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A morning with Nicole Kidman, The Moms & Paddington

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Last week I had the amazing opportunity to check out a screening of Paddington movie. This was no ordinary screening, but it included a little Q&A with the beautiful Nicole Kidman. The Moms put together a great morning. Firsts thing is first, Nicole Kidman is amazingly beautiful. Not only was she 30 minutes early (unheard off in Hollywood) but she was very chatty and charming. I didn’t expect her to be so candid to the questions asked by the other moms in the room.


I loved how she expressed herself, and how dedicated she is to her children. She mentioned that the best feeling was hearing a theater full of children laughing. I have to admit she won me over. During the Q&A she was asked what books she reads to her children at night, and her reply was the classics like Good Night Moon, but she also mentioned how her husband tries to get rid of the princess books. And we learned that her kids favorite food is pasta, with cheese, no sauce!


Nicole was and is promoting her new film Paddington, in which she plays the villain, who is trying to hunt Paddington. Paddington is a rare type of bear from South America that loves marmalade. After the loss of a family member the bear travels to London, where he has to find a family to live with. Not only does he have to find a family, he also has to learn the human way of doing things. When he finds the family, he has to adjust to live with all the different personalities in the family, like an embarrassed teenager and a creative boy.


This movie is defenitely for the whole family. It is beyond funny and has a beautiful message. There many laugh out loud moments like the first time Paddington uses the bathroom. Also sad moments like when he leaves his home. All in all it is just beautifully written and acted. The characters are very relatable and really real. I think everyone should go see this movie, it is amazingly funny and very much a good time for every member of the family.

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The Mommy Perfume! Oh la la!!

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Have you ever wonder how they make perfumes. It’s a bunch of people in a room picking scents from jars and putting them together. Well for me, mommy perfume is a mix of all of the smells that come from your child that inevitably land on you. A couple of weeks ago as I showered I wonder if it wasn’t better just to “baby wipe” myself as I knew the moment I come out of the shower something dirty was going to land on me and make smell “special”. And the thought didn’t fail. As I got ready and got the baby out of the crib he spit up all over me… my shirt, my hair, neck down to my boobs. Of course now he’s awake and so is the other one so I can’t possibly go take another shower, so I, of course, use the baby wipes. Most moms out there can agree that for some reason the scent of spit up vomit is not even a little bit masked by baby wipes!

So out I go out smelling of spit up covered up by baby wipes.

Spit up is not the only smell that ends up on mom. You also have poop. This one can end up anywhere from your hands to your face. Almost like that Sex and the City episode, where Miranda ends up with a poop stain on her forehead from a diaper change and Steve is just making fun of her. Well this happens in real life!! There is really no way to prevent it except for not doing it at all.

The third smell is a bit more “subtle” is the booger smell. If you haven’t noticed yet, smell a bit harder next time! Boogies have a life of their own, not only do they end up everywhere on your kids, they also end up on your face, your hair, clothes, hands, whatever they can find to “clean themselves”. It is interesting that some women, including myself, long for these smells before we have kids and then they come and then we don’t really like them that much.

But as I sat in vomit last night, I kind of realized that the reason we don’t like the smells is because 2 out of 3 of them signal that your baby isn’t feeling well. That something is bothering them and you can’t fix it, the only thing you can do is suck it up, clean the mess and give your child as much love as you can. And that is what I did. As Gavin vomited all over mommy last night (2 nights in a row) I took my clothes off in the living room where he vomit, sat on the couch and just hugged him until he fell asleep in my arms. And he slept so good! (I wonder, how we’re supposed to “take care of our husbands” when they come home and we smell of vomit and poop and have boogers in our hairs?) I just wish I could be a bowl of magic medical powder that could cure all the illnesses or booboos my babies could get. So the mommy perfume, is just that smell of baby bodily fluids that end up on you.

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Thanks Dora

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This was originally posted on my personal blog in 2012.

Dora the Exploradora, not my favorite kid show but my “on the road got to gal!” See, what happened was that last black friday I gave in and bought a DVD player for the car. My boy was a bit to uninterested from the My Baby Can Read dvds, so I put on some DVD that a coworker gave my husband. And that day I fell in love with the way Dora captured my boys attention while I was driving… The love affair only lasted through the holidays and the amusement definitely died soon, but last Friday as I was getting ready to drive by myself with the boys from VA to NY I decided to try another one of the bunch of dvds we got from that coworker! It ended up being a compilation of Dora episodes that I have never seen. We are a Disney family, totally not a Nick family, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that Gavin, now almost 26 months enjoying the new episodes and quietly sit in his car seat for 6+ hours without a complain in the World!

So thanks Dora for allowing me to drive not worried about one kid while slowly torturing the other one who at 8 months made it clear he really does not like you a bit and decided to scream for all of 6+ hour drive!

How I made it to NY is a mystery to me! Just happy to be home, but definitely missing the mini vacation with all the extra sets of helping hands at my moms place!

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#Stories in the City @RUUM Kidswear

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I have said it time and time again, the amount of events for kids in NYC is insane! There is just always something fun for them. So it was exciting to check out this event hosted by bloggers (Thirty Mommy, So Family & Tastefully Childish) at the RUUM Kidswear store in Manhattan. This event was free, can you say awesome? And it was basically a story time, with snacks and arts and craft for the kids, while the parents shopped! Oh yeah and a discount for the store and raffles…



I took my 2 toddlers and they were so excited. The showroom has a little area by a window, where they put pillows and blankets while they read the stories. They read some of my kids favorite holiday books, including, Snowmen at Night. After the books they would do a craft. My favorite craft was the reindeer they did using a candy cane. Then they had snacks. Aquaball waters, granola bars, bagels and even coffee for the parents (THANK YOU!)


While the kids were entertained I was able to shop a little. It was hard to pick something because every time I look at RUUMs collections I want everything. I got scarves for my boys to use throughout the winter. I love events like these where everyone has fun. My kids really, really, really enjoyed this one. And we won a giveaway, we won an Olaf pillowpet and book. And we even left with a goody bag! And this was no regular goody bag, the boys got mittens, sunglasses, pin. It was really cool.




I am glad to be able to go to events like these. I don’t know what will happen if we ever move from NYC. I might have to start throwing events myself! We are lucky to live in a city with so many things to keep even the smallest tot busy for weeks! Not even joking, it’s hard to keep up with their schedule! They left super happy with their balloons and lollipops!



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Mam Pacifiers

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There is nothing better than the sound of nothing. When you’re a mom silence is very VERY rare. So any little thing that helps calm babies is a plus in my book. I have been familiar with MAM brand for a while, so it was exciting to received the pacifiers for a review. The first thing I love is the design. It is simple, almost like bringing it back to the basics, but with much more ergonomic functionality. None of my kids had ever wanted a pacifier so it was interesting to me that my daughter actually enjoyed and used the MAM paci. I think it’s because it resembles the nipple of their bottle.



I like simple things and MAM pacifiers are just that, simple. But the shape of the nipple is not straight so it makes it easier for the babies to hold on to it, preventing it from falling so often! Plus they have cute designs for any occasion. I love the Christmas pack I got because she used it all through the Holidays! The best thing about Mam is that you can get them anywhere, including online through their site or Amazon. If you want more information definitely check them out, because their variety is crazy.

DISCLAIMER: I received a Holiday print MAM 2 pack for the purpose of this review. I was not financially compensated and all opinions and pictures as always are my own.


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Into the Woods-Best Musical EVER!!!

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Into the Woods

If you haven’t gone to the movie theater to watch the most exciting movie of the season. Into the Woods, not only has a great cast, including Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick and Johnny Depp, it also has a twist on classic fairytale that are sure to keep you excited until the end. I was invited to a screening before the movie premier on Christmas Day and I can’t stop thinking and talking about this movie. It is seriously that good. Not only because the cast is truly phenomenal but also because the stories!

The stories are amazing. The movie follows the adventures of “the baker” who is played by James Corden in his quest to find the requested items by the witch (Meryl Streep) in order to have a baby with his wife (Emily Blunt). Through his adventures he encounters different fairytale characters including Cinderella (Anna Kendrick), Jack and the Beanstock (Daniel Huttlestone), Little Red Ridding Hood (Lilla Crawford) and Rapunzel (Mackenzie Mauzy). Each character is also going through a sort of issue and they all end up helping each other and interacting with each other.

The musical numbers are sure to stick in your brain. Into the Woods, which is the opening number is exciting and magical and dark all at the same time. My favorite musical number though is between the two princes. Rapunzels’ prince played by Billy Magnussen and Cinderellas’ prince played by Chris Pine. I am not kidding this number and part of the movie is so funny.

I really enjoyed this movie. I enjoyed it so much that I went to see it again and took my husband with. As far as audience I would not take little kids as the movie is a bit dark in some parts, especially the wolf. Speaking of the wolf I was a bit disappointed with the amount of time the wolf had on-screen. I really expected to see more of Johnny Depp in the movie. But, the rest of the cast definitely brings it and makes this movie a must see and a Golden Globe Nominee.

So, YES, GO SEE IT!!! 5 stars! Loved it lots. I want to see it again and again! If you already saw it, did you like it!? Let’s discuss!

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Kmart + St. Jude Children’s Hospital

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There are many events in NYC. Most are super fun, but this was my first event where I left feeling proud of myself. Let’s being by explaining what is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, they are “St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is internationally recognized for its pioneering research and treatment of children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases. Ranked one of the best pediatric cancer hospitals in the country, St. Jude is the first and only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center devoted solely to children”. The reason this is important is because there has been such an increase in the amount of childhood cancer that the institution has become essential to the survival on hundreds of children battling cancer.


So when I got the invitation for an event at Kmart for St. Jude, I didn’t think about it twice. I didn’t look at the time or date, I just RSVPed. I didn’t even know what the event was about but I knew I had to be there. When we got there, we were greeted with Santa hats to wear for the event. After which we heard from Marlo Thomas who is the daughter of the founder of St. Jude, Danny Thomas. I can’t tell you how much pleasure it was to hear her speak. We also met a sweet girl name Mary, she’s 11 and battling high risk Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, thanks to St. Jude’s she is recuperating and has great prognosis.

The event was simple, we were given a shopping cart and we had to fill it with as many toys as we could! Can you imagine!!!?? I spent an hour shopping and filling up my cart. These toys were donated to the hospital on behalf of Kmart. We raised over $10,000 in that event alone. Kmart has been a great partner for St. Jude’s they have raised over $72 million dollars for the hospital.

You can do your part to help St. Jude continue to help children. There a lot of retailers who have special items and donation campaigns for the hospital. How about you start the new year with a good deed. Did you know that no one is kicked out of the hospital or denied services at St. Jude’s, even if they can’t afford them. So lets help them continue to provide this magnificent service for out children.


St. Jude/Kmart

If you want more information on St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital visit their website and please find it in your heart to make a donation. I am not asking only on behalf of the hundred of children who battle cancer each day, but also as a mom who has experience the devastation that cancer brings on children. This event really touched my heart and it took me a long time to be able to write it because of the personal ties to it. Having a child with cancer is the most terrifying, hardest things a parent can go through. So when I was packing my cart, I kept thinking of my little boy and the time we spent at the hospital while he was treated for Neuroblastoma. I was proud to pack almost $4,000 to my cart alone!

Needless to say I left Kmart a different person. Meeting Marlo Thomas and hearing first hand how she cares for these children is absolutely inspiring. So please donate. Anything helps.

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Vitabath- A Spa at home!

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I know a lot of moms like me don’t have time to go to a spa, so we resort to DIY spas at home. Needless to say I was super excited to receive Vitabath products for a review. These are heaven. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed using these. They feel luxurious and expensive and they truly transported me to another place where they kids weren’t screaming and banging on the bathroom door.

Perfect for the festivities

Perfect for the festivities

This pink peppermint duo was so nice. It not only makes a perfect gift for holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and everything in between, it is also a beautiful gift for yourself. Moms need that time to de-compress and many times we use the bathroom because it’s basically the only room we can lock and be by ourselves. Vitabath has so many fragrances. It’s hard to choose. They also have all price ranges starting at under $10.


Love that they are paraben free


I like the variety of fragrances and prices that they offer. I have to say this was a very enjoyable product. I like the smell of peppermint and vanilla especially during the holidays. It is a nice change from the regular bar os soap found in my bathroom. Check the website, I absolutely love that they have different gifts sets, not only for mom but also for dad, and the kids. So it’s like one-stop-shopping.

What’s your favorite product? I am obsessed with lotions! So this was perfect.

DISCLAIMER: I was not financially compensated for this post. I was sent samples for the purpose of the review. All opinions and pictures are my own.

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The Bunky Bag- Solutions for baby food!!

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Best babyfood storage

Do you make your own baby food, but still find yourself buying pouches for when you go out? What if there a solution for that? If you could make your baby food and bring it with you where ever you went? The Bunky Bag is that product. I saw this product for the first time at the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower and I was very intrigued. There are many products like it in the market, but this one has 2 characteristics that put it above the rest. The first one is the oval-shaped cap-hello it’s not a choking hazard. This is very important especially since the kids eating these foods put everything in their mouth. This leads to the next awesome thing this product has which is a ring to carry it. This ring also serves as a teething toy! Hello can you say genius??

Oval shaped and carry ring

Oval shaped and carry ring

These are not the only attributes of this product created by a mom, who also happens to be a dental hygenist. In her search for something that was safe, easy, convenient and a way to feed babies better foods made at home she created the Bunky Bag. Like I mentioned there are other features like being dishwasher safe! YES! You can put this in the dishwasher and not worry about it. You can also roll it up into the ring and it won’t be bulky.


Love the measurement on the side.

The measurement on the side is key for me because you know exactly how much you’re feeding your child. You can also add that it has a writable panel in the front so you can write the date. Also the closure is at the bottom, instead of the side, so it makes it easier for little hands to hold.

Easy to hold

Easy to hold

I could write pages on why I like this bag so much. It really is in a whole different category on its own. I even like that they are freezable and cute. They are about $5 a piece, which is nothing compared to the amounts you would spend on individual baby food pouches and because it’s reusable you are also helping the environment, so double/triple duty.

They come in 2 colors, green and purple and they are sold through their website. Also on their website you can buy labels for the bag (by the way, these labels are dissolvable!), in case you want neater looking information and they also sell extra caps in case you lose them. In general I have nothing to recommend maybe add more colors!? But other than that this is pretty genius and efficient at its job and my daughter loves it. It’s mom and baby approved.

Grace loves it

Grace loves it

DISCLAIMER: I was not financially compensated for this post. I got the Bunky Bag as a goodie during the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower. I was also sent a bag for the review. All opinions and pictures are my own.



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