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Stride Rite Sneaker Boot= The SNOOT!

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Stride Rite Sneaker BootThe Snoot! Comfort, style & protection! (3)

Kids like to be comfortable and as you know I am a huge fan of Stride Rite shoes for my kids. I was so happy when they introduced the “Snoot”. It’s a boot but it’s also a sneaker. And let’s face it, even though the groundhog predicted an early spring, we just got 3 inches of snow this weekend. So these are definitely needed in your kids wardrobe. At first glance, I really didn’t think we would get much used out of these, because I didn’t think they would provide enough protection against the snow. To my surprised my son LOVED them. Not only because they are Star Wars themed, but he said he was comfortable and he could run. He can’t really run in his big snow boots, so this was very important for him.

Stride Rite The Snoot Star Wars

The boot is soft on the shaft, and it’s fleeced lined, making it super soft. It also has an apex attachment so that you can adjust tightness for your child. To make it easier for the kids to put them on by themselves it also has pull tabs on both sides of the shaft. The bottom part of the shoe is just like the Made 2 Play line of shoes. It’s a tennis shoe so it’s not bulky or flat. And it has elastic, so no laces or zippers involved. It does have an extra apex strap in the bottom to adjust as well. I also like that like all Made 2 Play shoes these are machine washable! You can’t beat that! The kids can also wear them as a boot, or fold the top.


When it comes to performance, we haven’t had any issues yet. My kids feet were dry, he was in the snow for a long time, and we also used them for the walk to school and didn’t really slip. So as far as an overall snow boot, these are pretty good. I tested them myself with my hand, although they don’t have a temperature they definitely kept his feet warm, while he played in the snow. I think the best thing about these sneaker boot is that he can wear them to school and they won’t bother him. A lot of kids wear their snow boots and when they get to school they have to change into their regular shoes. This is not only a pain for the kids and the teachers, but also for us parents who have to make sure to pack their extra shoes. With the sneaker boot, you don’t have to worry about any of that. They wear the same show all the way without compromising comfort or protection from the elements. We will definitely be using these in the spring as rain boots. There are the perfect all in one shoe for winter for any kids. If there is one thing that I hope they change is the amount of colors available. I wish they came up with more color combos and more characters. And they are a bit on the pricey side at $60 (for the bigger kids). Of course with Stride Rite you can always use coupons or wait until they have their awesome sales like buy one get one 40% and right now some of the snoots are on sale for half off, this is an awesome deal!

Stride Rite Star Wars Snoot

What’s your go to winter shoe for kids?

Thanks to Stride Rite for sponsoring this post. All opinions and pictures are my own. 

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The new normal

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I never in a million years thought I would raise a family in NYC, in the United States period. When I moved here I experienced discrimination and racism for the first time in my life. It was shocking and unbelievable that in the year 2000 there was so much hate amongst people. Lately with all the shootings between cops and the black community and the #blacklivesmatter movement, I’ve been more aware of my new normal. My husband is black. My kids are part black, and even though they are still little, my 5yr old is starting to ask questions. Questions I knew were coming, but I wasn’t ready for. Why are you and papi different? This year is the first time he learned about Martin Luther King. I had never really touched the subject of race, but after my visit to the National Civil Rights Museum last year. Being there at the Lorraine Motel was a surreal experience. Mainly because I had never thought so deeply about race, that visit really changed my perspective and my reality.

Now why am I thinking about this? Well today as we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. and I stumble about a post on Jada Pinkett Smith boycotting the Oscars because of the lack of black nominees. In another world I would ignore all this complaining about things that are not really “important”, but I do watch the Oscars so I was curious. This is the video she posted.

I started thinking about her words. Yes, she has a point, but coming from an actress that has made millions of dollars in the same industry she is now boycotting, seems a bit hypocritical in my opinion. Then came Aunt Viv, you know from The Fresh Prince, and made a video which made such much more sense.

Janet Hubert explains how she feels about Jada asking to boycott the awards. I agree with Mrs. Hubert but I just didn’t like the way she sent her message. If she would’ve had a different tone then the message would’ve been much clearer. At the end of the day I understand they both mean we need to focus more on equality especially on a day like today, that is so important for the Civil Rights movement and for the human race. Bringing it back to my children, I hope some day in the future this is not something they have to worry about. I hope that Dr. Kings word keep staying alive and hope that one day all those dreams become a reality and we are finally equal.



Stop labeling kids PICKY EATERS

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I’ve done it. You’ve done it. Every single parent has done it. At some point, we’ve all called our child a picky eater and we NEED TO STOP!

Seriously. I have been thinking about this for a long time. Why do we call our children picky eaters? Because they won’t eat vegetables? They won’t eat fruit? They won’t eat cereal? How about if we just accept that they won’t eat it because they don’t like it! Yes, we as parents, should teach our kids healthy eating habits, but in all honesty what we are doing is forcing them and labeling them unnecessarily because they don’t follow what WE think is the best choice for them.

My first-born has giving me a lot of “trouble” when it comes to feeding. Not only was he “picky” he also likes to snack a lot! He could be snacking all day. At first like any other concerned parent I decided to try everything to make him eat his veggies, putting them in different foods, bribing him and such to the point he stopped eating. I looked into the real needs of toddlers and I was in shock I was not only forcing him to eat, but I was also overfeeding him. Did you know a 3-year-old only needs a 1.5 cups of vegetables a day? And the same for fruits? So why was I trying to feed him a whole plate of broccoli? It only made him hate broccoli even more when I tried to force it!

The my second was born and he was an amazing eater, he still is, making more clear how particular my oldest eating habits are. The I started thinking about my own diet. I don’t like Indian food, I don’t like spicy food, I don’t like Mediterranean food, I don’t like some Spanish dishes (morcillas=YUCK!). Then it hit me am I a picky eater? or do I just have certain taste for certain foods? I LIVE for Italian and Puerto Rican food. And vegetables? I didn’t have one vegetable until my husband introduced me sushi about 10 years ago. And if you’re wondering, I still won’t eat a salad. Uncooked vegetables make me gag, on the other hand I can have a french onion soup and enjoy extra onions in it! And I can have mushrooms saute with shrimp, potato and broccoli and savor every bite.

My point is, maybe, JUST MAYBE, your kid developed his taste sooner than other kids. Maybe, he just likes more foods than other. So what? Stop comparing them to other kids and to charts on books. Embrace what he does like. He likes pizza? Use homemade sauce and organic cheese, or make your own crust. He likes peanut butter and jelly? Try making homemade jelly, so it has LESS sugar. You’re kid WILL eat when he is hungry.

He likes his cheese extra crispy!

He likes his cheese extra crispy!

Just please, stop labeling them. With all the things our kids have to deal with, do we really have to add another insecurity? When you are talking to another mama, don’t say: “my kid is such a picky eater, he only eats mac n cheese”, just say: “my kid loves cheese so his dish of choice is mac n cheese”.

It’s a small thing but it can make such a difference.

Events & Expos Reviews

Healthy living with L’il Critters

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A while back we attended an event hosted by L’il Critters at the Central Park Zoo. I was familiar with the name but had no idea of what the company was. At the event we learned about the new products. Not only was it really cool to go to the Central Park Zoom because we love zoos, but it was really cool to have a mini workout session. The workout session was directed by the L’il Critters bears and by Steve Ettinger, C.S.C.S.


It was good to learn that there are other options for kids to get their daily needs of vitamins. They also have different options, from multivitamins to Omega-3. They are also gummies which makes kids love them. Usually gummy vitamins have artificial coloring but L’il Critters have no artificial dyes or hugh fructose corn syrup. This makes for a healthier choice. My kids were hooked on the vitamins, to the extent of asking for them every morning!


We also got a peek of the new book by Steve Ettinger, Wallie Exercises. The story, geared towards kids, is the story of Wallie who is a lazy dog that doesn’t like to exercise. Through the book the dog learns to work out and in the end there is a list of exercises. The exercises at the end are for the kids to do to stay healthy.


I enjoyed my time. And now is the best time to get kids to take their vitamins, not only because the changes in climate (colder in CA than NY during Christmas= tons of sick children everywhere), but because childhood is the start of a healthier lifestyle. Is up to us as parents to get kids excited about exercise and health and food. Vitamins are a great way to add that extra needs to their bodies. Also if the vitamins are gummy delicious it’s a win- win!

Do you give your kids vitamins?


I was invited to the event as a part of the media. All opinions are my own.



The Danish Girl Review!

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Transgender issues have been the most prominent in recent years since more Hollywood stars are coming out, like Chaz Bono and more recently Caitlyn Jenner. I have to admit I wasn’t very knowledgeable of the issues in the community so when the invitation from The Moms came for a screening of The Danish Girl, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to learn and educate myself on transgender issues.


First an foremost the story of The Danish Girl is based based on the story of Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener. Both artists married to each other, the movie follows the journey of how Lili (Eddie Redmayne) let his desire to be a woman out and how his wife Gerda (Alicia Vikander) supports him. The movie depicts not only the struggle of the men trying to become a woman but also of a wife loosing her husband.

The movie is remarkable because it is a touching story but because the acting is beyond superb (I think Oscar could be knocking on Redmayne door again). The movie is definitely entertaining and eye-opening. Everything Lili had to go through to finally be her true self is just nothing short of amazing. It really demonstrate her determination. Although Lili’s story is the main plot of the movie, I was more interested and moved by Gerda and her own story/struggle. She encouraged Lili to be herself, but then found herself needing her husband the man. I feel that she sacrificed so much for her love to Lili that she forgot about herself in the process.

After we screened the movie, we had the opportunity to have a Q & A session with Alicia. I was so impressed with her acting and seeing her in real life was definitely a highlight. She was poised and walked us through what it took for her to get the role and make sure the story was told in a beautiful way. She also talked about her involvement with the community and how the money has impacted her own life.


This was really a good movie. I see it winning some awards in the future. Even if you are not interested in the issues depicted in the movie, the movie is still incredibly acted and entertaining. I would definitely recommend seeing it!

Thanks to The Moms for the invitation. 

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Three Kings Day= NO SCHOOL!

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Los Reyes Magos

As many of you know I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. If you didn’t know Puerto Rico is a beautiful tiny island in the Caribbean and it’s still a colony of the Unites States, this means all of the people who are born in the island are American citizens. Unlike me, my husband is born and raised in New York City to Filipino mom and Trinidadian dad. Anyways, the reason I mention this is because I celebrate Three Kings Day and he doesn’t. We go back and forth on how to raise the kids multicultural. Three Kings Day is the one I won’t sacrifice.

Three Kings Day, also known as the Epiphany is absolutely the biggest celebration in Puerto Rico during the holiday season. I’m pretty sure Puerto Ricans have the biggest Three Kings Celebration in the World. But if you are not familiar with what the Epiphany is, you can read more about it here. Why do we celebrate the Three Kings (Gaspar, Melchor & Baltasar) more than we celebrate Santa Claus? Maybe because our culture is more rooted in the religious aspect of Christmas and I don’t see any nativity with Santa in it!

Therefore, being as we live in NYC and all religions have different holidays, and granted as a Catholic we get Christmas and Easter I think my kids should be able to stay home Jan 6th and celebrate Los Reyes Magos. I really don’t understand why this is not a religious even cultural holiday for Puerto Ricans is beyond me! But yes, I have decided that from now on my kids will miss school on Three Kings Day.

You might think I’m being selfish and keeping my son from an extra day of education, but honestly I am educating him at home. I am teaching him about the birth of Jesus, the Nativity, the meaning of the Epiphany. By the way, kids love it because they get extra gifts! Since the Kings brought gifts to Jesus on his birthday (myrrh, frankincense, and gold), kids get gifts as well on that day.

¡Felíz Día de Los Reyes Magos!!

Disney Movies

The Good Dinosaur & The MOMS

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If you haven’t seen The Good Dinosaur I urge you to get your stuff now and go see it. I had the pleasure of checking out the movie thanks to The Moms and JCPenny, who launched a Good Dinosaur clothing line under Okie Dokie.

The Good Dinosaur

Let me start by saying that I had no interest in seeing the movie, except for the fact that is a Disney movie and I love Disney. So as a fan, I HAD to go see it. And the kids REALLY, REALLY wanted to see it. It really worked out that The Moms hosted the event, providing the perfect opportunity to see it.

I laughed I CRIED, I absolutely LOVED IT. Not only is the story touching and adventurous (think modern Lion King), the graphics and scenery are beyond stunning and feels very real. The story follows Arlo- a dinosaur on his quest home. He gets lost after a storm, but with the help of a new friend Spot. They go through a journey of family lost and found and danger and fun. The story also shows the development of the “dinosaurs” versus humans if the asteroid hadn’t hit Earth. Basically the dinosaurs are the superiors species, learning to farm and survive, while the humans are the “animals”.

At the end both Arlo and Spot find their families and there is a sort of happy ending. All of my kids loved it and enjoyed the WHOLE movie. I do have to mention that the movie, like every single Disney movie has some dark moments. There is death, so if your child is sensitive to the topic then is best to skip or explain before hand.

Now on to the fashion The Okie Dokie Good Dinosaur line is so cute! The fabrics are soft and it’s sports wear. T-shirts, sweatpants and sweatshirts are perfect for my boys. The line is supposed to be gender neutral, but my I do like some pink in my life and really wish they would add more color to the line. It’s mostly dark blue and grays. Other than that, the Spot sweat shirt has been washed multiple times as it gets used the most right now.

Good Dinosaur

Go see it! Really. It definitely is in my top 10 Disney movies of ALL TIME. And I liked it better than Inside Out (mostly because I don’t like Bing Bong- don’t hate me!).

Thanks to The Moms for the invitation.