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Tomorrowland-What I thought and why you should go see it!

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I have to say before I get into the “review” that I do not LIKE Science fiction at all! So, when I saw the trailer for Tomorrowland I was like ok, another sci/fi movie. Then my husband asked to go, so I got us into the screening last Monday. We got to see it on IMAX. I think IMAX is a must for this movie.

Now let me get into it. I actually LOVED the movie. I walked in already thinking I would hate it and I didn’t like it, well to my surprised I enjoyed every minute of it. The movie follows the story of a young boy trying to showcase his jetpack idea at the 1964 Worlds Fair. This boy gets a special coin that transports him to another world called Tomorrowland. Tomorrowland is where all the inventors and creative people develop amazing ideas. After we learn the story of Frank, we learn about Casey and her desire to go to space. She also receives that special coin that takes her to Tomorrowland.

The story then moves along with Frank and Casey trying to save the world from its own destruction, by changing Tomorrowland. The movie has action, as well as drama. I don’t think it’s appropriate for kids 6 and under, as it does has some mild-Disney violence. George Clooney (Frank) is great, Britt Robertson (Casey) is also good.

If there is one thing I would change is that I didn’t understand the plot as easily as I believe it was meant to be. My husband got it right away because he loves sci/fi, but I left with a million questions.

I do think the ultimate message of the movie is why it’s worth watching. Not just saving the world but keeping creativity alive and following your dreams. Nothing is impossible. All in all I enjoyed it a lot, so much that I want to see it again. I think it’s also worth watching just for the graphics alone!

Did you go check it out? It’s playing now! Let me know what you thought! Did you like it?

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Blogging for the love of writing

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There are many reasons why bloggers and writers write. I decided to start my blog in 2012 as a way to journal my adventures with my kids. Last year I decided to make it more public and also use it to help other moms and parents. Lately I’ve been feeling very disconnected with the reason I started to blog. A lot of events, cool- very cool events, and lots of products to review. That is all great but I lost sight of my real reason to write, just because I love to write. See since I was a little girl I wanted to write the book. I know I don’t have the top grammar, but hey English IS my second language, so I think I write decent enough-plus hello EDITORS! Anyways I digress, I just feel I want to see my words in print. Maybe as a way to go back and remember.

I just wanted to jot down this because I feel I have turned a page in the blog. I don’t want the blog to consume my life and become a job. I want to keep enjoying it and sharing some cool stuff and good quality reviews. Last week and this week, I’ll be pretty off social media. Except for my personal Facebook and some random Instagram posts, I need time away from the computer. I need to find my center and focus on my family, which I feel I have neglected a bit the last 2 months.

I want you guys to let me know what you’d like to see! More reviews? More videos? I’m working of some Target and Disney stuff. Also baby G3 has her Instagram where she shares her OOTD.

So keep following along and remember sharing is caring!


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Momtrends Lounge at the NY Baby Show

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Last Saturday and Sunday the NY Baby Show took place. If you live in NYC or tri-state are you heard about this Expo. It brings together the top baby products and new companies and puts them in front of parents. They even have a stroller track where you can try different strollers to see how they “roll”. This year I was lucky to be invited to the Momtrends Lounge. Can I say it was pretty much super awesome! Here are my reasons for thinking it was awesome:

View from the #MomtrendsLounge

View from the #MomtrendsLounge

1. Childcare: I didn’t think this would be a big deal to me because my kids had never stayed with any sitter or childcare besides their grandparents. So you know I was absolutely in shock when my kids (all 3) stayed in the childcare area. They set it up super nice for the kids, with train tracks, play tents, and face painting. As soon as the kids went inside they didn’t look back at me. This was really game changing for me because I was able to focus more on brands than the kids running around.

2. Food: Food is happiness for me! They had tons of different wraps and cookies and juice and fruit. It was great to be able to eat before tackling the baby show. The food fuel me for the day so I didn’t have to take a lunch break.

3. Beauty: I got there with no makeup done. It was beyond nice to have Glam Squad do my makeup and nails! Some mamas even got to do their hair. This is important especially because we were meeting with brands so it was key to look our best. The girls from Glam Squad were awesome helping me pick colors for my nails and the makeup that looked the best with my outfit and my skin. We ended up going with the Bronzed Beauty palate.


Nails, Makeup and Hair by GlamSquad

4. Goodies: Momtrends events are awesome and fun but they also give us great swag to go home with. I always enjoy the treats we get.

5. Time with friends: It was just great to have a little retreat to go reconnect with blogger friends and take a breather from the chaos of the expo. As much fun as it is, it was also work so it was great to have a spot to relax for a bit and take a break.

As always Momtrends outdid themselves. This was a great idea and I’m already looking forward to next year.


Thanks again for the invitation!




DISCLAIMER: I was invited to Momtrens Lounge as part of their blogger network. All opinions are my own.



Blaze and the Monster Machines- May 25th TV Special “Dragon Island Duel”

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If you have toddler boys you know who Blaze and the Monster Machines are. They are the new HOT and COOL show for kids. We are big fans from day one because is not just monster trucks driving around, they actually are teaching kids basic engineering and physics. My husband was the biggest fan after the first episode. So we were more than happy to get an early copy of their new TV Special hitting the TV on Memorial Day. “Dragon Island Duel” will premier at 11am.

In this TV Special Blaze and Crusher have to compete against each other to the top of Mount Dragon. The trick to beat Crusher is Blazes and AJs friendship and this is the best way to win the race together. Even when Crusher tries to cheat multiple times Blaze can still overcome and win.


Nickelodeon has also has an awesome app and it gives kids the chance to help Blaze and AJ compete on new track from Dragon Island. Like the show the app also takes an interest in introducing pre-schoolers and toddlers to STEM concepts in a fun way. If you have the app you can also check out a preview for the TV Special right now!

This is one of the coolest kid shows in a while. I’m excited for this TV Special, and not going to lie, the kids have had it on loop since we received the episode. It’s fun and it’s educational and those are both super important things for me and my family.

So get ready, check out the app and check out the new episode on May 25th at 11am ET. on Nickelodeon.


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Stonyfield YoBaby Yogurt is 16yrs old!

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What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a party? That’s exactly what the Stonyfield did. They invited a group of mamas to celebrate such occasion with a brunch at NYC’s Bouley Botanical Restaurant.


During the brunch the kids had their area where they had coloring books and playdough. They also made a special pot for Mother’s Day that included a beautiful plant.

2015-04-28 11.11.35

While the kids were entertained we enjoyed a discussion with Sally Kuzemchak of Real Mom Nutrition. She discusses different meal ideas through every stage from 4 months to 24 months. You can find the complete list of meal ideas in using this link YB.FoodLists-art (1).

I was excited to attend since we are big fans of YoBaby and YoKids Squeezers. They tasty-healthy flavors good for the whole family and with my picky eaters this is the perfect go to meal for them.




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Favorite Diaper Bags

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Favorite Diaper Bags

Easy, stylish and practical

Hey mamas:
Just thought I would share my favorite diaper bags with you all. I have tried and tested and loved many diaper bags. I have to honestly say these are the ones that have worked the best for the 3 kids and everything we need at different stages.
The Petunia Pickle Bottom is HUGE. Tons of space and pockets. Plus you can literally use it for yourself after the kids as a weekend bag!
The Skip Hop Duo is a classic that never disappoints. This bag will last you forever and if you pack it well it actually has pretty nice space for it’s size.
The JuJuBe messenger bag has a front zippered in the front that even has a sunglass for mom, and hello, how stylish is that print?
Timi & Leslie bag is beyond stylish by not looking like a diaper bag at all. Plus the value is insane! It comes with tons of accessories including stroller clips, a bottle cooler and a wet bag!
Hope this helps you in the search for the perfect diaper bag. If you have a favorite bag let us know why you like it!
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Newborn Essentials

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Newborn Essentials

When you are pregnant you have no idea where to start! The baby gear industry is super overwhelming and 90% of the time we end up getting things that after 1,2 or even 3 kids we never used! There are certain items I think are essential to have when the baby is born.

1. You need is a car seat. Because unless you live in NYC and plan to use a cab, you need one to take your baby home. Most people opt for an infant car seat. I had an infant car seat with my first and then learned my lesson with the other 2 and got a newborn to booster convertible. All my 3 kids ride in Diono car seats!

2. A play to sleep is NEXT. Unless you are planning to bed-share, which is not recommended by the AAP, you need a crib, Moses basket, pack and play for the baby to sleep.

3. Swaddle blankets are key. They are more than blankets. They are the only thing a newborn needs as clothing. Think about it, you can even use these as a diaper, to cover while nursing, to cover the stroller or car seat from the sun. If you have talent even make it a shirt.

4. Diaper bag. Because you need somewhere to put the diapers and wipes and blankets.

5. Of course diapers are super important no matter if you are doing cloth or disposables. The hospital is pretty good about stocking the diapers so unless you are set on a specific brand or material, you don’t have to take a lot to the hospital.

Babies are simple. All they need is lots of hugs, warm temperature and milk. So take it easy, relax and enjoy your baby.


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Chugginton Live Giveaway!!!

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Photo Credit: Chuggington Live!

Photo Credit: Chuggington Live!

Chuggington, your favorite train is coming to NYC in a LIVE SHOW. The show is called Chuggington Live! The Great Rescue Adventure, so you know they’re be action, there will also be music and we get to find out if Chuggington can rescue Koko and succeed utilizing the skills he’s learned. My kids LOVE Chuggington so we’re excited to go check it out. The show will be playing on May 16th and 17th at the Beacon Theater in NYC. They have multiple shows for those days so make sure to check out the times on their site.

But you have an opportunity to win 4 tickets to enjoy the show right now! Enter below for your chance to win. And don’t worry you can still use our code for discount on tickets! Make sure to use FamChugg

Good luck and thanks for reading



a Rafflecopter giveaway
  ****Tickets will be for Saturday May 16th show at 5:ooPM.

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Oh Noah! Aprende Español- PBS Kids

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¿Que mejor forma que celebrar el Cinco de Mayo que aprendiendo Español? Eso es precisamente lo que está tratando de hacer Noah. En esta serie Oh Noah! el chico va a visitar a su abuela a un pueblo donde nadie habla Inglés. Ya se pueden imaginar las aventuras y travesuras en las que se mete el pequeño Noah por no poder comunicarse con los vecinos del pueblo.

La serie pasa por PBS y les tengo que decir que a mis 3 chicos les encantó. Tanto, que me pidieron episodios más. Pero lo más que me gustó es que después que se acabó me empezaron a preguntar como se dicen las cosas en Español. Para mí es un éxito por que se me a hecho difícil enseñarles el idioma ya que mi esposo no lo habla tampoco.

Hoy en día somos más y más Latinos, peliando por mantener nuestra cultura viva y pasársela a nuestros hijos. Este programa hace un llamado a esa cultura. Veranos en familia, comunicación, en fin, el programa está perfecto para todos los chicos. Oh Noah! está diseñado para niños de 4 a 7 años ya que es la mejor edad para aprender y absorber información pero a la misma vez son bastantes grandes para entender la temática y seguir la historia.

Y si quieren más, ¡la diversión no termina en el televisor! Visiten la página web de PBS Kids Noah y pueden encontrar más videos y recursos para estudiantes y maestros. Yo estoy felíz ya ahora tengo a mi amigo Noah ayudándome a cultivar el Español en mis hijos.

Nota: PBS Kids me envió un paquete promocional para esta reseña. Como siempre todas las opiniones y fotos son solo mias.

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