Being a mom of three kids can yield a lot of challenges, from how to go out with three kids to how to find time for yourself. through my adventures in motherhood I’ve learned some tips and tricks and wanted to share with you all. There are a lot of mom blogs out there, but here you can find real, honest and fun posts. I try to apply everything I’ve learned from my days in the United States Coast Guard to my days being a make up artist for Bare Minerals to parenting.

My style of parenting is eclectic. I think I have some attachment parenting traits but I am also old school. So you’ll find everything in this page. I like to post reviews on baby gear, giveaways, cool events and anything baby or parenting related. I promise I’ll try not to bore you!

What else can I tell you about me: I’ve been taking seminars on everything from organic foods and how to do groceries to how to potty train a toddler. You name it, I’ve done it or its in the calendar. I love to help, which is really the main reason I created this blog and company. If you are pregnant or a new mom or know someone who is pregnant and needs anything send them my way. They’ll be taken care of!

Hope you enjoy reading. If you have any comments, questions please feel free to leave comment below or email!



This is me
This is me

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Hannah, I work for a company called Sleeping Baby, you may have seen it on Shark Tank. We love your website and would love to do a free zipadee-zip giveaway for your followers. Would you be interested in this?
    Thank you!
    Hannah Bailey

    • Gemarla

      Hi Hanna, can you please email me at themommyelf@gmail.com I would love to work with the company.
      The Mommy Elf

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