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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

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I don’t like Sponge Bob. I know, weird. I just really can’t deal, so I was weary to attend an event to preview the movie but said, what the heck? Let me go check it out. I am not lying when I tell you I was totally surprised! It was sooo much fun. The movie is 3D so there’s an element of surprise. And my favorite part? Antonio Banderas. Sorry Johnny Depp, Antonio is definitely the BEST pirate. The movie explores what happens when Bikini Bottom has no more Crabby Patties and SpongeBob teams up and comes to the human world to find the recipe. I really think the movie is funny and if you’re s SpongeBob fan you will most likely love it. I don’t think I would take my 3yr old to watch, but I enjoyed it very much. Soooo if you haven’t yet, head on to the theater and check it out. Let me know what you think. I am very interested in hearing your opinions on the movie.


Thanks to The Moms & Norwegian Cruise Lines for a fun time!



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NY Toy Fair 2015- Top 10

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Last week the New York Toy Fair of 2015 took place at the Javits Center in New York City. Over 1,000 toy companies came and showcased their new toys for the year. Some of them came out recently and some won’t even be out until the next holiday season. I walked and walked hours to find out the best. Out of all the toys I picked these 10 to show you because well- I have 3 kids- so no time! LOL. So here they are.

1. Fantasy Fields by Teamson: There are so many things that blew me away with this company. First of all their products are handcrafted. I love companies that take time to craft quality products for kids. I also fell in love with their design. They have a fantasy forest theme with woodland creatures like owls and turtles. But they also have a medieval theme with dragons and knights. My favorite product was the foldable doll house! YES, especially because I live in NYC were space is a commodity. This doll house opens and folds flat so you can put it in a closet. The difference as opposed the the other doll houses that fold is that this is a big one! It doesn’t sacrifice the actual doll house. They also have other awesome products like a half doll house/half kitchen. So it’s kitchen on one side and house in the other. There was also a spaceship “doll house”. This is super cool and comes in two sizes. Table top and large.



2. Adora Dolls: These dolls are adorable! They have different kinds. From first dolls to babies, to grow with me. They also have a special collection, the most beautiful ones are the Wizard of Oz. I have never seen such beautiful dolls. They are made to perfection. They also have a collection of dolls that are high quality and ethnically accurate. Of all their dolls my favorite was the rag doll Mixxie Mopsies. The rag doll come with 14 pieces and you can change the legs and arms. So not only are playing with creativity, they are also practicing motor skills with the buttons. The line also has different doll accessories like strollers and carriers. Oh and what caught my eye was their innovation for bath time! They have a bath doll, BathTimeBaby Owl. Yes!!! A doll that has a bathing suit body so it can be used in the bath, the pool, the beach! Who would’ve thought of that?



3. Gund: Gund is by far my favorite brand of stuffed animals. All 3 of my kids have left the hospital with their own babyGund My First Teddy. They have so many new things!! I was so excited to check out their products. The first is a whole new addition to babyGund, including an Owl and new colors like lavender. Not only do they have babyGund, but they also have a whole Elmo and Curious George line. They also have the cutest little dog that dances around called Boo. The most amazing thing about Gund is that their products are super soft. Seriously, I want to cuddle every single toy in their line. They even have slippers for everyone, including adults. The best toy for babies is My First Drum. It’s a stuffed drum but when kids bang on it, it plays music. It’s perfect for sensory and entertainment plus is one of those toys that turns into a beautiful keepsake.




4. Perri Teri toys: OK, so this is one of the most innovative things I have seen my whole life. It is a scissor type cutter inside a marker! Not only is it cool because it’s two tools in one, but it’s also safe to the touch. I like that the markers look like regular markers, but have the hidden gem. This is the perfect tool for scrapbookers, teachers and even older kids for arts and crafts. Although they are safe to the touch, I wouldn’t trust toddlers with them because well- toddler curiosity, of course if supervised anyone can use them. They come in basic colors, and it’s not available yet. I can’t wait for these markers to come out!

Perry Teri Toys

5. Melissa & Doug: If you don’t know, or own a Melissa & Doug product, you MUST run to the store and get your kids some of their toys. I can’t even begin to explain or write you ALL the amazing toys they have. Everything from arts and craft supplies to stuffed animals, they have toys for any age group from itty bitty babies to pre teens. At the Toy Fair I was actually kind of overwhelmed and in awe of the amount of toys they actually have. Some of my favorites were the classic wooden toys and the On the Go line. We travel a lot so the portable-resusable-no mess coloring books are absolutely awesome. Another cool product they have is NO MESS GLITTER. Did you ever thing such a thing could exist? YES! It’s glitter with adhesive so you can create any image you like all sparkly. Some of the newer toys for them include and full puppet line and a jewelry making line for older children. They included in their brand games that the whole family can play. I really can’t pick my favorite thing from their brand!



6. KidKraft: Handcrafted, beautiful wood furniture? Check. Kidkraft has proven one more time why they are the best. They classics keep getting better and better. They have added more play food for their kitchens (we actually own the Modern Espresso Kitchen and LOVE IT). They appeal to me because of the personification of the furniture. They have also added a new furniture line for older kids. The most important thing they have coming up this year is a brand new line of high end costumes. The costumes are soooooo beautiful and they are made with quality materials. You can see the difference in these costumes versus their cheaper counterparts. KidKraft just never disappoints. They know how to make very good, quality products that withstand time.


7. Moff: This toy is kind of revolutionary in its’ own way. It is a band that kids can snap on and works with an app on a smart device. The app has different sounds and when the kids wear the band and move their arms it makes the sound they picked. There are different sounds like swords (my favorite) to musical instruments. This is fun, especially when two people have it, because the effect of a sword fight or garage band is pretty cool. The band comes in orange right now but they are expanding to add more colors. The idea of the toy is to make kids move and be active. I thought it was clever because it incorporates a physical item with a smart phone app. The app is also kind of cool because the more kids play the more sounds they uncover. And it’s free. Who doesn’t like free apps??



8. Cartwheel Kids: I was so impressed with this brand. They have the most beautiful Hello Kitty items like a shopping cart and toy kitchen (the toy kitchen even dispenses ice!!). And I fell in love with their tiny to go coffee mug for my baby girl! It’s do adorable. And they change the packaging so the costumer can look into the toys. They have two items that I think will be a hit and I feel in love with. One was the marshmallow stuffer. That’s right, a little device where kids can put stuff inside their marshmallows. It’s super easy to use, and they can add anything from sprinkles to cookie crumbles. No battery, no mess, just simple. This would also be great for parties. Instead of having a sundae bar, you can have a marshmallow bar, where kids create different flavors and stuff. The other item I really liked was the Peter Rabbit line. I am not a huge fan of Peter Rabbit but I thought the toys where beautifully made and any kids would want a Peter Rabbit plush toy.


9. Squishable: OMG. I love stuffed animals. I love turtles. I love huggable things. This is exactly what Squishable is. Is huggable adorable stuffed creatures. You can’t help but to fall in love with any of their little creatures. I was excited because not a lot of companies can make an adorable turtle plush toy. But Squishable has set the bar VERY VERY VERY high. Their design is perfection. Their animals come in different sizes ranging from 3″ for the mini to 26″ for the massive. The colors are beautiful and they have everything from a turtle, octopus to an android and cupcake plush. A cupcake!!!! Yeap. Amazing stuff. You must check them out because these make perfect gifts for Easter or Passover!



10: Uncle Milton: A classic brand who keeps making awesome toys especially making science more fun for kids. I was excited to check out their new Star Wars Science line and see what they have coming up. Hello Star Wars fans! The best thing I saw was the new mind game they have. It’s basically a platform with a tablet. and you can see things 3D. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I’ll try. You put the head piece on. Turn on the tablet and put in in the platform and then start the game. You have to train to use the force and your brain only. I was able to control the droids in less than a second! Woo Hoo!! They have so many other Star Wars things coming out. It is seriously a lot of fun to play with any of the Star Wars Science toys because they are double duty. They are a toy but they also teach something, and you all know how I feel about double duty items! They are a parents best friend.

Star Wars


I hope you enjoyed my top 10. There are so many cool toys. I can’t even begin to understand how is it even possible. Seriously buying Christmas gifts this year will be VERY hard. Did you enjoyed this breakdown? What was your favorite? What did you like the most? Is there any other toy you want to see?


DISCLAIMER: I attended the trade show as part of the media. All opinions are completely my own. I did received the Squishable Turtle and the Moff Band for review purposes.




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NY Toy Fair- Español

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Hace unas semanas se llevó a cabo una de las ferias de juguetes más grandes en Estados Unidos. En la misma se presentaron sobre 1,000 compañías de juguetes. Durante la feria se presentaron juguetes que ya están en el mercado, pero también juguetes que no saldrán hasta la temporada Navideña. Aquí les hago un pequeño recuento de mis favoritos. Los mejores juguetes que vi y por qué me los encontré buenos.

1. Teamson: Fantasy Fields by Teamson Kids. Esta compañía se dedica a crear bellos juguetes y muebles a mano. Los colores y el diseño son bellos. Lo más que me gusto de su linea fue una casa de muñecas que se dobla y la puedes guardar en un armario o debajo de la cama. Para familias que viven en lugares pequeños esto es un éxito por que ahorra espacio pero sin sacrificar el tamaño de la casa como tal. El segundo articulo que me gusto fue la mitad casa de muñeca mitad cocina. Así como lo escuchas. Por un lado es una mini cocina para los chicos pero por el otro lado es una casa de muñeca mas pequeña. Esta compañía tiene bellezas también para los niños. Para ellos lo mas que me gusto fue una “casa” pero en forma de cohete. Lo mas que me gusto del cohete es que viene en dos tamaños uno de piso y uno para la mesa. Depende de tu espacio puedes comprar cualquiera de los dos, pero ambos van a entretener a los chicos por un buen rato. Los diseños son bellos y brindan un aire de fantasia a cualquier cuarto de niño. Los temas de criaturas como los búhos o los temas medievales serán un éxito con los chicos.


2. Perry Terri Toys: Estos marcadores tienen un cortador en el medio, se llaman Colorcutter. Es una de las cosas más innovadoras que e visto en mucho tiempo. Los niños pueden utilizar el marcador para dibujar pero con un poco de presión pueden cortar lo que están coloreando. Esto es un éxito para las personas que les gustan las manualidades también creadores de los famosos “scrapbooks”. Maestras, padres se beneficiarán de tener un dos por uno con estos marcadores. Lo mejor de los marcadores es que son seguros cuando los tocas con las manos. Definitivamente para los niños pequeños no los recomendaría, a menos que tengan supervisión adulta, ya que los pequeñines son muy curiosos. Estos marcadores todavía no están en el mercado, por lo tanto tenemos que esperar un poco para comprarlos.

Perry Toys

3. Gund: Gund es mi marca favorita de peluches. Todos sus peluches son de una calidad inigualable. Son suaves, son bellos y son lo mas adorable que puedes ver. Nosotros somos fanáticos y cada uno de mis hijos tiene su propio My Fist Teddy, de su línea babyGund. Durante la feria exhibieron nuevos peluches como búhos y mas colores incluyendo lavanda, perfectos para cualquier bebé. También tienen una línea completa de Elmo, Curious George y un perrito adorable llamado Boo. Este se mueve y tiene música. Lo más que me gusto es un nuevo peluche que es un tambor y tiene música y luces. Este juguete es perfecto para desarrollar habilidades motoras pero a la misma ve entretener a los bebés. Como siempre lo que mantiene a Gund en el tope es la calidad de sus productos.



4. Melissa & Doug: Probablemente mi marca favorita de juguetes para niños. Esta compañía tiene juguetes para todas las edades y todos los gustos. Desde productos para manualidades y creatividad como clásicos de madera y peluches de todos tamaños. En la feria, me quedé un poco estupefacta con la cantidad de juguetes y cosas para niños de todas las edades. Hay varias cositas que me gustaron como la línea de On the Go. Estos productos son perfectos para viajar y mantener a los chicos distraídos durante el viaje. También tienen escarcha con pega, ¡así se eliminan los regueros!  Definitivamente los clásicos de Melissa & Doug continúan creando juguetes de excelente calidad y versatilidad. Entre las cosas nuevas que traen este año hay una nueva línea de marionetas de varios tamaños con todo y teatro. En general me encantó explorar todos los nuevos productos.

NYTF8 IMG_5798

5. Moff Band: Esta banda es una innovación increíble. Se trata de una banda, como reloj, que los niños se ponen. Solo tiene un botón y la batería. Por otro lado los padres bajan una aplicación al celular o a la tableta. La aplicación tiene diferentes sonidos y mientras los niños mueven las manos, hace el sonido escogido. Hay diferentes sonidos como tambores, deportes y mi favorito las espadas. Este juguete me encanta para dos personas ya que pueden hacer una banda musical con los sonidos y es sumamente divertido. El propósito de la banda es hacer que los chicos se muevan más. Esto es also innovador por que mezcla la tecnología con un objeto real.


6. KidKraft: KidKraft tiene la mezcla perfecta de muebles para niños y juguetes de calidad excepcional. No cabe duda que siguen brindando cosas nuevas para mantener su competitividad en el mercado. Este año vienen con una nueva línea de vestidos para niñas de princesa. Estos vestidos no son como cualquier disfraz, son hechos con alta calidad para durar muchos años y muchas horas de juego. También siguen produciendo sus cocinas de jugar que son perfectas para todos los espacios. Ellos se caracterizan por sus muebles y ahora la compañía a creado muebles para chicos más grandes. Ahora tienen camas de una plaza y escritorios más grandes.


7. Squishable: ¿A quién no le gustan los peluches? Squishable es una línea de peluches redondos para abrazar. Vienen en diferentes estilos y son bien suaves. A mi me encantan las tortugas así que quedé fascinada con su peluche de tortuga. Lo mas que me gusta es que el diseño es preciso. Y tienen diferentes tamaños desde 3″ hasta 26″. Hay una infinidad de diseños desde animales como mi tortuga preciosa hasta pulpos y un “cupcake”. Definitivamente este es un juguete perfecto para estas Pascuas.


8. Cartwheel Kids: Esta compañía tiene una infinidad de juguetes y estilos. Tienen una línea bella de Hello Kitty. Tienen una cocina de juguete que tiene luces y hecha hielo en un vaso. Lo más que me gustó es un vasito pequeño de café para llevar, estoy loca por comprarlo para mi bebé. También han cambiado varios de los empaques para que se puedan ver adentro el contenido. Entre los otros productos hay una línea de juguetes de Peter Rabbit y aunque a mí no me gusta ese personaje, los juguetes están hechos a la perfección y cualquier niño quisiera tener. Pero lo más-más chévere que tienen es una máquina de rellenar malvaviscos. Esto es perfecto para fiestas de cumpleaños ya que en vez de tener una barra de mantecados los niños pueden crear sus propios malvaviscos con galletas o “sprinkles”. Lo mejor de la máquina es que no usa baterías ni nada, por lo tanto es súper fácil de usar.


9. Adora Dolls: Estas muñecas son sumamente especial. Lo más que me gustó es la variedad de muñecas. Tienen bebés, como tienen muñecas para coleccionar al igual que de trapo. Las de trapo fueron las más que me gustaron. Se llaman Mixxie Mopsie. Estas muñecas vienen con diferentes piezas y las chicas pueden hacer sin-número de combinaciones de los brazos y piernas, creando sus propio estilo. Entre la variedad de muñecas que tienen, hay de el Mago de Oz, que están sumamente preciosas, perfectas para coleccionar. Y cuando se trata de innovar el mercado de las muñecas, nada mas innovador que las muñecas de baño. Así mismo, como lo leyó, una muñeca que se puede mojar, así las niñas se las pueden llevar a la piscina, la playa y hacen la hora del baño matutino más llevador.


10. Uncle Milton: En mi casa somos fanáticos de Star Wars, por lo tanto me emocionó mucho explorar las nuevas cosas que Uncle Milton trae para este año. Lo primero que me llamó la atención es el nuevo juego para probar “the force”. Se trata de una plataforma donde se puede poner una tableta y jugar 3D. No se si les puedo explicar pero voy a tratar. Primero se pone un transmisor en la cabeza, luego la tableta en la plataforma, lo prendes y listo. Uno de los juegos es como derivar a los “droids” con tu mente. ¡Yo lo hice en un segundo! La compañía también tiene otros juguetes como lámparas de Frozen y otros personajes de Disney.

Star Wars

¿Cual es tú favorito? ¿Quieres más información sobre un juguete en específico?


Acudí al  Toy Fair como parte de la prensa. Recibí la Tortuga de Squishable y el Moff Band para hacer un reporte completo. Como siempre todas las opiniones son solo mías.

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Crayola #Coloralive

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My son ready to meet the dragon!!

I love Crayola. And what kid doesn’t? I was so excited to attend an event to check out #ColorAlive. What is #ColorAlive? It is an interactive new way to play and color. The kids get a coloring book (right now they come in 4 themes), they color the pages. Mom or dad download the app and then they scan the page they colores. What happens next is very VERY awesome. The creature in the coloring page comes alive. The kids can play with it on the phone and even take pictures with their creation. I am not going to lie, I love coloring so this was extra cool for me.


My son & I spending some one on one time coloring.

During the event, we got to explore and play with the app. The app is free and its available for different operating systems. The 4 themes of books are Skylanders, Barbie, Enchanted Forest, and Mythical Creatures. I took my first born to the event and he had a blast. It was so cool to see the creation alive. There is also an added feature where you use a magical crayon and it scans special effects on to your smart device- YES- you can use your phone, iPad or tablet.


Ashley Simpson & I

During the event, there were multiple color stations where kids got to really really color and take pictures. Ashley Simpson was also at the event with her husband and son. They actually spend quite some time enjoying the coloring. The food was awesome, we savored sliders, piggies in blankets and the best- french fries with color goo in them. I grabbed pink!

Pink Fries!!!

Pink Fries!!!

We had a lovely time. Thanks to Crayola & The Moms for allowing us to discover, learn and play with #ColorAlive books and app. I know my son won’t stop coloring, which is pretty amazing. Thanks for the entertainment. It was really fun!



DISCLAIMER: I was not compensated by this post. However, I did receive a goodie bag.

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Lunch with The Moms- oh and Molly Sims!

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Coffee & Molly Sims "The Everyday Supermodel" Book.

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending an event in NYC, where we were treated to lunch and great conversation with other media moms and Molly Sims. The event was hosted by The Moms and it took place at Artisanal Bistro. At the event we enjoy super delicious food from the bistro but also learned about the movie 40 Weeks, which is the first movie to document all 40 weeks of pregnancy. And we also spoke to Molly Sims about her beauty secrets, her routine and her new book.

The Moms & Molly Sims

The Moms & Molly Sims

This was definitely an afternoon of learning. I had no idea about the story behind the movie 40 Weeks. Turns out, husband and wife teamed up to create this documentary so women going through pregnancy would have real life, visual accounts of things that go on during this time. It’s makes pregnancy more relatable and almost easier. Beats reading a book. It was so special to hear the director of the movie speak about his wife and pregnancy and his daughter. Christopher Henze the co-director of the movie spoke of such passion and expressed so much gratitude to his wife for allowing him to be a dad, that he felt this was the way to give back to women.

After we listened to the Big Belli Co. founders, we got a chance to hear Molli Sims speak about her beauty routine and how important her skin is to her. This is one of the topics she talks about in her new book “The Everyday Supermodel”. In the book, she also talks about beauty routine and style ideas for the everyday mom. My favorite section was on how to use a scarf. I think the book is fabulous. It really does give us an insight into the life of a real life supermodel. It is amazing that she would let us in to soo many tricks!

She signed my book!

She signed my book!

This was a great time with friends and hearing Molly talk about what she does to look fabulous was amazing. Even more amazing was getting her book and getting it signed by her. Not only was she SUPER friendly by chatting with me about where I was from and stuff, but she also let me touch her belly! I LOVE baby bumps, so this one was a special one.

Lyve- a new way to save your pictures was also there.

Lyve- a new way to save your pictures was also there.


Thanks to The Moms for this once in a lifetime opportunity.



Navegando Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom (Spanish)

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Mi Familia en Disney's Magic Kingdom

Vamos para Disney World ahora, ¿por donde empezamos? Pues vamos a discutir en este “post” como planificar Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Quiero empezar por este parque, ya que es el mas famoso y el mas grande. También es el más tiempo que toma ver, ya que tiene más atracciones.

Con Mickey Mouse

Con Mickey Mouse

HOSPEDÁJE: Pero lo primero es los hoteles. Como todos los hoteles en la propiedad de Walt Disney World están divididos en tres categorías: Value, Moderate y Deluxe. Los hoteles en el área de Disney’s Magic Kingdom son categoría deluxe gracias a su cercanía al parque. En el area de Disney’s Magic Kingdom son hay varios lugares donde la familia se puede hospedar. La variedad incluye cuartos de hotel tradicionales pero también hay villas para familias.

1. The Cabin’s at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

2. Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

3. Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

4. Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

5. Disney’s Contemporary Resort

6. Disney’s Polynesian Village & Bungalows

7. Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

8. The Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

9. The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

TRANSPORTACIÓN: Una de las ventajas de quedarse cerca del parque es que puedes utilizar el servicio de “nonorail” o tranvía. De los hoteles mencionados anteriormente, los únicos que no proveen el servicio de “monorail” son Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort.  En todos hay servicios de guagua del hotel al parque, al igual que las guaguas parque a parque. Al quedarse en hotel también puedes conducir tú propio auto. Debo aconsejar que si conduces tú propio auto a Disney’s Magic Kingdom tienes que coger el “ferry” o el “monorail” para llegar a la entrada del parque.

¿TIENES HAMBRE? LA COMIDA: Cuando se viaja a Disney hay que tener en cuenta que te va  dar mucha hambre. Entre caminar y montarse en las diferentes atracciones vas a querer comer y comer. Si viajas con niños pequeños puedes llevar tus propios refrigerios. Hay gente que opta por llevar “sandwiches” de cualquier clase, galletas, jugos, aguas y meriendas. Pero la realidad es que Walt Disney World tiene restaurantes excelentes que merecen una visita. En Disney’s Magic Kingdom puedes escoger entre restaurantes con personajes y restaurantes de comida rápida. Hay tantos que se merecen su propia entrada. Pero aquí les doy una idea de los más populares.

“Table Service”:

1. Be Our Guest Restaurant

2. Cinderella’s Royal Table (C)

3. Crystal Palace (C) (B)

4. Liberty Tree Tavern (B)

5. The Plaza Restaurant

6. Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party (B)

7. Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

“Quick Service”:

1. Aloha Isle

2. Casey’s Corner

3. Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

4. Main Street Bakery

5. Pinocchio Village Haus

6. Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant

7. Tortuga Tavern

C= Personajes B= Buffet

ATRACCIONES: ¡Mi parte favorita al planificar las vacaciones! Disney’s Magic Kingdom está dividido en secciones. Cada sección tiene restaurantes, baños y diferentes atracciones. Antes de llegar debes verificar las estaturas requeridas para las atracciones ya que son diferentes.

Este es mi plan de acción

Este es mi plan de acción

1. Main Street, U.S.A.:

-Town Square Theater. Este es la “casa” de Mickey Mouse. Es el lugar principal para conocer y retratarse con el.

2. Frontierland:

-Splash Mountain (40″)- ¡Diversión máxima la caer por agua!

-Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (40″)- ¿a quién no le gustan las montañas rusas?

3. Adventureland:

-The Magic Carpets of Aladdin- Volar en alfombras mágicas, es bueno para toda la familia.

-Swiss Family Treehouse- Una casa de árbol gigante donde vivía una familia.

-Jungle Cruise- Un paseo divertido en bote por la jungla.

-Pirates of the Caribbean- Esta es la atracción que inspiró la película con Johnny Depp.

4. Tomorrowland:

En la entrada a Tomorrowland

En la entrada a Tomorrowland

-Space Mountain (44″)- ¡Montaña rusa a oscuras! Súper divertida.

-Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover- Esta es una de mis favoritas ya que es un sitio excelente para descansar. Te montan en un tipo de tren y paseas por Tomorrowland (perfecto lugar para lactar).

-Monster’s, Inc. Laugh Floor- Esta atración es perfecta para toda la familia. Los personajes de la película Monsters, Inc. hacen chistes con el público.

-Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin- Esta atracción es pura acción. Tienes que utilizar el rayo laser para ganarle al oponente.

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

5. Fantasyland

-it’s a small world- Definitivamente es la atracción mas importante en Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Es un clásico que personas de cualquier edad pueden disfrutar. Desde los 5 años hasta el sol de hoy, todavía me emociona entrar a “it’s a small world”. Siempre empezamos por esa.

-Peter Pan’s Flight- Un paseo en barco volador por Neverland.

-Mad Tea Party- Clásico del parque. Mientras más energías le pongas a girar la taza mas emocionante es.

-Dumbo the Flying Elephant- Otro clásico, no puede faltar en la lista de las atracciones que DEBES visitar.

-Walt Disney Rail Road- Este es un tren que pasea por TODO el parque. Es perfecto para descansar y disfrutar un rato viendo el parque desde un punto de vista totalmente diferente.

6. Liberty Square:

-Haunted Mansion- La atracción mas temerosa de Disney, con una sorpresa al final.

Puedes encontrar mis otros trucos para visitar Disney aquí (Inglés). Recuerda, lo más importante es divertir a toda la familia y pasarlo bien. Nada de estrés.

Con Elsa. La conocimos en Princess Hall.

Con Elsa. La conocimos en Princess Hall.

Espero que esta entrada te ayude a planificar mejor su próxima o primera visita a Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Ahora cuéntame, si ya has visitado Disney’s Magic Kingdom, ¿cuál es tú atracción favorita? Si aún no has visitado el parque, de las que mencioné, ¿cuál te gustaría explorar?




My non scripted life Parenting

To shower or not to shower? That is the question.

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Not going to lie, my husband and I have the most awkward conversations. I seriously wish we could tape ourselves and play it for you all so you can fully understand. We are pretty chill parents so when we were driving home last night, we were trying to figure out the logistics of getting home after spending ALL day outside. And not the spending the day outside in the car or stroller, but play and going to events, and even throw up.

The reason we needed to figure out logistics is because we have 3 kids! Under 5! and it was passed bedtime! So of course, they were all sleeping in the car. As we drove home, my husband asks if the kids needed a bath. I looked at him and laughed, “of course they need a bath”. And then he looked at me and for the next 10 minutes we went back and forth analyzing the pros and cons and the reasons why or why not we should give the kids a shower. It was hilarious, but it also made us think of different types of parenting and how circumstances change plans of actions. There was no doubt that they needed a shower, but was it easier and smoother to just transition them straight to the bed, take their clothes off and baby wipe them. Or did we really want to go through the chaos of waking them up, bathing them and trying to make them fall asleep after they were asleep? Decisions-decisions.

My husband encouraged me to write this little post as a way to see what other odd decisions you’ve had to make in parenting. He believes we aren’t the only ones that have these struggles!


So tell us what has been the silliest decision you’ve struggle with?

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Can Do Duck: The Musical

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We got the cast to sign our program!

We got the cast to sign our program!

Are you looking for something fun to do with your kids during the cold winter weather. I know exactly where you need to go. You need to go and check out Can Do Duck: The Musical. This musical just debut Off-Broadway and it’s a great time for kids of all ages, including mom and dad. I went to check out a special presentation this past Sunday and I had no expectations, except to spend the day with my second born, but I have to say I was blown away. There are no super special effect. It is a quality story with a great cast.

Photo Credit: INTRONYC

Photo Credit: INTRONYC

The musical is based on the book Can Do Duck. The setting of the musical is the story behind two families and how they go through difference emotions and obstacles and how to tackle such obstacles. It is a positive message and it encourages everyone to think about how to achieve goals and how to work together. I really loved the value of family and I did cry at the end- sorry I won’t spoil it, but the ending definitely got to me. So emotional and inspirational all at the same time.

Me & Second Born

Me & Second Born

The cast was spectacular. They can sing, act and engage the kids. I didn’t see one kid uninterested in this show, they were all excited to see what was going to happen next. There are also different moments when kids are asked to come on stage, so it makes it much more fun.

Photo Credit: INTRONYC

Photo Credit: INTRONYC

The show runs an hour with no intermission and it’s playing Saturday and Sunday at 11 am at Lynn Redgrave Theater at the Culture Club. Go check this out. If you would like for special readers there is a 50% discount code, just use “INTRONYC” when purchasing your tickets. Go take your whole family, you will NOT be disappointed.