Liberty Science Center Dora & Diego Let’s Explore

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I don’t know any kid who doesn’t like Dora or Diego or a super interactive exhibition at a cool museum. The Liberty Science Center is probably the biggest science museum in the NYC-Metro area. Located in NJ is just a hop across the tunnel to a world of super interactive fun. We went for the first time and I was super excited. Our kids love the NY Hall of Science so I knew they would love the LSC. What I didn’t know was how much. It took hours to convince them to leave.

Dora & Diego Let's Explore!

The reason for our visit was to check out the new Dora & Diego Let’s Explore!. The exhibition is SUPER interactive. There are several stations where kids can play pretend pirate, control a rocket ship, take care of a garden, work on a science lab and get some work outs in with a climbing wall. As part of our blogger event, the kids got back packs with a monkey a pen with flashlight and a map. Part of the idea of the exhibition is for the kids to go through the museum and get stickers at different parts to finish their quest.

Exploring outer space.

Exploring outer space.

There's even a slide...

There’s even a slide…

Each station has different engaging activities for the kids. In the pirate ship, Pirate Piggies’ Ship, there is a coin counter, and I can’t even tell you how hard it was to get the kids to actually move and see the other parts of the exhibition. After the pirate ship they moved in to the rocket ship, Journey to the Purple Planet, where they pressed every single button available and watch a space video. The kids were very so excited. Seriously it was perfect for my little one as well as my 5-year-old. I have to say my favorite part was Isa’s Flowery Garden. This is definitely more suited to the little tots as it is enclosed. The best part was the flowers and pretend water cans and tools. Best of all the flower has scent! They smelled like real flowers.

diego Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 1.15.01 AM

My kids favorite part in the exhibition was the physical activity station, which is called the Rainforest Maze. They had monkey bars and a climbing wall. My sons have never tried the monkey bars at any playground so this was the perfect setting for them.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 1.15.41 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 1.16.22 AM

The exhibition run through January 24th of 2016 so there’s plenty of time to check it out during the winter. These are the perfect places to bring the kids during the winter, because it will entertain them to no end and it’s warm. The museum also has different exhibitions including live animals, fish and a toddler kid area. There’s an IMAX theater with different features.

I was so impressed. I knew this would be awesome and it did not disappoint. And for the kids it was even more awesome. I was finally able to leave after bribing them that we would come back very soon. I should mention the center has a huge cafeteria with everything from pizza to salads.

So know you know if you are looking for something to do during any of the holidays you can visit the Liberty Science Center. Dora & Diego Explore! is perfect for the whole family. And know you can win tickets for your family! Just follow the instructions! Good luck.

So tell me where do your kids like to explore?
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Blue Man Group! GIVEAWAY!

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Raise your hand if you’ve heard of the Blue Man Group? I was first introduced to the show via Arrested Development. Quickly my husband became a fan of their music, but we never had the time to check out one of their amazing shows. Everyone I know who has attended a BMG show only rave about how much fun the show is. Well, fast forward year later I was able to see the show not once but twice this year! YES! THIS SHOW IS AWESOME! It’s seriously so much fun. I don’t even know how to explain it. It’s like modern art, comedians, a great party and a cool band got together and had a baby.

The first time I went, I took my husband on a date. I had no idea what to expect or what it would be like. I did think they would do more of their paint drumming (what the are known for the most). The show takes you on a ride of discovering your senses and opening your eyes to everything around in a fun and engaging way. What I like about the show is that the audience is really participating and engaged. My favorite part is the paper part. Seriously tons of fun, paper flying around and lights and music.

After seeing it the first time I was scared that it would be predictable the second time but it was NOT! The second time was more fun because the audience that went on stage for the different skits was beyond hilarious!

I am dying to take my kids, but I do think it would be too much for my kids. There are some moments in the show where it goes dark and there are strobe lights involved. If you have kids with a sensitivity to light or loud music is best to leave them home. That said, it is really a family show. There’s no profanity, the music is nice, the skits are very kid friendly. No one gets hurt and it’s really a great time.

Now you have a chance to win 4 tickets to check out the show for yourself. The awesome part is that you don’t need to be in NYC! You can check out any of their shows in Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando and the North American Tour (check the site for tour dates). YES! How cool is that? To enter is easy as following the steps in the bottom and sharing with your friends. Also, you have until June to redeem your tickets so there’s plenty of time to check it out. (P.S. think holiday gifts!)
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Thanks to Blue Man Group for sponsoring this giveaway. Please be advice that dates for show can change. 

My non scripted life Parenting

Tips to surviving toddlers!

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There are many ways and reasons why moms go crazy day in and day out when dealing with toddlers. A lot of people, when we engage in conversation, the first thing they ask is how I do it. I have 3 kids. I’m not the first or last of my kind, but I seem to have it under control. Weeeeell, here’s the thing- it looks like I have it under control truth is my house is a mess, I’m 40 lbs overweight and I don’t sleep. Yet, I can say I find joy everyday. So how do I do it? Here’s the tips and tricks that help me survive everyday!

  1. I know we have to save the environment but I also have to save my sanity, sooo we use paper plates! Cutting down on dishes, increases the amount of time we can actually spend during dinner time and cuts on cleaning time.
  2. Keep the menu consistent. Seriously don’t try to introduce new foods unless you are willing to fight the fight. During dinner time I just want them to be fed.
  3. Don’t stress about the toys. You have kids. Let them be. It’s hard and takes time but being OCD about cleaning the toys every 10 minutes is NOT going to help you. Quite the opposite, it will tire you out and stress you more. Let it go.
  4. Pick your battles. I don’t force outfits or meals. Not because I’m not parenting, but because in all seriousness I don’t have the energy to argue with a 3-year-old about which shoes to wear.
  5. Find a hobby. An outlet. Mine is coffee dates with my mom friends, or Target runs.
  6. Your kid is not going to die because he licked his hands at the playground. Sanitize when you get home.
  7. RELAX. This too shall pass.
the mess

My reality

Enjoy the moments. I laugh about everything because, well, seriously it’s like out of a movie. The things that happen in my house are beyond crazy. Example 1: little one eating siblings poop. Example 2: Almost 4-year-old climbing lamp. I used to stress about the house being meticulously clean and actually went to therapy for a while. What I learned is that those are small things that at the end of the day stress me out more than they should. I started letting a lot of things go and low and behold-relaxation.

Of course, not everyone has the same life, but we are all stressed and tired. If you let go even 1 thing, it will make a big difference. So my house is messy but my kids are happy and I’m happy. Isn’t that all that matters at the end of the day?

Do you have any tips or tricks to make parenthood a little easier?


My non scripted life

The importance of Veteran’s Day

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Veteran’s Day is not just another Federal holiday, it’s more than that. It’s a day to celebrate the men and women who at some point decided to serve their country. Veteran’s Day is not political or religious. When you see a soldier you always say thank you for your service and that’s all amazing, but at the end of our journey we take the uniform off and become another citizen.

My journey in the Coast Guard is different than that of my brother in the Navy, and his journey is different than that of my grandfather in the Army National Guard. It doesn’t matter if we served 4 years or 20 years, at the end of the day, we all decided to sacrifice it all to defend freedom.

Veterans Day

Unrecognizable and unidentified, Veterans served the country and yet struggle to find good paying jobs, affordable housing and mental health help. Veterans day is a way to bring awareness to the needs of our veterans and to thank them in a special way. Every soldier is a Veteran. Every Veteran is a HERO.

I invite everyone to not only say thank you to our men in uniform but to celebrate Veterans. Join the Greenlight A Vet by clicking the link. It’s a small way to show your appreciation.


Events & Expos Toys

Play All Day Elmo is the BEST!

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There are toy staples in every house. There are some toys that become family members, there are toys that just grow up with your child forever, there are toys that just are classics. Elmo is one of those toys. I remember when Tickle Me Elmo came out and my sister was terrified. One of my kids first stuffed character was Elmo. I was excited to meet the new Elmo in town. Play All Day Elmo by Playskool is basically the only Elmo we’ll ever need.



At the event we had the pleasure of hanging out with Cookie Monster but seriously the kids were way more excited about checking out the amazing toy room. They had everything from Play All Day Elmo to Abby Cadabby plush. My daughter, soon to be two at first was a bit scared of Elmo. This Elmo is a bit bigger than other Elmo’s and talks a lot! After a few minutes though, she was holding him tight.


2015-10-06 12.04.21

On the other hand, my soon to be 4-year-old LOVED doing the games. They had a spin wheel with the activities that Elmo can do. He plays Pat-a-Cake and sings a lullaby for nap time! This Elmo is so interactive. It has over 100 responses, so the kids are never going to be bored. After the kids played with what seemed like forever, we headed into the theater where Elmo and Abby said hi and introduced us to the show. We checked out some footage from the Play All Day Elmo DVD. The kids loved the show. And I was very surprised that they were quiet and paying attention the whole time.



This is definitely a must for the toddlers and preschoolers. It’s the plush Elmo we all love but so much better!

My favorite Elmo before this one was Tickle Me Elmo! What’s yours?


Thank you to Hasbro for the invite to the adorable event. 

Fashion Parenting Reviews

Stepping in Style with Stride Rite

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It is no secret we are HUGE fans of Stride Rite. 99% of all the shoes my kids own have been bought at Stride Rite stores. If you didn’t know they do sell a lot of other brands including Sperry, Saucony, Robeez and UGGS! Although they do sell other brands and we have bought some of the other brands once in a while, I actually really love the Stride Rite brand. Their shoes have survived my 2 boys so I know the quality is worth the price. Needless to say I was more than ecstatic for the opportunity to work with them and review their new line of shoes called Made 2 Play. The main difference about this line is that the shoes are 100% machine washable. For a mom, this is incredible. Think about all those dirty shoes you have to sponge clean or just toss! These are quality shoes that withstand children, but you can put them in the machine and call it a day!

A little peek of kids Stride Rite closet.

A little peek of kids Stride Rite closet

The Serena Sneaker

The Serena Sneaker

The Ian Sneaker

The Ian Sneaker

I received two pairs to review. The first style was Ian sneaker in size 13 for my first-born. These are his everyday school shoes. They look nice, they feel like sneakers and they are “made 2 play”. I also got a pair for Grace, which I got in a size 8.5 called the Serena sneaker. If you don’t know what size your child is, get them measured. We go to Stride Rite stores 3x a time just to get measure and make sure we are wearing the right size shoes. And you can get them measured for free. So with my first one, he was measuring 12 so I got the shoes 1 whole size up, the same with Grace. They usually recommend half a size, but I have 3 kids that need shoes and I need them to last just a bit longer. The shoes also come with memory foam inside, which makes them extra comfortable for kids to enjoy. Sometimes we worry about what our kids look like and forget the simple things, like: do their shoes fit the right way. And most of Stride Rite shoes come with velcro, which is a win-win because it’s easy on- easy off.Stride Rite4I appreciate the fit of Stride Rite shoes. And most of their shoes range from $44.00-$49.00 (for the Made 2 Play). If you are not familiar with the brand though, they have tons of sale, right now they have some of the Made 2 Play shoes for $24.99, but they are also offering 25% off if you donate an old pair of shoes for Soles 4 Souls. My favorite sale of the year is the buy one get one 40%. Because I’m always buying multiple shoes, this is a great money-saving sale. With Stride Rite you have tons of options, they also have an outlet store as well as a rewards program.StrideRite5

Are your kids picky with their shoes? Mine certainly are. If they don’t have comfortable shoes they refuse to leave the house!

Thanks to Stride Rite for sponsoring this post. All opinions & images are my own. 

Fashion Just for Mom-Beauty

Black & White

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I love Target. I mean really who doesn’t? So I figured I would share my favorite fashion items in my favorite color scheme. Black and white is super NYC, never runs out of style and it’s flattering. All these items can be repurposed in a bunch of different ways and they are affordable! Hello, did I mentioned they are all from Target? And of course I had to add some Star Wars stuff in there because anything Star Wars is on trend right now. Below the image are the links to the items!
Black & White



Mossimo clothing

Mossimo jeans

Plaid backpack

Flat iron

NYX lipstick

Cancer/Neuroblastoma St. Jude

Chopping it up for Cancer

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I love my hair. It’s been my obsession my whole life. I have had short hair multiple times in my life for various reasons and hated it. I finally got it to the length I’ve always wanted. Almost down to my waist. When I visited St. Jude in September I mentally made the decision to cut my hair and donated for wigs. The minimum donations for a full wig is 10 inches. But with crazy life I couldn’t find time in September or October to take time to go to the salon and get it cut. I also had to find a place that either sent donations of hair or would let me bring my hair home in a braid.

2015-11-03 12.28.10

Yesterday I finally did it. I thought I was going to cry and as soon as I felt the tears coming, I thought of a girl I was able to met during that visit. Her strength made me feel so silly. I was about to cry for hair! I should know better! The reason I haven’t even cut my son’s hair is because of cancer. So here I am being a baby about the stupidest thing. So, I closed my eyes and did it!

2015-11-04 10.47.58

10 inches plus cut off. I feel like a new person. I really do. And it makes me feel amazing that the hair off my head is going to a child who is battling cancer. For me, this is almost going full circle. Especially since this November marks the 3 year anniversary of my sons diagnosis and surgery.

I know this might seem so silly, but it’s a part of my life and it’s near and dear to my heart.