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Maintaining the FRIZZ with Alberto VO5

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It’s still summer, if only for a bit longer. It’s still humid and our hair is still crazy. We’re all running around taking care of back to school things for our kids but somehow forget about ourselves. But, it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Alberto VO5 has an affordable, easy to follow treatment to keep that frizz in check.


The three-step process:

Once a week you use the Hot Oil Treatment ($4.79). What the hot oil does is protect your hair and prep it for the shampoo and conditioner, not only that, it also restores the hair natural shine and strength.

Three times a week or every other day wash hair using the Smooth + Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner ($2.49 each). It helps control the frizz with its smoothing complex formulation.

Everyday use the Shine, Glow and Go Body Beauty Oil ($4.99). The most awesome thing about this oil is not only does it make your hair shine and feel silky but it also works on your skin. So if you want smoothness to last all day spray it all over. (This will be a great addition to your winter routine as well!)


As you can see, it doesn’t take a lot of time or a lot of money to take care of yourself. When we take care of ourselves we can be better moms and lift our spirits off. Don’t you want beautiful hair?

What’s your hair routine like?

This is a sponsored post. As always all opinions are my own. 

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Blogger Bash 2015 Recap!

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There are tons of blogger conferences and events. Blogger Bash is by far, the most fun one I’ve been too. This year they stepped it up a notch by adding a special Blue Man Group performance for us. I would love to write everything from the 2 day event, but that would be impossible! So here is my abbreviated recap of how it all went down.BB15114Thursday: After we registered we headed to breakfast. This was a special breakfast sponsored by Care Bears and their #ShareyourCare campaign. It was very exciting to hear all the new apps and things they have going on. And the food was delicious!

BB155After breakfast we got on the bus to head downtown for the Blue Man Group performance. This was my second time checking out the show and it was soooo much fun! The Blue Man Group show is one of those doesn’t disappoint. After the show we were able to have a Q&A with one of the stars of the show and also take pictures with the Blue Man.BB154The day was not done yet and we headed back to Chelsea Piers for the “Sweetest Night of Play” at Sweet Suite. This year, they took it to another level with super awesome decorations and best of all great brands. There were so many cool toys, I don’t even know where to start!One of the coolest things I did see was the new Crayola Thread Wrapper. I wrapped my cell phone charger and it was really cool. You can pic any color and let your creativity run wild.BB151Now that I have a daughter I was beyond excited to see that Strawberry Shortcake original dolls are making a comeback!BB152These Playskool toys by Hasbro are awesome for learning motor skills and that one in the front you can also store it in your diaper bag!BB153 DAY 2 started with breakfast from Disney Infinity. And guess what we discussed? STAR WARS!!!! Yes, the new Disney Infinity is Star Wars. We got a chance to play the game and I have to say it was a lot of fun. It didn’t make me dizzy as some video games, but I’m pretty bias. John Vignocchi presented the artwork, characters and all the details of the game. It’s going to be released before Christmas time!

BB157 BB158After breakfast and the excitement for the new Disney Infinity, we headed to the conference. I checked out Baby Palooza where I learned all about new kid products. The two standouts where this clip on high chair from Bambinos! It basically clips on to any table and has a higher ledge to prevent spills. I thought it was super clever and perfect for traveling! The second product I found super innovative was the SnuzaGO! It’s a portable baby monitor that you put on the babies to make sure they are moving throughout the night.


Another of my favorite times at Blogger Bash was listening to Anne Geddes. This was my third time listening to her talk and it’s always amazing and beautiful to hear her voice and her passion for children and photography. Throughout the day there were other things going on, like different panels on YouTube and social media, as well as fashion and being our best selves. I checked out some of the panels and also enjoyed some snacks from the Rite Aid Recharge Station. There were also vendors and brands to meet during the expo time. Some of the interesting brands I saw where The Ride (which is a tour bus in NYC like no other), Vermont travel, and the NY Times Store, where you can go d special books for weddings and first years. The day progressed with the panels and by the end of day as I tired as I was I decided to stay and check out the closing party by Lentils.



This party was like no other. It was a carnival themed party where everything, including the ice cream had lentils. They even had a woman serving champagne from a chandelier! Say what?? Yeap! There was carnival games and magicians and men in stilts! It was the real deal.

Aside from the awesome panels, the swag, the food and the brands, Blogger Bash was just a great time to learn about my blog and the new products that are coming out from Christmas. I got to meet super cool people and spend time with all blogger friends. It’s an exhausting but very worthwhile experience and this year was definitely a home run. Bravo to the organizing team for topping off last years event!


If you want more information on Blogger Bash or want to apply to attend next year, you can visit their website here. If you want to see a little bit more fun, check out the Flipagram below!


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Bunch O Balloons! They REALLY work!

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BOB2Everyone is always skeptical of things we see on TV. Well I think before summer ends you should go pick up a bag of Zuru Bunch O Balloons because they REALLY REALLY work!BOB3You can buy a pack and it comes with 3 bunches. It also comes with an adapter for the hose. Basically you hook up the bunch to the hose and in about a minute you have perfectly tied and filled water balloons!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!? If you don’t believe it works, check out our video.

We only had about 4 balloons that didn’t fill, but I think our water pressure was low. Make sure that you have a bucket underneath because once they start to fill they’ll just pop out and tie by themselves. BOB1You can buy them everywhere including their website, Walmart, Amazon and As Seen on TV. What better way to close off the summer than with a water balloon fight! Oh and the BEST part? The balloons are biodegradable. So mother nature is taken care off.


Thank you to Zuru for sponsoring this post. All opinions and pictures are my own. 

Announcements Toys


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So if you’re a child from the 90’s you’ve probably most likely have played or know what Bratz. They were the original “be yourself” fashion dolls. They had big hair, awesome makeup and super fashions. It’s been a while since they left the market but as of July 25th, they are available at major retailers. They had an awesome event at Toys R Us in NYC to celebrate the occasion. Bratz are better than ever!


So what’s different with the new Bratz (Yasmin, Jade, Cloe, Sasha and Raya)? The most noticeable difference is their makeup. It’s much subtle but still edgy. They have also added tons of different series to the dolls, in order to stay current with the times. There is a Study Abroad series, where the girls go visit other countries like Brazil and Russia. My favorite is the Ski lodge series, the outfits are stunning and it’s something original.


The characters themselves reflect our times. They are into selfies and iPhones. They love fashion- but also love do other things like play sports, meditate, and sew. All the girls have very different personalities, which guarantees every girl out there can find them relatable.


The dolls are super cute. They are original and what’s the best lesson for our kids? Be yourself. You can check out the dolls at Toys R Us, Walmart & Target!

Thanks to Bratz for inviting me to the launch party in NYC.  

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What I think about Target’s Gender Neutral Store

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Photo Credit: Target

Photo Credit: Target

I love Target. Anyone that knows me can back me up on that. I have no issues with the transgender community whatsoever but I think this move by Target to remove gender signs (you can read their official press release here) is unnecessary. There is a simple reason why I don’t like the move and has nothing to do with being politically correct, it has to do with just being organized! When I’m in a store, I like when everything is separated, by departments, by styles, by colors. If you go to the same Target then maybe you won’t mind the changes and can easily adapt. To me, sometimes going to different Targets in different states, it helps a lot to know where everything is.

So here’s the issue. Target has recently removed the signage from the toy department to be gender neutral. No boys department, no girls department, just random items spread all over the floor in order to not limit shoppers into categories regarding sex or gender. What upsets people with this move is the intention to not make a boy feel uncomfortable for looking for dolls or a girl looking for “boys” clothes. So what, if all the Barbies are in the “girls” isle? If my son wanted a Barbie he or I would just go in the isle and buy it. If he/she is not comfortable enough to go in a certain isle at a Target, or any retailer for that matter, then there is something bigger that should be discussed. Your kids are what you teach them as a parent, and we should teach them to be happy in their own skin. Are we doing this for the children or for the parents? And even though there is a transgender community, they’re still only two genders as far as I know that people identify with: boy (male) or girl (female). So as much as I am for equality, we are giving way too much importance to signage.

All that being said, I will continue to shop at the store, because I really do enjoy their products.

What do you think about Targets’ new move?



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Before summer ends, make sure to get one more day trip in. Legoland Discovery Center in NY is the perfect place for a day of fun. Just for readers, there’s a special discount code when you use this link and use the code MBME-NZ15. If you want to know what LDC is like, read my review here.

It’s fun for the whole family so make sure to check it out!


Recap: Getting Gorgeous 2015

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With all the events happening in NYC and the kids at home I was more than looking forward to Getting Gorgeous. Not only because it is networking time but also because I learn how to take care of myself. I arrived at the event and the first thing I did was get my nails done by Spa Chicks. There were so many great brands and I was so excited to connect. GG6Trollbeads gave us the opportunity to create a bracelet. It like that the cords were reversible, giving you a two in one option. They also have a vast variety of beads to match any style. Another featured I like and learned during this event, was that it has multiple fits, so you can make sure that it will fit any size. GG4I also enjoyed getting a proper bra fit by BALI. The last time I got one was like 3 kids and 60lbs ago, so this was very pleasing. We got to pick a bra to be sent home and I can’t tell you how excited I am to try it. It’s very hard for me to find comfortable, well-fitting bras.

Because baby gear is my thing, I was also excited to play with the Stokke Xplory and Scout strollers. When do I not enjoy a stroller? Seriously considering having a new baby to have a reason to get one. These strollers definitely make any mom feel glamorous and chic. They are the perfect accessory. GG5If you’ve ever dealt with acne you know the amount of products can be overwhelming but often they don’t even work, so it was a treat learning about the new product call Liquid Oxygen. This is a 3 step skin care system made with oxygen in its liquefied form. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and notice a difference in my skin texture. It’s much softer and brighter.

Chobbani yogurt was another brand that I was excited to check out. They introduced me to their kids line, which I didn’t know excited. We even got to decorate a lunch box and write on it. They have yogurt pouches for toddlers as well as the yogurt tubes for the older kiddos- perfect for school lunches.GG3 GG2They were other brands including Kevita a probiotic sparkling drink, Restylane Silk a a line that can enhance the appearance of lips making them look younger and fuller. Kodak who was showcasing their new app, Cocktail Caviar, which to be honest I am soooo mad I didn’t try. The concept is flavored spirits that burst in your drinks. The Backyward Food Company who provided yummy treats.GG7I had a great time, not only networking with fellow bloggers and brands, but taking time to better myself. Because sometimes a good bra makes the world of difference in how you feel!  GG1


Thank you to Getting Gorgeous for inviting me to the event. All opinions and pictures are my own. 


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