorite thing in the whole world besides my kids is my precious coffee. So you can enter to win a Starbucks gift card! Who doesn’t like free coffee. Plus you can get other things if coffee is not your thing.

I will tell you a funny story. This morning my husband said I had an addiction and he said the first step was to admit it. I replied that coffee is a necessary substance in my life, and without it I could not function! Trust me I’ve tried. Anyways, so what if I have more coffee than water in a day? Thanks to my “addiction” you can win a gift card.

Do you have a little addiction of your own?



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Giveaways Reviews Toys

OYO-Sports Minifigures and Game Sets

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I was sent this OYO Sports to review. I had looked at the website and not thought about what it was or anything, Just said, send me the METS sets. I was soooo pleasantly surprised. I got the Mets outfield set, plus 2 players. First let me tell you they have NFL, MLB and NHL, they have all the teams as well as different sets like infield-outfield and so on. These are like tiny building blocks. It took a while to build the outfield because they have a lot of pieces, but when it was done it was very nice. My husband, a Mets fan loved it, he put together the outfield while I put together the players.


Contents of the box

Contents of the box

I  impress with all the details. The tiny glove and baseball and the players uniform. This is a real good gift for the any sports fan. Should mention they are also compatible with major blocks brands so you have unlimited possibilities of building something amazing. This is definitely not a toy for kids. We tried, for the purpose of the review, to have my 4.5 yr build it and it was a mess. Not because he doesn’t know how to stack the blocks, just because it’s so small that it was hard for him to follow the instructions and put them in the correct place.

Father & Son working on it together

Father & Son working on it together

This is one of those things that will be really appreciated by the person who receives it. It is definitely a collectible item in my opinion. I would definitely build a nice complete set and save them. I loved the little baseball players and like how current they are with the players. Is not like they only have players from the 80’s! I got Matt Harvey!

Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey

Like you see in the box this is definitely a 6+ toy. I actually would recommend to a kid who loves puzzles or sports. Also of course if your husband or man in your life love sports it’s the perfect gift. I was very happy with this product and so was my husband. I also appreciated that they added an extra piece of each section in case we lost one. The prices are pretty average for this sort of activity, ranging from $12.99 for the individual players to $59.99 for the whole starter set. For a collectible, fun gift I think it’s a pretty good price. So, head on over to their website and check out all their teams.

The attention to detail is impecable.

The attention to detail is impeccable.



DISCLOSURE: I was sent the outfield set plus 2 extra players for the purpose of the review. I was not financially compensated. As always all opinions and pictures are my own.