Car seat safety powerful video

This is not a planned or scheduled post, but the universe sent me a message and I want to pass it along. Car seat safety is as important as ever. It’s also a collaboration with Britax.

This made me cry for so many reason and I thought it’d be super important to share.

  1. No mom wants to see her children suffer or get hurt. We try as best we can to keep them safe and protected. But we are also humans and sometimes fail.
  2. When things are meant to happen, they will happen, regardless of how prepared or unprepared we are.
  3. It makes me think of all the kids I personally know who are not in the right seat. About 9 months ago I would’ve said something, but now I am scared and maybe a little embarrassed to say something since I failed to keep my child safe and he nearly drowned.
  4. It brought back every single memory of our accident. Seeing a child in an ambulance, plugged to machines, fighting for his life is just something no parent should be witness to.

Is not hard to keep children in the right seat. It’s really not. My oldest one is almost 8 and about 54″ and weights a whooping 74 lbs, he still sits in a 5 point harness car seat. Does he complain? Sometimes, but for the most part he knows is for his safety and knows how to adjust his own seat and even tells me if something is wrong, like straps are too loose or tangled. Maybe because we spend so much time in the car I am a bit more aware to friends not following simple safety rules. Bloggers who IG, live or FB while driving NEED TO STOP. Make sure your seatbelt is not tangled. It beats the point of actually wearing it.

My oldest has been in a Britax Frontier ClickTight. This car seat is a convertible car seat that works as a harnessed convertible car seat up to 58″ and 90 lbs and then as a high back booster until 62″ and 120 lbs. And there are multiple options for use. We have loved this car seat so much, it’s been almost a year and is the car seat we used for Texas and in our everyday life. Car seats are investments. Is like buying a car. A lot of parents are sometimes surprised by the price of car seats, but they fail to understand this is the item your child will use the longest. From birth until age 6 or beyond. So that $300 investment is actually pretty cheap when you break it down with the use it will get. Most of the car seats also have 9 year expiration date so it can be used safely for that long.

I love this picture. This is Kate is an adult and as you can see she fits in the Britax Frontier!

So the excuse that there are no more car seats available for their height weight is just not acceptable. Of course this case in the video is a bit different, in that the kid is a bit older, but the message is the same across the board. Make sure that children are sitting in the right seat for their age.

Thank you to Britax for sending us the Frontier car seat. All opinions are my own. If you know us, we have bought 3 Britax car seats previously. They have been amazing purchases. 






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